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If you are, then I MIGHT -__- - MEHlanie_Mouse   1117.3 #200 6-13-12 3:17PM Like  Reply
hahaha you know you want to! - TheNewTrent  749.0 #313 6-13-12 3:18PM
Depends on how I feel.. but if Charlie comes, remember we can't leave him alone.. hahaha - MEHlanie_Mouse  1117.3 #200 6-13-12 3:21PM
also it depends on if I use all my money tomorrow.. lol - MEHlanie_Mouse  1117.3 #200 6-13-12 3:23PM
hahahaha yea we definitely don't want to leave Charlie alone again haha - TheNewTrent  749.0 #313 6-13-12 3:24PM
yup.. don't want a repeat of Leap Day now.. - MEHlanie_Mouse  1117.3 #200 6-13-12 3:39PM
Not me. I'll be there early, but not that early. I camped out for leap day and it was ridiculous and all I ended up doing was making myself sick from not sleeping for 36 hours. - NotNKansasAnymor   283.8 #1176 6-13-12 3:18PM Like  Reply
Hmmm I so I can go get a wristband come home and then go back? - RickChavez   3685.6 #50 6-13-12 3:18PM Like  Reply
Can we all just come with you? We'll crash at your house haha - MEHlanie_Mouse  1117.3 #200 6-13-12 3:19PM
i don't think home counts as "vehicles/hotel rooms" - TheNewTrent  749.0 #313 6-13-12 3:20PM
Well my house is closer than most hotels ;) - RickChavez  3685.6 #50 6-13-12 3:21PM
soo.. is that a yes or a no? O.o lol - MEHlanie_Mouse  1117.3 #200 6-13-12 3:27PM
Does it mean I can get a wristband go sleep and come back before 6am? - Raeofsunshine  12.6 #10680 6-13-12 3:47PM
Like Can all members leave? Or does someone always be in line with savesies?:) ahaha - Raeofsunshine  12.6 #10680 6-13-12 3:48PM
I think they want everyone who has a wristband to stay in line, unless you want to do any other the things listed above. I don't know if sleep in a vehicle/hotel room/home counts but then again, I don't think CMs will remember how long you have left the line. - TheNewTrent  749.0 #313 6-13-12 4:08PM
Cool beans. I wish I could. - Katrayher   781.0 #294 6-13-12 3:19PM Like  Reply
I kinda want to camp out but have this thing called work that I have to go to. But thanks for the info and I hope everyone camping out has fun! - MermaidWithShears   1025.8 #227 6-13-12 3:19PM Like  Reply
That too is my dilemma. Darn job. - Katrayher  781.0 #294 6-13-12 3:20PM
Boyfriend (Dopey626) just found out he doesn't work Friday so maybe we will.  - Cherry91   434.2 #590 6-13-12 3:27PM Like  Reply
I'll be there getting paid to babysit the grads tomorrow night - BaseballMickey   9157.5 #14 6-13-12 3:28PM Like  Reply
Too bad I can't drive the RV. ( I literally can't drive it or hook it up! ya ya blah blah) lol. I could sleep in Pinochio lot. And rent out beds!😂 - SueBayou   2019.2 #98 6-13-12 3:29PM Like  Reply
I will not be within a 10 mile radius of DCA on Friday. I guess I just don't understand the need to line up so early. It doesn't hurt that I get to go to the media event tomorrow. - BillE   475.2 #528 6-13-12 3:34PM Like  Reply
I would think people want to line up because it is the end of a five-year renovation of the parks, and a new land is being opened. People want to be there to experience it's grand re-opening, and Carsland grand opening :]. I mean I'm going to the media event tomorrow too, but I still may camp out just for the fun of it :] - MEHlanie_Mouse  1117.3 #200 6-13-12 3:38PM
This is something that doesn't happen all the time, especially an entire land opening up let alone a new entrance to the park! I for one put in a vacation at work to experience opening day so you can count me in for camping out, just for the experience of it all. Now, if I could only find out how early before 11 pm I can arrive at M - Donaldfan_532  249.6 #1495 6-13-12 3:53PM
Who is going. My son wants to go but does not want to be alone. - mickeya113   235.0 #1688 6-13-12 3:47PM Like  Reply
bump for tonight! - TheNewTrent   749.0 #313 6-14-12 6:59PM Like  Reply