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9258.0 #14 DL Qual #6 6-14-12 12:00PM
Since it’s now official that Cars Land and Buena Vista Street are now open, I can now post my review online. I’ll try not to give away the entire experience because I know a lot of you haven’t had to chance to explore Cars Land yet, but here’s more of a general view of the new land. I’ve also been sort of quiet about my experiences in Cars Land, prior to the opening, because there is so much that the company did not want to reveal, so I could not either. I got to experience Cars Land twice prior to any of the CM or AP previews. Once was back in March, when I was selected to test out Luigi’s Flying Tires. With about a dozen other CMs, we rode Luigi’s over and over and over, for about 4 hours. Even though we didn’t get to see the other parts of the land, it was fun to be in a new land that remained a secret from the public. The second time was a few weeks ago, prior to working Grad Night. My leads surprised us and took us on Radiator Springs Racers, as they were offering CMs to experience it for the first time. This was the first time many of us got to walk the streets of Radiator Springs and as we all walked onstage; we were all in awe of how majestic the rockwork and the neon signs were. Not knowing the complete details and the attraction was still in “dress rehearsal” mode, we all rode it and were all amazed of the show work and the thrill of the high speed race. What was the take home part for me was the new style of the Audio-Animatronics, as the Imagineers brought the cars of the film to life! Then after last week during the Cast Member previews, I finally had the chance to walk around the land and explore the town of Radiator Springs. My sister and I decided to ride Luigi’s first. It was her first time riding this attraction after me telling her all about it for weeks, and it was the first time I got to see the queue (it was an empty room during the testing). She enjoyed it a lot and can’t wait to ride it again. Then we rode Mater’s Junkyard Jamboree, which was the only attraction I had not experienced yet. There was a short line as we watched the others ride it while waiting in the queue. I agree with many that this attraction will be a “sleeper” attraction that many will hopefully not look over. Regarding the food of Cars Land, we only had enough time to try to the churro bites from the Cozy Cone. We were lucky to get a fresh batch of freshly cooked churros. There was enough churro bites to share with another person, but too much for one. Also, the chocolate dipping sauce made it interesting, but we could do without it. While waiting in line at the Cozy Cone, we saw Lighting McQueen and Mater both come out for their meet and greets. It was neat to see actual cars drive around the streets of Cars Land (makes sense…) and it definitely added a lot of atmosphere to the area. And for the Cars Land stores, I enjoyed walking around, perusing the new merchandise for the land. They were a lot smaller than I thought they would be, but each had their own unique merchandise for each store. And with only a few minutes left for the CM Preview, we quickly went and walked around Buena Vista Street. Even though I was a little upset that none of the stores were open, just seeing this new way that the park is going to immerse guests into this new theme was awesome. A little over 5 years ago, Walt Disney Company CEO Bob Iger presented a 5 year vision. In this statement, he presented his goals for both parks in Anaheim and the future of the company. Now after 5 years of construction, we made it! Now at Disneyland Park, we have new attractions (Star Tours: The Adventures Continue), classic attractions that were refurbished (ie: Matterhorn, Captain EO and more) and new restaurants and stores. In Disney California Adventure though, we’ve seen the largest change-over, giving the park a complete new identity. 5 years ago, DCA really didn’t have an identity and guests were wondering what adventure in California are they looking for? Now, with the new entrance of Buena Vista Street, guests will be taken back to Los Angeles of the 1920s and experience what it was like to step into an exciting city, just like Walt did. Also, with new attractions such as Toy Story Midway Mania, Ariel’s Undersea Adventure and Radiator Springs Racers, this park now has a “complete” feel to it. Back in the 1950s as Walt was building his dream theme park, he had the idea of submerging his guests into a magical place where they were to be transported from their daily life to a place where they can experience various environments by building his lands. He would often use his set designers from the studios to help design his new lands. This brings to the quote from one of the Imagineers when designing Cars Land. He said that in a film, you can control what the audience sees by placing certain things in the frame, but in a real life-environment, the guest has a 360 degree view of the area. Having this idea, the Imagineers had to bring the culture and energy of Radiator Springs to life. At Disney, we call this aspect the “show”. Show can be the way the attraction and/or land is decorated and portrayed, to having a clean area, or how the merchandise is neatly folded and stacked for guests’ shopping. This is why Disney puts a lot of effort into the décor and the way their “lands” are presented because they want their guests to leave their daily lives and to be transported to a magical place, like the small town on Route 66 feel of Radiator Springs or the vintage but modern twist of Buena Vista Street. I can’t wait to see the reactions of guests the first time they race around Ornament Valley or the first time they see Buena Vista Street at night. As Walt said, “Disneyland will never be completed as long as there is imagination left in the world.”
