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360.7 #583 DL Qual #329 8-23-12 4:15PM
The new candy store. I'm not usually one for a whole lot of change at Disneyland, so I was surprised that I actually loved it! It is going to be easier to maneuver our stroller through now too!
Go tell those people to not be fooled by the imposter Cherry Sour Balls.... Hurry..🏃🏃🏃 - SueBayou   2019.6 #63 8-23-12 4:27PM Like  Reply
I just pictured Sue with a sign outside protesting the imposters. - madsdad  1846.8 #75 8-23-12 5:32PM
I seriously almost told a lady the other night but Vinyl gave me the stink eye. Lol - SueBayou  2019.6 #63 8-23-12 6:15PM
oh noooo runnnn!! Lolz - michiemouse  6.5 #13328 8-23-12 8:22PM
He,he! Love the chocolate! - 7mouskedoodles   360.7 #583 8-23-12 4:33PM Like  Reply
I think it carries less selection than before. I loved the old store because it was original Disneyland - PartridgeFam   10.3 #9587 8-23-12 4:45PM Like  Reply
Partridgefam, I agree about liking everything original . I noticed that all the redone stores, and all the new stores carry less inventory, but they seem a lot more open. The store by GRR in CA is much more open. There is now a distinct difference between an original store vs. redone. - 7mouskedoodles   360.7 #583 8-23-12 5:06PM Like  Reply
I love this candy store!!! - MarshaMouse   4123.8 #25 8-23-12 5:11PM Like  Reply
Me too Marsh Mouse, especially at night with the lights! I also like the chocolate Mickey heads with the white stripes. Yumm!!! - 7mouskedoodles   360.7 #583 8-23-12 5:30PM Like  Reply
Wow!! This looks definitely much more open and easier to navigate! Looking forward to seeing it in person someday and eating some of that delicious Disney candy! - SarahLovesDisney   82.2 #3710 8-23-12 5:33PM Like  Reply
I love the marshmallows there. Peanut butter is my favorite. Yummy. - UmFromUmbridge   258.4 #1185 8-23-12 5:45PM Like  Reply
I don't know if you can zoom in, but if you can, you have to see the chandeliers! In person they are what you notice- beautiful! - 7mouskedoodles   360.7 #583 8-23-12 8:16PM Like  Reply
got to go see it!! - DISNYLV   176.4 #2200 8-24-12 1:03AM Like  Reply
I love the pastels! - cesium55   531.6 #349 8-24-12 1:08AM Like  Reply