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688.6 #245 DL Qual #145 8-5-12 8:58PM
Hey guys I need your help!! So I'm doing the Tink half in Jan and am having about 9 people with me! I'm trying to find a reasonably priced place to stay for 3 nights! I have been looking on VRBO but a lot of them are way out of our price range! And all the larger houses are already booked! Anybody have any ideas of what I should do?? Any help is appreciated!!
Bump for help! - CourtyAstroBlisters   688.6 #245 8-5-12 9:04PM Like  Reply
I dont have any Ideas :( How long are you staying for? I saw a motel 6 not too far for like 59 bucks a night.. - PrinceTeaJack   923.2 #173 8-5-12 9:07PM Like  Reply
It's 3 nights! Problem is half the people who are going are total snobs lol they would never stay in motel 6 ๐Ÿ˜spoiled brats!! - CourtyAstroBlisters  688.6 #245 8-5-12 9:11PM
LAME! You would be surprised how nice some could be.. - PrinceTeaJack  923.2 #173 8-5-12 9:17PM
Yeah I would be cool but my mom and the bfs mom would not have it!!! Lol - CourtyAstroBlisters  688.6 #245 8-5-12 9:18PM
Motel 6 is very nice for the price. They are held to a standard and are clean. - ScooterMike  1962.2 #69 8-5-12 9:19PM
They all are so opinionated!! I should really just figure it out for myself and let them fend for themselves lol - CourtyAstroBlisters  688.6 #245 8-5-12 9:24PM
CAB, in my experience, that's the best thing to do, lol. ๐Ÿ˜‚ - Spoonful_O_Sugar  569.8 #320 8-5-12 9:30PM
Seriously thinking about it!!! Everyone is driving me crazy over this and we still have 6 months till the race!! - CourtyAstroBlisters  688.6 #245 8-5-12 9:38PM
What is your price range? We have had 5 people in a suite at the Embassy Suites--it was roughly $120/night, but that was over Christmas a few years ago. I think Marriott Suites is a similar price. If you can get two suites next to each other, IMO that would be reasonable if you split it 9 ways. - Spoonful_O_Sugar   569.8 #320 8-5-12 9:12PM Like  Reply
Yeah thats my back up!!! I think that may be where we end up!!! I just feel bad that all my family wants to come!! - CourtyAstroBlisters  688.6 #245 8-5-12 9:16PM
We were very happy there, and we've stayed there 3 times now. It is too far to walk, though, so you'd have to plan out the logistics of getting over to DLR early on the morning of the race. - Spoonful_O_Sugar  569.8 #320 8-5-12 9:23PM
My wife stayed at the Fairfield Marriott across the street from DL. It was about $150/night last year when she did the Tink 1/2. - DisneylandRxR   18.4 #6906 8-5-12 9:13PM Like  Reply
La Quinta on Clementine. Use the corporate code LOVES for a discount. They also have a continental breakfast. - Armenda   1153.8 #130 8-5-12 9:26PM Like  Reply
Oh thanks darlin!! - CourtyAstroBlisters  688.6 #245 8-5-12 9:36PM
You're Welcome! - Armenda  1153.8 #130 8-5-12 10:23PM
Text me if you want more details about it. :) - Armenda  1153.8 #130 8-5-12 10:24PM
Do like Sue rent a huge RV and park it for $50 a day! lol - Romec123aKaSmartyPants   650.0 #270 8-5-12 9:31PM Like  Reply
Yeah that did cross my mind!! Lol - CourtyAstroBlisters  688.6 #245 8-5-12 9:37PM
Portafino is nice, they have large rooms and suites. It is a walk to the park. Try HoJo. MWers and AP holders get a discount. - Mrs.mouse   517.2 #362 8-5-12 9:32PM Like  Reply
ramada plaza is good for the spoiled one (in my opinion, well coz their AC is sooo nice) they have a family room, (2 queen beds plus a sofa bed) ... super 8 is fine for those saving - otilegna   2004.9 #65 8-5-12 10:22PM Like  Reply
Thanks everyone I think I have a lot of researching to do tomorrow!! ๐Ÿ˜Š - CourtyAstroBlisters   688.6 #245 8-5-12 10:23PM Like  Reply