Bravo!!  That was great!! Thanks so much for this. And wow!  That you kept it in so long.  Thanks again!  Can't wait to visit! - misschurro   10101.0 #12 6-14-12 1:18PM Like(2)  Reply
Thanks for your thoughts, BBM! My family and I attended the preview on Monday and, something I'd like to add- the imagineers did a a fantastic job thinking about the visitors' experience. There was SHADE. All the queue areas were well shaded (A/C in Luigi's!). I had stopped to buy a hat on BV street because I forgot mine and thought I would bake over the course of the hot afternoon in Cars Land... But we didn't! Another note on the shops on BVS- they were wonderful! So much merchandise I had never seen! They were spacious and carpeted and the ceilings in the toy shop changed colors! Big thumbs up. My final comment was how friendly and excited all of the CM's I encountered were. I am so excited for them, CA Adventure's future as a park, and our wonderful Disney! - MoonWillow   396.2 #663 6-14-12 8:36PM Like(1)  Reply
Glad you enjoyed your visit! - BaseballMickey  9258.0 #14 6-14-12 9:04PM
So good to know!! Besides running out of things to do in CA before, it was always so much hotter than DL. It's like they knew this and made it better! 😄 - PeachKay  311.1 #983 6-17-12 10:51AM
Thanks so much for this! and kudos on being able to keep a secret from us for so long! - SteamboatMinnie   310.6 #987 6-17-12 1:24AM Like(1)  Reply
Yup, you are an amazing CM.  - lina1990   124.3 #3332 6-17-12 1:45AM Like(1)  Reply
I can't wait to go!!! I'm so excited. - annamichelle   234.5 #1703 6-14-12 12:04PM Like  Reply
Cars Land is amazing. It definately exceeded my expectations. - ScooterMike   1963.0 #103 6-14-12 12:06PM Like  Reply
As always, thank you for your review. Your an amazing CM and MWer. - Mrs.mouse   543.6 #452 6-14-12 12:08PM Like  Reply
Thanks :) - BaseballMickey  9258.0 #14 6-14-12 1:05PM
Thank you for your detailed review. I am really looking forward to seeing everything you mentioned, and your review makes me even more eager to get there.   - jmgphx   323.1 #909 6-14-12 12:09PM Like  Reply
Nice job BBM!!!!!!!! I have ADHD so i could only get through the first two sentances - Dave   13924.0 #9 6-14-12 12:12PM Like  Reply
I had to take a nap I. The middle of reading your post, because I never read an entire book without stopping to snooze. But seriously, I can't handle how excited I am to see this, and I'm so glad you got to experience it in an extra magical way. - LittleAprilShowers   589.3 #407 6-14-12 12:12PM Like  Reply
Great review BBM. Thanks! - cesium55   531.8 #467 6-14-12 12:12PM Like  Reply
You're welcome! - BaseballMickey  9258.0 #14 6-14-12 4:18PM
Thank you for your review enjoyed reading it! So excited to see all of the new amazing things in 3 weeks. - MikaDreamsEverythingDisney   249.1 #1513 6-14-12 12:14PM Like  Reply
Thanks! That was a great review! - mamamartin   3.4 #32663 6-14-12 12:15PM Like  Reply
This is an amazing review! I haven't had the pleasure to visit Carsland or Buenavista yet but your words just take me there! Thank you for sharing this!! 😊 - gigibunny2   242.8 #1602 6-14-12 12:19PM Like  Reply
I love reading reviews! Thanks!!! - iamdugsmaster   878.8 #255 6-14-12 12:21PM Like  Reply
You hit it right on the head. Nicely done. - Melody_CM   43369.8 #1 6-14-12 12:24PM Like  Reply
Excellent review and more!! - DisneyPhotoFan   921.7 #246 6-14-12 12:34PM Like  Reply
Great review man! Very helpful... - madsdad   1868.2 #110 6-14-12 12:35PM Like  Reply
you're welcome! hope to meet you when your at DL - BaseballMickey  9258.0 #14 6-14-12 1:06PM
Nicely written, BBM. Thank you for sharing your experience, and for also keeping details vague for those that haven't yet been able to experience Cars Land. - Jacqueline   580.0 #411 6-14-12 1:21PM Like  Reply
Nicely said, sir! Can't wait to experience it for myself. - LaneSparrow316   847.0 #268 6-14-12 1:24PM Like  Reply
You're welcome :) - BaseballMickey  9258.0 #14 6-14-12 4:18PM
:-) thank you! - PrincessDuckie   963.5 #237 6-14-12 1:44PM Like  Reply
You're welcome :) - BaseballMickey  9258.0 #14 6-14-12 4:18PM
Thank you 👏 - Dizkid   506.0 #493 6-14-12 4:22PM Like  Reply
You're welcome - BaseballMickey  9258.0 #14 6-14-12 4:24PM
