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42996.9 #1 DL Qual #119 5-10-12 9:43AM
It's wonderful to see MWrs who frequent the park with their children. Growing up in the Midwest, I only visited Disneyland once as a child. How many of you grew up going to Disneyland frequently? What was that like for you?
I went every summer with my grandparents since i was 4yrs old. Theyve passed away but i love DL so much bcuz it reminds me of our time together - BandleaderMickey   250.9 #1488 5-10-12 10:56AM Like(2)  Reply
I grew up in southern CA. I have always had keepsake boxes for as long as I can remember. Going through the boxes now with my kids is so much fun. They are filled with so many Disneyland things. I love going back to Disneyland and taking my kids. It feels like I can share my childhood with them. - Lilbitodisneycrazy   221.0 #1880 5-10-12 10:10AM Like(1)  Reply
@snowapple I feel the same way about my niece and nephew. I was an aunt for five years before I had children of my own. Now My niece and nephew are pre teens and my kids are small. I feel like I have two sets of kids. :) - Lilbitodisneycrazy  221.0 #1880 5-10-12 10:23AM
Although I didn't live close as a kid, my family and I visited twice a year. For living so far away, going into the park about 15 times a year is quite a bit and I appreciated every trip 😊 - cmshel   187.3 #2329 5-10-12 9:45AM Like  Reply
I grew up in NorCal, and we got to go 1-2 times a year, which was very special. Most kids in my school only got to go once or twice their whole childhood. It was fun because we went iften enough that we developed our little routine, but it was infrequent enough that there was always something new to see with each trip! - Spoonful_O_Sugar   718.7 #335 5-10-12 9:49AM Like  Reply
I grew up about 15 minutes away but until my friends and I could go alone I only went 2-3 times a year. Once high school hit we were there a lot more and it was always a blast!!! I think that is when my real disney LOVE kicked in!! - MrsTheMouseRules   323.4 #907 5-10-12 9:53AM Like  Reply
I did. As a child my dad was in graduate school. We lived (and everyone still does) an hour away. We went every weekend. It was some of the best times I remember as a kid. I remember my brither and i counting how many times we had been to disneyland in one year. We were well over 100 whn we stopped. I was our little game. Another game my parents had us play was whoever saw the Matterhorn first picked the first ride. I still go at least once a week and it is still some of the best times :-) - KissDclown   1089.2 #212 5-10-12 9:53AM Like  Reply
I was born in Colorado and growing up, my family used to go only once or twice a year during the summer or Christmas season. I only started going more frequently when I bought my first annual pass last year. I don't think I will ever give up being a pass holder now lol - rbeezy   703.0 #340 5-10-12 9:54AM Like  Reply
My Dad worked for a branch of the government and could sign us in whenever we wanted so I would say I went about once a month growing up. LOVED IT! - Donaldfan_532   249.8 #1502 5-10-12 10:00AM Like  Reply
Visited Disneyland at least twice a year as a kid. Butterflies in my stomach every time. I would forget we were in the city. It felt so magical. Still feels wonderfull, but not through a childs eyes anymore. I love the parks! - parkfan2   40.4 #5685 5-10-12 10:10AM Like  Reply
I've been going to Disneyland since I turned 1 year old.. lol and I had a pass until I was about 6 maybe? So I went a lot.. After we stopped getting passes, We would go once/twice a year during christmas or summertime. Then three years ago, I got an annual pass again! So now I go about every week at least :] But I was basically born and raised on Disney. My mom and dad have a ton of collectables and what not - MEHlanie_Mouse   1117.3 #204 5-10-12 10:13AM Like  Reply
I grew up going a few times a year. It would always be what we did when family members came to visit from the east coast. My favorite memories though were getting up and ready for school in the morning and then when I'd get in the car my mom would announce "Forget school, we're going to Disneyland today!" That was the BEST! - JessicaRabbit33   670.3 #360 5-10-12 10:14AM Like  Reply
My parents used to take me at least once a year. For several years, we went over Thanksgiving, back in the day when it was one of the slowest days of the year. We always stayed at the Jolly Roger. It wasn't until their only grandchild was born did Dad splurge on the DL Hotel! Hmmmmm..... - Gia   802.2 #284 5-10-12 10:18AM Like  Reply
I grew up going about once a year. I'm from Northern California but we had family in Fontana. We would try to visit theme parks each trip and Disneyland was, of course, the favorite. I wish I had more memories of my trips but I don't really recall much before middle school age trips. I want to try to take my own family down at least once a year now too! We're lucky enough to make a few trips a year now but I'm sure that number will go down as we have more kids. - cynDOLEwhip   1175.7 #187 5-10-12 10:19AM Like  Reply
I went to Disneyland probably 30 times from when I was born until 2004. It was a big deal - a birthday, a summer vacation thing, etc. I would count, keep track of all I do because I needed to ride as many rides, and fit as many things as possible in that day. (And I live 10 minutes away). From 2005-now, I went over 1,000 times, and now I take my time, relax, and take everything in - I notice more details this way - and it makes me appreciate it more.
