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780.8 #210 DL Qual #256 8-2-12 6:54AM
I just read on a comment here that they are going to stop selling Glow With the Show ears on Aug 18. Noooo! I will not be there until the 28th! Can a CM confirm this, please?
I have not heard anything about that, so calm down lol. Don't worry over nothing. I highly doubt we will stop selling them. - iPoca.   916.9 #176 8-2-12 9:49AM Like(3)  Reply
Also hope to see you when you come to the parks! 😊 - iPoca.  916.9 #176 8-2-12 9:50AM
Yes, I would love to see you :) - PrincessKristin  780.8 #210 8-2-12 11:11PM
Seems odd they would invest all that money in the technology and then pull the plug so quickly. - ScooterMike   1962.2 #69 8-2-12 9:39AM Like(1)  Reply
I agree! - PrincessDuckie  795.0 #205 8-2-12 9:44AM
True, but several mw'ers, myself included, received defective ears. I thought it was an isolated incident, so I asked around. Shortly thereafter, my brother's did the same thing. I wonder if it may be a more widespread problem. 😏 - bluefairy  643.3 #274 8-3-12 4:30AM
Anyone? - PrincessKristin   780.8 #210 8-2-12 9:36AM Like  Reply
I'm about to not be a very happy MWer if they pull this crap.. I planned on buying one after the 20th when I'm unblocked again :( - TheBudd   357.3 #594 8-2-12 9:40AM Like  Reply
I haven't heard this? Hmmm maybe call guest relations! Good luck! Hope it's not true! - Duchess_SMK   5909.5 #14 8-2-12 9:49AM Like  Reply
Maybe they'll stop selling them.... and give them for free with every ticket or AP!... jk... but really, I don't think they would stop selling them because the more ears there are, the better - and it'll make the show work better. - LaTruce   2259.5 #54 8-2-12 11:05AM Like  Reply
Haven't heard anything yet. Why would they stop selling them if its a new promotion? - BaseballMickey_CM   6779.1 #9 8-2-12 11:23AM Like  Reply
I would doubt this is true but if it was, you could borrow mine PK. - MightyWhitey   1062.4 #149 8-2-12 11:34AM Like  Reply
I feel like they're going to work on syncing them with Fantasmic and Fireworks and possibly make AP events for those as well in the future (: - Jenniferr   506.7 #373 8-2-12 11:20PM Like  Reply
Wouldn't that be an amazing sight for those shows?!?!?! I love the thought of that! - joyfulmomma  248.5 #1277 8-2-12 11:51PM
I thought they will stop selling it on September 3,2012 at least that's what it said on the Disney passholder site! - wickedprince   229.2 #1529 8-3-12 4:41AM Like  Reply
We had a CM tell us yesterday that they are not discontinuing them, maybe even expanding them to work at DL. They also may be expanding the designs on the hats themselves, more than just the colorful Mickeys. I don't think they're going anywhere soon! - minigirl1156   698.3 #240 8-3-12 5:33AM Like  Reply
Is this true? We are going in Sept. and wanted to get them. They are selling them on Ebay for $44.00. But I want to get mine at DL! - Chrisc   12.1 #8685 8-6-12 2:32PM Like  Reply
44 on ebay?? Yikes! - PrinceTeaJack  923.2 #173 8-6-12 2:32PM
Yes I know. My brother said he saw them on there for $44 and I was shocked. Aren't they $25 in the park? - Chrisc   12.1 #8685 8-6-12 2:37PM Like  Reply
Yeah theyre 28 I think something like that..Better off waiting till you get to the park. If you have an AP you can also get a Discount. - PrinceTeaJack  923.2 #173 8-6-12 2:41PM
No AP, I live in Oregon. I think I will take my chances and wait till I get there in Sept. - Chrisc   12.1 #8685 8-6-12 2:46PM Like  Reply