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1002.5 #233 DL Qual #188 5-10-12 1:04PM
Can you help me out Strawberry? Is this an authentic pin? My hearts saying no cause the coloring in the mouth is off and it feels extremely light in weight. I may still keep it because I'm trying to collect chip and dale. (hope this came out better)
Tagged in: Pin Spotting  
I don't claim to be an expert at pin fakes, but I'm in manufacturing, and any flash (metal left from defects in releasing from the mold) left on the edges of pins would have been rejected at final inspection by Disney. Having said that, if you like it, and weren't "swindled" in the transaction (i.e. paid big bucks on eBay for what you thought was legit), then keep it for collection. - Shroppy   281.0 #1203 5-10-12 3:00PM Like(1)  Reply
I think if you like your pin a lot, and especially if you paid big bucks for it, you should keep it even if it is fake. It's a cute pin to have in your chip and dale collection :D - LivHeartsDL   4.7 #22468 5-10-12 3:13PM Like(1)  Reply
If those pieces of flash are sharp, you can usually knock them off to keep them from scratching you if you're going to wear it on your lanyard. Use an an Xacto knife held perpendicular to the edge, from the backside and just run it along the edge, it's probably not holding on by much. The only thing to note is you will expose the base metal that won't be plated, and will probably be gold in color (brass). - Shroppy   281.0 #1203 5-10-12 3:18PM Like(1)  Reply
Thanks Strawberry, that's high praise coming from you! I helped a friend with one of those "grab bag" lots on eBay and it actually was a good hands on education in fakes. We injection mold some metal parts where I work, and we have the some of the same issues that the Chinese pin factories have :-) - Shroppy  281.0 #1203 5-10-12 3:28PM
They look so old with the grey beards! - MermaidWithShears   1025.8 #229 5-10-12 1:35PM Like  Reply
The edges are pretty pronounced... Ohh Strawberryguy!
- BCC   4783.2 #37 5-10-12 1:36PM Like  Reply
Bump for Strawberryguy - Cherry91   434.2 #595 5-10-12 2:50PM Like  Reply
The edges and the slight discoloring may make it more fake than real.
- BaseballMickey   9257.8 #14 5-10-12 2:59PM Like  Reply
I like your optimism. Even though I have a couple pins that I know are fake in my collection, I keep them because I collect those characters and haven't come across the legit ones yet.
- LaneSparrow316   847.0 #268 5-10-12 3:02PM Like  Reply
Absolutely, it's about what it means to you. I traded with a CM last week for a Stitch pin that upon closer inspection was a scrapper, but I'll keep it in my collection with the rest of my Stitch stuff because it's Stitch! :-) - Shroppy  281.0 #1203 5-10-12 3:04PM
Yup! Happened to me last weekend with a Zero pin! - LaneSparrow316  847.0 #268 5-10-12 3:06PM
I have a Chip and Dale you can have.  I bought it in DL on my last trip.  It's from the HM set.  If you're interested I could post a pic for you. - GoofyMom77   1162.9 #194 5-10-12 3:05PM Like  Reply
Sure. What would you like for it? 😁 - Waites4DodgerEars_CM  1002.5 #233 5-10-12 5:24PM
Thank you all for the info. I got this from a trade at the emporium. I suspected because of the grey beards and that it felt lighter then usual. Eagerly waiting for the kindle book. :) - Waites4DodgerEars_CM   1002.5 #233 5-10-12 4:32PM Like  Reply