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269.0 #1128 DL Qual #1370 7-3-12 12:24PM
Pixie dust request. I have an outpatient surgery today at 4 well I thought 4 but its actually 530. To put in a medi port to administer chemo meds. I havent eaten since 730 this morning and my last drink of water was about 750. Im nervous so hunger isnt the issue but I really wish I could drink something.
✨✨✨ hang in there. Keep yourself distracted and sooner then you know it you will be done and heading home. - Linzee   1142.9 #150 7-3-12 12:26PM Like  Reply
Hang in there. Deep breaths!! I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. - sewgirl   342.6 #664 7-3-12 12:28PM Like  Reply
Good thoughts as nervous as you are, never let negative ones in, only positive thoughts - MarshaMouse   4942.5 #22 7-3-12 12:37PM Like  Reply
I tell the surgeons I work with... Everyone should be born with a Port a cath so you wouldn't have to go through stuff like this.  I am sorry you have to wait.  In the long run it will  make your chemo easier.  I promise.  Wishing you a speedy recovery. - NurseDisney   56.7 #4389 7-3-12 4:24PM Like  Reply
Doctor is running late but at least I'm laying down and the iv is already in place. Now if I could just have something to eat. - FroggyfriendsCM   269.0 #1128 7-3-12 5:43PM Like  Reply
Or drink - FroggyfriendsCM  269.0 #1128 7-3-12 5:43PM
Sending... - NotSoDapperDan   323.9 #740 7-3-12 6:38PM Like  Reply
Hope it went well and you got to eat! - LisaMouse7531   410.1 #517 7-3-12 7:16PM Like  Reply
Doesnt look like I'll get in till 10pm. Ug. - FroggyfriendsCM   269.0 #1128 7-3-12 7:34PM Like  Reply
If the line is in, can you get the nursing staff to hang a bottle of Ringer's or at least some NS? - NotSoDapperDan  323.9 #740 7-3-12 7:37PM