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12.0 #7759 DL Qual #2388 5-24-12 8:01AM
Hi all! My inlaws are taking & treating the whole family to Disneyland next Tuesday and wednesday for their 40th anniversary, which means I'm taking my almost 2 month old to Disney at the end of may and on grad night! I'm prepared for extremely busy parks! What are some of your favorite places in either park that don't typically attract a lot of people or that fly under the radar? Anything goes- galleries, shows, shops, attractions- whatever! Just looking for some places to enjoy a slower paced trip to Disney!
I was there last Saturday and I was really crowded and hot. One place that was rather empty despite the crowds was the way back seating area of Hungry Bear. It is by the water, very shaded, and had a nice cool breeze. Another place I descovered is the newly opened Big Thinder Jamboree behind Big Thunder BBQ. There were characters rotating in and out all day and there seemed to be no guests there at all. You could walk up to any character and take a pic. No line :) - JessicaRabbit33  669.0 #220 5-24-12 8:16AM Like  Reply
Also the handicap viewing room in the castle. There is a nice throne like couch positioned right under an air conditioning vent (which happens to be where my fiancĂ© proposed!) - JessicaRabbit33  669.0 #220 5-24-12 8:19AM
Thank you!!! I appreciate it so much! My oldest was 8 months the first time we took her so taking a 2 month old will be a new experience! Kinda scared! - MamalovesMinnie  12.0 #7759 5-24-12 8:22AM
I enjoyed the marine observatory room(that's not it's exact name) as an option for viewing the Nemo attraction. Walked up the exit and asked for it. No wait, it's cool, they have seats. :) - Mrs.mouse  513.8 #317 5-24-12 8:22AM Like  Reply
Awesome! Thank you, I'll definitely check it out! - MamalovesMinnie  12.0 #7759 5-24-12 8:28AM