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Your expertise amazes me! Thanks for this! - Duchess_SMK   5818.8 #14 6-28-12 7:57AM Like  Reply
StrawberryGuy. Bicoastal pin trading enforcer! Bringing the fake pins to justice. - ScooterMike   1962.2 #66 6-28-12 8:01AM Like  Reply
You've done it again! Thanks SG! Btw I spotted this as I scrolled and with out reading your post (I was testing myself lol) I figured out what was wrong with this pin and I automatically knew it was a scrapper.. I had serious training with you book!!!! Unfortunately, I would of gone for this pin in the past! - gigibunny2   242.8 #1343 6-28-12 8:01AM Like  Reply
The kids and I tell CM's about fake pins all the time. We wouldn't be able to if you did not share your awesomeness. - MeridasHair   346.5 #616 6-28-12 8:14AM Like  Reply
I went to DW last year and this is where I started pin trading... So many more CM trade pins there... Sucks that people are trading fake pins.. I'm gonna double check mine now. Thanks for the info and I'm gonna buy that book on my kindle.. I haven't opened it yet it was a graduation gift but I really want to read that book!! - annamichelle   234.5 #1434 6-28-12 12:46PM Like  Reply