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1053.2 #138 DL Qual #82 8-31-12 1:08PM
#foodreview Carnation Cafe. Started with the pb&j soda. Was a very peanut buttery tasting soda, with a hint of jelly flavor, that is, in the beginning. Towards the end, it tasted like grape soda. Overall, a decent soda to start off the meal. Next was the star of the show, the fried pickles. They were super crunchy on the outside, while retaining the crisp texture I a pickle on the inside. The dipping sauce was delicious as well. Although i always thought I was eating a fried zucchini with every bite, they were still great. Baked potato soup was phenomenal, as always. The green chile cheeseburger was good, but with a few problems. The chile wasn't spicy at all, and the burger patty was completely overpowered by the chile, fried egg and cheese. All in all, an ok burger experience. Overall, a good place to grab some lunch.
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Great review, thank you for posting this! - Admin   8-31-12 1:11PM Like(1)  Reply
Wow my stomach growled right now, I guess its time for lunch! Great review, you sold me on the pickles and soup! - sleepyhead_CM   572.2 #298 8-31-12 1:15PM Like(1)  Reply
Those fried pickles are amazeballs. - DaisyBell   674.7 #242 9-1-12 9:51PM Like(1)  Reply
Thanks Sloth! That soup looks soooo delicious! But burger PARTY? 😂😂 - Romec123aKaSmartyPants   630.2 #264 8-31-12 1:15PM Like  Reply
Bahahahahaha I fixed it, although I like burger parties :) - Slotherini  1053.2 #138 8-31-12 1:16PM
It sounded fun! Lol - Romec123aKaSmartyPants  630.2 #264 8-31-12 1:19PM
Yum the chocolate coke is yummy - MarshaMouse  3931.1 #24 8-31-12 3:33PM
When the fried pickles first made their apperance, my first thought was "ewe". After the comparision to fried zuccini I may give them a try - GoofyMom77   473.1 #384 8-31-12 1:16PM Like  Reply
That baked potato soup needs the full bowl like Cafe Orleans. - chris.   2510.4 #41 8-31-12 1:24PM Like  Reply
Couldn't agree more. - Slotherini  1053.2 #138 8-31-12 1:27PM
Don't they charge for full bowl as well? - vincentchase1  672.8 #244 8-31-12 1:30PM
It was like $5.49, if my memory serves me correct. - Slotherini  1053.2 #138 8-31-12 1:31PM
I think only cup there. - chris.  2510.4 #41 8-31-12 1:34PM
That baked potato soup looks so good right now. - rbeezy   702.9 #221 8-31-12 1:33PM Like  Reply
Thank you sir! - madsdad   1800.8 #67 8-31-12 2:07PM Like  Reply
Fried pickles are soooo good! Thanks for the review! 😊 - JenInWonderland   1025.6 #143 8-31-12 2:51PM Like  Reply
That's a big lunch :). I'm not too sure if I'll try the pb&j soda though. - TrueFromOzLovesDisney   445.1 #419 8-31-12 3:22PM Like  Reply
Great pictures of the food. I'm hungry now! - misseeyore   538.0 #320 8-31-12 3:30PM Like  Reply
I seriously just craved a pickle after reading this *walking into the kitchen to get one - ohhhtoodles   365.2 #540 8-31-12 3:37PM Like  Reply
Thanks for the interesting and insightful review. "I a pickle" 😂😂 - LaPearleNoir   1173.8 #114 8-31-12 3:39PM Like  Reply
Like sleepyhead, I think you sold me on the pickles and soup. Now, I have to wait until October?! (sigh). - TikiBird   165.1 #2335 9-1-12 3:09PM Like  Reply
I love the deep fried pickles. Yum - dimplesdanie   1236.9 #102 9-1-12 3:32PM Like  Reply
That soup shall be mine! - KylaShea   629.1 #265 9-8-12 7:40PM Like  Reply
The soup has been put on the to do list for Oct. counting down the days🎃 - TigrLvnMomma   154.0 #2495 9-8-12 7:54PM Like  Reply