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124.9 #2879 DL Qual #6235 6-11-12 9:51AM
so I heard dca is expecting a 5hr wait time for carsland racers on opening day...yikes!!
That's 300 minutes for those of you entering times. - Mouse4life  1150.1 #102 6-11-12 10:20AM Like(6)  Reply
I think it's going to be more crowded on the 24th - Coaster  12860.1 #1 6-11-12 10:08AM Like(2)  Reply
Why? What happens the 24th? - Princessnicci  28.7 #5141 6-11-12 10:11AM
last day for the Honey Badgers - Dave   10502.6 #2 6-11-12 2:40PM
maybe itll be a good disneyland day...  matterhorn!!! - Radius  502.5 #329 6-11-12 10:35AM Like(2)  Reply
My thoughts exactly. - DisneyBride°O°  406.6 #453 6-11-12 10:39AM
I'm not scared!! I will be there Friday to see for myself how crowded it is! Having the day off is a treat already! - DisneyDoorite  359.1 #531 6-11-12 11:15AM Like(2)  Reply
I've heard a lot of rumors about the wait times. I wouldn't be surprised if it was longer. The craziest thing I read that DCA could reach capacity 30 minutes after it opens!😳 - robman97  376.2 #494 6-11-12 10:02AM Like(1)  Reply
thats kinda cool - feeNrob1213  41.0 #4495 6-11-12 10:08AM
I hope that is not true. I have lunch reservations at the new resturant - mickeya113  235.0 #1365 6-11-12 10:44AM
If you have reservations they will let you in. - DisneyBride°O°  406.6 #453 6-11-12 11:16AM
I won't be going, that's ridiculous - mstiauna27  89.3 #3450 6-11-12 10:34AM Like(1)  Reply
Maybe i'll just go tomorrow.  Yah... i think thats what im going to do. - Radius  502.5 #329 6-11-12 11:01AM Like(1)  Reply
Get a fastpass early! Or wait 😁 - Nyghtngale  557.9 #280 6-11-12 9:58AM Like  Reply
Wow. My sister is planning on getting to dland at 6 am to wait in line at the parking structure and then wait in line at the dca gates. - TikiJOSEsWingman  332.4 #612 6-11-12 10:02AM Like  Reply
Did she mention what time the parking structure opens? Or what time the tram begins taking people? Thanks :) - ZippADeeDani  142.0 #2631 6-11-12 10:22AM
That's exactly what I'm doing with my kids! - mamabuxn3  3.4 #25036 6-11-12 10:22AM
She may not want to wait that long. Should be able to park in Pumba night before and wait before security check. - Coaster  12860.1 #1 6-11-12 4:43PM
I heard I won't be waiting in that line for some time :[ - Jewelz  476.1 #359 6-11-12 10:05AM Like  Reply
I guess I'll be the smart one and go to Disneyland on opening day for DCA since Disneyland will be a ghost town. - nickb92  69.6 #3739 6-11-12 10:37AM Like  Reply
If you can park - Coaster  12860.1 #1 6-11-12 10:42AM
True, I'm hitting the parks Thursday night without a doubt. But you have me thinking twice to go on Friday. Ehh maybe not. - nickb92  69.6 #3739 6-11-12 10:44AM
Thursday is going to be just as insane since dca is closed an it is a grad night. Good luck! - Chim-Cher-ee  165.5 #2287 6-11-12 10:56AM
I'm a die hard lol, so the crowds won't phase me too bad. As long as I'm at Disneyland I just soak in everything and enjoy it all! 😃 - nickb92  69.6 #3739 6-11-12 11:14AM
@nickb Don't forget that Matterhorn reopens that same day. - Jacqueline  580.0 #265 6-11-12 11:20AM
I'm working in DCA (Pixar Parade) on the 15th so I have no choice! - SUUZinOC  1031.4 #126 6-11-12 11:12AM Like  Reply
I'm closing the flying tires do I know how you feel! - CxD_CM  518.6 #311 6-11-12 11:16AM
Anyone know how long Disney is expecting these crowds to last??? - LoveDisneyDucklings  28.8 #5133 6-11-12 11:16AM Like  Reply
Forever, if they had any say in it. - ladylikesdisney  945.0 #138 6-11-12 11:31AM
True... - LoveDisneyDucklings  28.8 #5133 6-11-12 11:34AM
How many hours is that in car time? (like dog years) - MelodyMouse  2526.2 #36 6-11-12 11:32AM Like  Reply
I think it should be calculated in tanks of gas 😂 - ladylikesdisney  945.0 #138 6-11-12 11:34AM
Most of the CMs I've talked to estimate the first month or so to be the worst. Some said all summer. - LaneSparrow316  847.0 #158 6-11-12 2:41PM
If they close DCA due to crowds, I wonder how do those of us just going for the AP merchandise get in? - sr citizen space ranger  59.1 #3959 6-11-12 11:33AM Like  Reply
I guess ya gotta get there early lol - LoveDisneyDucklings  28.8 #5133 6-11-12 11:35AM
But they gave me two finals to give on Friday. Damn classes. Most of the students in the last class can't pass anyways. - sr citizen space ranger  59.1 #3959 6-11-12 2:39PM
I have Magic Morning for California Adventure in august, does anyone know if it includes cars land? - PaintingTheRosesRed  433.9 #411 6-11-12 2:50PM Like  Reply
Wow that's a long time! - LilysMommy  13.0 #7444 6-11-12 2:52PM Like  Reply
We are flying opening day but won't get there til around 6 so i'm not expecting to see that attraction till the next day lol. - madsdad  1748.0 #62 6-11-12 2:52PM Like  Reply