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264.7 #1366 DL Qual #1674 7-24-12 12:30PM
WINNER @PinkJessi!!!!! Please contact me by the text, I'd it doesn't work let me know and I'll give you my email! I need name and address! Please respond to me by 8:00pm tomorrow(28th) or I will be picking a new winner. Congrats to you!My 2nd RAK of the day! Everyone can enter! This is Mickey as a Musketeer, plush toy!(: He is in good condition! This RAK will also end on Thurday July 26th at 8:00pm Disneyland time!(: To enter please tell me what your favorite Disney Film is. Thank you and good luck to everyone!(:
Peter Pan is my favorite :) - AnnaJoy   181.6 #2409 7-24-12 12:44PM Like  Reply
Plz add me :) my fav Disney movie wud have to be toy story bcuz it's something I enjoyed watching wen I was a kid :) - Minnieluvzmickey24   131.3 #3217 7-24-12 12:45PM Like  Reply
My favorite Disney movie is got to be either tangled or princess and the frog!! Add me please! - Disneymomab   34.0 #6188 7-24-12 1:07PM Like  Reply
Please add me. My favorite movie is sleeping beauty! - Drews~Missus   287.5 #1140 7-24-12 1:23PM Like  Reply
Pls add me my fav film is walle - chipanddalefan   733.4 #330 7-24-12 1:23PM Like  Reply
I have to speak for my daughter. Tangled. My daughters hair is almost as long. - Disneyfreak111   797.9 #292 7-24-12 1:30PM Like  Reply
Add me please! My favorite film is Aladdin cause I love Aladdin and lea salonga! - princessmichelle   267.0 #1343 7-24-12 1:33PM Like  Reply
Please add me. I'd have to say Beauty & the Beast. When it first came out ('91?) I took my 5 yr old niece to it on Valentines Day. We had planned it for it weeks. She was so excited. She sat on my lap the whole movie. I watched it w/ my daughter when she was 3 & she fell in love w/ it. Then a year ago, my niece, daughter, & I got to introduce my niece's 3 yr old daughter to it. Hopefully one day I'll get to watch w/ my grandkids. - GrandCircleTour   378.4 #704 7-24-12 1:38PM Like  Reply
Add me please 😍 I loved all th musketeers movies but my fav movie is Fantasia ! - sandiibelle   71.3 #4435 7-24-12 2:18PM Like  Reply
Please add me! My favorite Disney film is The Little Mermaid. - SquishyGlamazon   115.5 #3530 7-24-12 2:32PM Like  Reply
add me please! my fav disney film is tangled! thanks! - wendytink   364.2 #742 7-24-12 2:33PM Like  Reply
Add me please. My favorite Disney film is 101 Dalmatians. - radiator   282.7 #1195 7-24-12 2:39PM Like  Reply
How cute! Please add me :-) my favorite Disney film is the little mermaid, no contest! - mermaidhair   176.3 #2477 7-24-12 2:44PM Like  Reply
Please add me! My favorite movie is the little mermaid! I remember it was the first Disney movie I had ever seen when I was around 5! :) - jariel   178.9 #2441 7-24-12 2:49PM Like  Reply
Add me please!! Peter Pan is one of my top favs. Too many to name. Just being real. haha. Also my B-day is the 30th. (hint hint) lol. - Apirateslife4me   248.7 #1523 7-24-12 7:19PM Like  Reply
How cute! Please add me. :)  My favorite is The Lion King.  - DaisyDork   198.7 #2181 7-24-12 7:30PM Like  Reply
Please add me for Wendytink. Beauty and the beast. - DisneyVacationLover   623.8 #385 7-24-12 7:37PM Like  Reply
Plz add me!!!! And FANTASIA!!!THANK U - jeditonykenobi   8.1 #14425 7-24-12 7:45PM Like  Reply
Bump for the night! - pirategirl17_CM   264.7 #1366 7-24-12 8:07PM Like  Reply
Add me please :) Alice in Wonderland both ones - minniel0verTM   225.6 #1818 7-24-12 8:45PM Like  Reply
Please add me, my favorite film is Beauty and the Beast! :) - disneyfan46   334.9 #842 7-24-12 9:35PM Like  Reply
Bump for the morning - pirategirl17_CM   264.7 #1366 7-25-12 9:17AM Like  Reply
Please add me. I love Fantasia - dizneypianist   31.8 #6401 7-25-12 1:28PM Like  Reply
Bump for the night. - pirategirl17_CM   264.7 #1366 7-25-12 7:39PM Like  Reply
Add me please. My favorite Disney movie? I'll go with Monsters Inc for right now. Boo is just too cute. - aidensmama   340.3 #822 7-25-12 7:44PM Like  Reply
Beauty and the beast :) please add me. Thanks! - luvfordisney   122.9 #3363 7-25-12 8:16PM Like  Reply
Bump For the morning. I'm actually going to end this RAK tonight because I won't be home tomorrow. So this RAK ends at 8:00pm Disneyland time! Good luck to everyone. - pirategirl17_CM   264.7 #1366 7-26-12 9:58AM Like  Reply
Please add me my fave is pirates of the Caribbean thanks - freddyskellington   142.7 #3025 7-26-12 10:40AM Like  Reply
Add me please. Tangled is my fav. - katiesarahmommy   296.6 #1079 7-26-12 11:06AM Like  Reply
Please add me for hollygolightlyprincess. She has an awesome collection and he would fit in well. My favorite movie is Aladdin - Deltachiq   1244.4 #176 7-26-12 11:17AM Like  Reply
there are just to many good ones.   I'll go with Monsters Inc - charles   14.4 #9879 7-26-12 11:28AM Like  Reply
There is about an hour left to enter.(: - pirategirl17_CM   264.7 #1366 7-26-12 6:58PM Like  Reply
Please add me. Alice in Wonderland :) - minniel0verTM   225.6 #1818 7-26-12 7:01PM Like  Reply
Saw him today at the Disney Store! He's adorable :) No need to add me! Great RAK though! - KylaShea   632.7 #380 7-26-12 7:02PM Like  Reply
My fave is "Cars"! - calidream1   398.1 #663 7-26-12 7:03PM Like  Reply
Please add me. My daughter just discovered this movie and always asks to watch "Mickey fightin". My favorite Disney movie is Mary Poppins. - mickeyboo   66.5 #4577 7-26-12 7:05PM Like  Reply
Enter me please. Favorite movie is finding Nemo - PartridgeFam   35.6 #6041 7-26-12 7:07PM Like  Reply
This RAK is closed. Will be useing random generator(: Winner will be announced in a bit. - pirategirl17_CM   264.7 #1366 7-26-12 8:05PM Like  Reply
***** WINNER is lucky number 13 PinkJessi!!!!! Please use the text, if it doesnt work, let me know and I'll give you my email!(: send me your name and address! Congrats. Thanks to everyone who entered! - pirategirl17_CM   264.7 #1366 7-26-12 8:18PM Like  Reply
Please contact me in 24 hours! - pirategirl17_CM   264.7 #1366 7-26-12 8:20PM Like  Reply
Bump for the winner. - pirategirl17_CM   264.7 #1366 7-27-12 3:01PM Like  Reply
Bump for the winner! Please contact me by 8:00pm tonight. - pirategirl17_CM   264.7 #1366 7-28-12 9:10AM Like  Reply
Conrats - chipanddalefan   733.4 #330 7-28-12 11:08AM Like  Reply