Great job BBM! Very nice review! - MomWithAJuiceBoxBuzz   1191.5 #183 6-14-12 4:30PM Like  Reply
Very well said. Thank you. - DisneyTwins   206.8 #2072 6-14-12 4:33PM Like  Reply
So excited. - chipanddalefan   733.4 #330 6-14-12 4:47PM Like  Reply
Great review, thank you. - thestalkerNIN   362.4 #748 6-14-12 4:51PM Like  Reply
I love your review, I cannot wait to see it all tomorrow! - monkeboy2042_CM   317.8 #942 6-14-12 4:51PM Like  Reply
Great review.  And he knows baseball too. - sr_citizen_space_ranger   91.1 #3967 6-14-12 5:00PM Like  Reply
great review, since I have been, I agree it was awesome and then some. - Plumiegirl   10921.5 #11 6-14-12 5:21PM Like  Reply
Great info here. Thanks for sharing your experience. Can't wait to enjoy it for myself. - Minnique   667.4 #362 6-14-12 5:27PM Like  Reply
That was an awesome read! We can't wait to go and enjoy a "whole new world"! - no1goof   248.3 #1527 6-14-12 6:25PM Like  Reply
Thank you so much for that review!! - Alicewhoareyou   2819.0 #63 6-14-12 6:29PM Like  Reply
Thank You so much for the in-depth review from a CM. Making it harder to wait till Sept - nitromouse   301.0 #1051 6-14-12 7:20PM Like  Reply
Thank you that was an awesome review! - LoveMyAriel02   3.7 #29577 6-14-12 7:29PM Like  Reply
Thank u so much for all of the info.. I'm so excited for our next visit in December :0) - acesdisneygirl   158.6 #2760 6-14-12 7:39PM Like  Reply
Great review! I agree with how flawless the decor or mise-en-scene (to use a cinematic term) is here. I feel like I am in another world, like when I watch a movie. I never felt that way before dca's makeover. - Princess_Pirate   8.0 #14487 6-14-12 8:02PM Like  Reply
nice vocab word! - BaseballMickey  9258.0 #14 6-14-12 8:19PM
Great review, Kevin! I just hope we manage to get in the park tomorrow before it reaches capacity! - wg4ever   379.7 #697 6-14-12 9:11PM Like  Reply
Wow! Great review! Everything sounds amazing, I can't wait to see it for myself!✨✨✨ - JessM4   269.6 #1320 6-14-12 9:16PM Like  Reply
Thank you! I can't wait to see CarsLand!!! - Boundin   944.4 #243 6-14-12 9:22PM Like  Reply
Fantastic review,  thanks! - Grindcore   614.8 #388 6-14-12 9:35PM Like  Reply
Thank you so much for the great review! Can't wait to see it all in person! - Roto   245.6 #1559 6-14-12 9:36PM Like  Reply
Wow! Thank you so much for sharing your review. - LaPearleNoir   3197.6 #57 6-14-12 11:16PM Like  Reply
BBM. You are so right on with your review. Mr Hubby works Mater and Lugigi and the day he came home and said " I got to ride racers today and it is awesome" I told him those were words for divorce. Lol. I went to the Cast preview and was blown away at the detail. The food at Flo's is awesome. Great portions and reasonable price. Can't wait to try it again in sept when the crowds die down. And Maters is really fun. - Jimineycricket   197.8 #2188 6-14-12 11:53PM Like  Reply
Awesome review!!! Thank you sooo much! I cant wait to see it!!! - Zipitydoodahdad   270.0 #1313 6-15-12 12:06AM Like  Reply
It was magical, so amazing. I was there for only a couple hours the evening of the opening. Having to be pushed around in a wheelchair was probably not the best way to experience my first Cars Land visit but it was amazing just the same. I cannot wait to experience without restrictions!  - PrincessLani   111.3 #3609 6-16-12 4:23PM Like  Reply
Thank you! Waiting to experience it in September! 🏁🚧⚠ - DisneylandMe   31.1 #6465 6-17-12 3:37AM Like  Reply
Thank you!  I've never been too excited about CA but I can't wait to explore it in December now! - Aurora1111   119.2 #3436 6-17-12 10:05AM Like  Reply
Something I love about Disney is the fact that even the people who work there get just as excited (if not MORE excited) about new lands/attractions at the parks. I also love that you said you couldn't wait to see how guests would react to the changes! It's kind of like when you take a friend whose never been to Disneyland/DCA and how you're watching them react to what their seeing for the first time. Great review! I hope you get as much joy watching us experience it as WE will undoubtedly get from actually experiencing this new look for DCA! - PumpkinKing   64.1 #4648 6-17-12 11:14AM Like  Reply