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259.6 #1409 DL Qual #1474 7-12-12 6:23PM
I just bought this for my newest addition who's due the first week in November! ill be buying the Minnie mouse onesie in another week! just bought it at the Disney store
Cute, I guess I'll be going to the mall. - dduckfan   280.1 #1211 7-12-12 6:26PM Like  Reply
Aww, makes me wish I was having another baby! - duckchub   557.8 #435 7-12-12 6:39PM Like  Reply
Omg! I love this! I'm due the last week of oct.. My husband is goingto kill me. All I have bought so far are Disney clothes. Lol. - Khuckabey   3.2 #37183 7-12-12 7:14PM Like  Reply
That is adorable! - leopardditz2000   1329.0 #161 7-12-12 7:18PM Like  Reply
Do they have any cute ones for boy?? Seeong this kinda makes me wish we were gonna try again for a girl, but having just our little guy to spoil with Disney stuff is amazing!! - MrsDisneyMommy29   280.3 #1210 7-12-12 7:19PM Like  Reply
They had a Dalmatian one. It looked like they will be getting more. - emnldsmom  370.2 #720 7-12-12 7:26PM
I got a Mickey one, Winnie the pooh, and tigger for my little man! - kritomiester  364.1 #739 7-12-12 10:31PM
So cute! Congrats! - LaPearleNoir   3193.9 #57 7-12-12 7:28PM Like  Reply
So cute! I need to get this! It's adorable! - HollyGolightlyPrincess   408.5 #643 7-12-12 7:38PM Like  Reply
Omg that is the cutest thing I have ever seen!!! I just had a baby boy but if he had been a girl she would have been named Ella after Cinderella and that would have been awesome! I love the Disney store and got my son the Winnie the pooh, tigger, and mickey outfits! They are so cute! - kritomiester   364.1 #739 7-12-12 7:49PM Like  Reply
Cutecutecute!  I'm partial to Nov. 4th...just sayin'.  ;) - susieQzee   555.8 #437 7-12-12 7:55PM Like  Reply
They did have a Dalmatian one but that was the only boy one I saw. If you go to they had a buzz one and Susieqzee I'm rooting for later. Haha just he because a month from today my hubby gets back from.deployment then we will be moving back to Florida for almost two months and then in October we move to Georgia and the baby is due Nov .6th I'm freaking out a little. It's cutting it really close to my due date and when we get there i wont have much time to set up, then after she comes we will move into a house we buy. - Queenof2princesses   259.6 #1409 7-12-12 8:11PM Like  Reply
Great to hear - Villescas8  607.0 #396 7-12-12 10:43PM
I almost bought that one at the outlet mall a couple of weeks ago for our lil princess. - vegasbrat   435.4 #592 7-12-12 8:12PM Like  Reply
I have not been since my delivery. Since I will be in Disney in aug I will get him something there. He will 2 months - 5disneylovers   1287.8 #8 7-12-12 8:23PM Like  Reply
awe congratulations!  This is so friggin adorable! - _BELLE_   219.5 #1899 7-12-12 10:40PM Like  Reply
I bought my nephew a Buzz onesie and matching boots a couple months back!! I can't wait for his arrival so he can wear it home from the hospital!! And by the way that onesie is adorable! Now all she needs is a matching head band!! Which I can make her!!!!!! - MoniqueLovelle   10.8 #11828 7-12-12 11:01PM Like  Reply
I would love that!! Im dying for her to wear headbands because my 4 year old hated them and tore them off all the time and she was bald until she was a year and even though she always wore pink and had her ears pierced she was mistaken for a boy all the time - Queenof2princesses  259.6 #1409 7-13-12 12:30PM
DI'd you get the matching shoes? The whole thing was so cute! Perfect for Halloween for the little ones. They had a Repunzel one also at the Disney store we went to. - emnldsmom   370.2 #720 7-13-12 12:41PM Like  Reply
No I didn't..she won't be born until nov 6th at least I'm crossing my fingers! I want.her to stay in as long as possible - Queenof2princesses  259.6 #1409 7-13-12 1:28PM
I understand! I am a military wife(well he retired 2 years ago after 20 yrs). I saw all your stuff going on in another thread. I will cross my toes and fingers for you! My hubs was gone when I was pregnant with my dd. they tried to tell me I had to deliver her the day before he came home due to HBP. I was not having it and laid there for 3 hours until it went down and they felt okay with me leaving. I ended up having her 2 weeks later thankfully with him there. These babies need to understand we have a schedule! - emnldsmom  370.2 #720 7-13-12 2:51PM
that is super cute!!! - StitchEars   330.7 #866 7-13-12 1:47PM Like  Reply
ya saw these at disneystore last week. its cute but i thought the old ones were better... - annjay07   170.8 #2572 7-13-12 3:35PM Like  Reply
I dont think I remember the old ones. I havent been shopping for a baby for about 3 years now. But I'm sure they were adorable - Queenof2princesses  259.6 #1409 7-13-12 4:10PM
Wow- that is way cute! - Dumbomom   308.5 #1002 7-13-12 4:10PM Like  Reply
This is tooooo cute!! I will be crossing my fingers for nov 3rd, thats my birthday! - alibug   137.3 #3119 7-13-12 4:37PM Like  Reply
@emnldsmom Ive been trying to keep it easy, its been pretty hard though with an active 4 year old. I'm already a high risk pregnancy, but I've had to literally be off my.feet the past couple days due to lower abdomen pain that gets to the point it hurts to walk, and cramping after walking not even a mile. I'll be 6 months Tuesday and I go for my check up on Thursday. So I'm crossing my fingers everything is going to work out between the moving and the baby and the pregnancy - Queenof2princesses   259.6 #1409 7-13-12 6:44PM Like  Reply
It will all work out! Are you drinking enough water? This weather doesn't make it easy to stay hydrated. My doctor told me to drink a Gatorade when I felt that way(crampy)and it did help. Where are you located? We are down in SD near the border but we are up at Pendleton this weekend camping! I will keep you in my thoughts! - emnldsmom  370.2 #720 7-13-12 10:59PM
I've been drinking tons of water and it hasn't helped at all. But im staying with my parents in oceanside til my hubby gets back from deployment - Queenof2princesses   259.6 #1409 7-14-12 8:26AM Like  Reply
Try the Gatorade. It seemed to help me a lot. I just drank it when I felt off, had headaches, crampy. A girl I taught with was told the same thing. - emnldsmom   370.2 #720 7-14-12 9:33AM Like  Reply
So I've been trying Gatorade for 2 days and it still hurting. But my doctors appointment is Thursday so hopefully everything is ok. but my sister in law who is an rn thinks they are going to put me on bed rest but for me that's just not practical. I have a 4 year old. I don't know. My main concern is the baby is ok. Shes been moving like crazy though. So we will see, ill be doing a lot of praying - Queenof2princesses  259.6 #1409 7-16-12 7:21PM