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878.3 #151 DL Qual #103 7-10-12 12:22PM
MARSHA: What I didn’t tell U is that earlier in the day when I saw Snow White and Cinderella come out together they were holding hands with a little girl. I thought at that moment I wish someone could take a photo of me if I was with the Evil Queen and Snow White. Things happen for a reason and U were there to capture my moment. :D STARWARSLOVE: Thank U for your awesome RAK. I ate the sweet desserts last night and I absolutely ADORE the skirt!!!!! Last night, instead of daydreaming to sleep, I kept on looking at the skirt. It’s a clothing piece I will cherish forever because it was given and made by you! :D ‘I’ll see U both again when I come back :D Friends for life!’

You're truly welcomed! I'm really glad I made the trip to DL that day. I thought about you two all day and couldn't stop smiling!! - MarshaMouse  3503.4 #23 7-10-12 12:31PM Like(1)  Reply
Soooo cute! Awww! - Duchess_SMK  5089.4 #13 7-10-12 1:07PM
Cereal, best part of the day was seeing you two. Best ladies ever. :) - StarWarsLove  403.2 #457 7-10-12 2:49PM
SOoo cute! Marsha is awsome! - BubbaLoo  869.2 #154 7-10-12 12:24PM Like  Reply
Indeed she is! - Duchess_SMK  5089.4 #13 7-10-12 1:08PM
Wow this really pulled at my heart strings....Such awesome people, and Im so glad you got to experience a wonderful day at the parks. This is literally what this App was made for. Love, Friendship and Memories. You all look Beautiful Ladies :) - PrinceTeaJack  908.6 #147 7-10-12 12:24PM Like  Reply
All three of you are amazing ladies!! That skirt is so cute! - JenInWonderland  1025.6 #127 7-10-12 1:00PM Like  Reply
Wow you all look beautiful! Glad it was a good time.... - madsdad  1748.0 #62 7-10-12 1:09PM Like  Reply
An amazing group of ladies right there! - fairyshley  479.8 #356 7-10-12 1:10PM Like  Reply
i like all of these ladies. amazing people, right there. - nicoleface  1746.3 #63 7-10-12 1:22PM Like  Reply
So cute! - JessM4  269.6 #1006 7-10-12 1:26PM Like  Reply
I am just so happy I got to see you! You are definitely a friend for life. I still can't get over how I told Sam that the first time I met you I felt like we've been friends for a long time and then later you told me the same exact thing, we were just meant to be! I am so happy you got that special moment with Snow White and the evil queen and glad you liked the skirt, I made it with as much love as possible just for you. - StarWarsLove  403.2 #457 7-10-12 2:47PM Like  Reply
So the rest of ny comment didn't show up, that's cool -___- - StarWarsLove  403.2 #457 7-10-12 2:57PM
Sounds like you had a day filled with magic and love I'm so happy you got to experience walking with snow and the evil queen. Love you girly and Vic says hi - lilo84  374.5 #497 7-10-12 2:59PM Like  Reply
3 of my favorite MWers there!! That skirt is ADORABLE!! I'm in love with that bow!! 😍😍🎀🎀🎀🎀 - caramiapoohAKAface  2708.2 #32 7-10-12 3:05PM Like  Reply
STOP MAKING ME CRY!😢😢😭💗 in all seriousness, this is one of the sweetest MW stories ever. Love you all 😍😍😘💗💗💗 - PrincessKristin  779.8 #179 7-10-12 3:12PM Like  Reply
This is very sweet! Cute skirt. - adventurerEnDisneylandia {AED}  544.4 #288 7-10-12 3:13PM Like  Reply
There is a quote, "do not protect yourself from grief by a fence, but rather by your friends."  They will give you the strength to endure the sadness, just like Marsha and SWL did :) - Willierose  1811.3 #61 7-10-12 3:24PM Like  Reply