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The First Disneyland Weight Loss Program
655.8 #262 DL Qual #351 4-9-12 7:27PM
So I work in a retail environment and some of my regular customers have noticed I've lost weight. Which makes me happy but it's not showing on the scale. So what am I doing wrong? Why isn't the scale moving? It's so frustrating makes me want to scream!
That had happened to me before! It's hard to not get discouraged. It's obvious you are looking better, are you feeling better? Stick with it. :) - Mrs.mouse   517.2 #362 4-10-12 4:42AM Like  Reply
I've experienced almost the same thing.  I hit a plateau that has lasted for months now, but everyone tells me I look like I'm still losing.  My hubby says it is because I am building muscle and that weighs more than the fat.  So keep it up....eventually the scale will budge again. ;0) - D55CR   249.9 #1261 4-10-12 10:22AM Like  Reply
I think many people have experienced this frustration... As everyone else said, it isn't all in the number... If you are feeling better and your clothes are fitting better that also means you are going in the right direction! Hang in there, you're doing great! - Duchess73   297.2 #852 4-11-12 11:17AM Like  Reply
As everyone said, if you are feeling and looking great, who cares about the number! I know we all look at the number to make ourselves feel better, but look at the mirror. You're gorgeous! :)
- Madi   204.1 #1853 4-13-12 12:00AM Like  Reply
Thanks everyone sometimes it helps hearing it from others. - Missymoo   655.8 #262 4-13-12 10:20AM Like  Reply