- LaTruce   2370.4 #82 5-10-12 10:41AM Like  Reply
Oh how I wish I lived that close. On my last visit in 2010 we were in line for Thunder Mt. with a couple locals. They were just dropping in after work for a few hours and as I have always lived over 1000 miles away I was floored by the idea of that! Just a few hours??? wow! But we talked more and I got the no rush thing. The appreciation of it all. The rest of our visit that year we slowed down and tried hard to take it in. I'll be there in 21 days and that is exactly how I'm gonna do it again! Takin my time!! :) - LovemesomeDoleWhip  108.7 #3654 5-10-12 10:53AM
Growing up in San Diego, we would try to go at least once a year (except during HS for some odd reason). Going back to DL was like returning to a place I always knew. I remember I wouldn't get a lot of sleep the night before because I was so excited. Now having the chance to be there every weekend is a dream come true
- BaseballMickey   9257.0 #14 5-10-12 10:41AM Like  Reply
I grew up in OC and have had a pass since they started selling AP's. When I was 11 we moved to Colorado. The day school got out, I would fly down and stay with my aunt until a few days before school started. We went to Disneyland almost everyday. Once I started driving, I would take my cousins who were small. They still talk about driving thru mcd's and getting nuggets and frys and going everyday of summer! One of these cousins was a cast member and is now a musician. Disneyland has always been a wonderful memory for my whole family. - Minnis2Society   382.4 #686 5-10-12 10:53AM Like  Reply
hey I take my kids through mcdonalds as well as we head to the parks :-) - Villescas8  607.0 #396 5-10-12 11:08AM
LoL. I think it's kinda a right of passage in the OC! I used to take my cousin Laurenrachel and she's a MWer now! We had such great times in the drive thru. I still tell my aunt, I can't believe you let a 16 year old new driver take your 4 year old to Disneyland!! Taking my cousins is one of the happiest times in my life. We were all kids and had a blast! - Minnis2Society  382.4 #686 5-10-12 11:27AM
I grew up in southern California but only got to go on special occasions. Now that I have my own daughter and live 30 minutes away we've had passes since she was 2. She's now 4 and hope to continue having passes as long as she loves it, which I hope is a very long time!! It's so much fun watching her hit different milestones there. She just recently hit the 40 inch mark so it's been a blast taking her on some of the bigger attractions - Nicole   380.2 #693 5-10-12 11:08AM Like  Reply
Between kindergarten and second grade we lived just a few minutes from Disneyland. I could watch the fireworks from my bedroom window. We would go at least once a week. Sunday nights we would go on a couple attractions (I always got to pick which ones), buy a giant chocolate chip cookie, and watch the Main Street Electric Parade. It is one of my favorite childhood memories! Now that I have children of my own and live in WA, I try to take them at least twice a year. This year we all are getting APs on our August trip! Can't wait to go 3-4 times next year!! - Disneycrazymom   137.8 #3104 5-10-12 11:10AM Like  Reply
As a kid my parents didnt make enough money. but I do remember going once and the only thing I remember from the trip was the electric parade. Now that I have grown up and have a career and my kids have a mom and dad that work I take them every chance I get and take pictures and buy almost anything they ask for to make them remember these times. I want for them to someday remember these memories with or without pictures, and to say they had fun times with us. My daughter also loves mousewait and always wants to know who we are there to meet lol. But I think if i was fortunate enough to come more often as a kid I would still do the same. I'm such a dis-nerd - PrinceTeaJack   958.1 #239 5-10-12 11:16AM Like  Reply
I grew up and still live in the Bay Area. My first 10 years I lived with my mother in my grandparents house. In 1961 at age 6, my grandparents first introduced me to Disneyland, and for that I will always love them. We made pretty much annual trips for the next 10 years,even after my mother remarried. Continued family trips a little less often after that,but the times I spent there with my grandparents really are my greatest memories. I now have 2 boys,aged 21,16. I am so happy they also have come to love Disneyland and see it not as a place you go to ride rides, but as a place you go to make lasting memories.. Every time we go the memories of walking the park with my grandparents are always there, and quite honestly,I sometimes get emotional being there and remembering a certain detail of a trip in the past. We don't go as often as I wish,but it is always special when we do,and it always will be...  - CVDisneyland   479.9 #524 5-10-12 12:46PM Like  Reply
I grew up in San Francisco. I only went to DL once as a child, and that was for only one day. I barely remember it. I went back 11 years later as a college student, and THAT was only for one day. The next year, I went with my then-boyfriend for my birthday. Yep, another one day trip. I finally went back 11 years after that with my husband for a multi-day trip. I bought an AP, and have been going 3-4 times a year ever since. I guess I'm making up for lost time now. ;) - robin_sparkles   293.8 #1092 5-10-12 12:53PM Like  Reply
I live in Nor Cal and we would go once a year for as long as I can remember. My parents work started having a company night once a year in October so we would either make that our annual trip, or make our usual summer trip with a bonus trip in October. :) When I got older we didn't go as often. And now that I am an adult (it feels weird to say that) I have my own AP and I make trips as often as I can! I'm so glad that my parents took me often when I was younger. Lots of good memories.  
- Jillian   767.1 #307 5-10-12 1:03PM Like  Reply
My first visit was at 3 years old. We went to DL often growing up, mostly with my grandparents too. Such wonderful memories at our family's favorite place! ✨ - MinnieMousewife   928.2 #245 5-10-12 1:07PM Like  Reply
I'm an OC native. I think we went about once a year from around ages 3-12. After that, probably twice a year from 12-16. I got my first AP when I was 16 and have pretty much had one ever since. Even as a teen and young adult, I came with my parents often as they also had AP's. I don't have kids, but I absolutely LOVE getting to take my niece and nephew to DL when the opportunity presents itself. It's so much fun to see the parks through their eyes. - Mimmy   1442.4 #150 5-10-12 1:07PM Like  Reply
I grew up about 15 minutes away but until my friends and I could go alone I only went 2-3 times a year. Once high school hit we were there a lot more and it was always a blast!!! I think that is when my real disney LOVE kicked in!! - MrsTheMouseRules   323.4 #907 5-10-12 1:41PM Like  Reply