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718.0 #235 DL Qual #206 9-4-12 11:29AM
I would like to thank Fairygodfather for his more than generous RAK today. My son and I were able to tour 1901 and ride RSR with the fastpass. We were so pleased to meet you and sincerely appreciate your generosity. Only wish TheLionGeek could have been with me today. Thank you again sir, I am still shaking from all of the excitement.
YAAAA! I am glad he is real! I was skeptical. How fun for all of you! Thank you Fairygodfather for not playing tricks on us! :) - Minnis2Society   369.9 #565 9-4-12 11:35AM Like(3)  Reply
So you kept me up late arguing about that for nothing. You owe me a mint chocolate chip sundae with the works! - Romec123aKaSmartyPants  668.5 #261 9-4-12 11:49AM
I wasnt arguing! LoL...I was being very skeptical. I didn't want anyone to get there hopes up and show up and be disappointed! If it wasnt the 1st day of school for Lexi, I would have went down and met him. Being a once in a life time opportunity for most people, the disappointment would have been horrible. Your a meaniepants! - Minnis2Society  369.9 #565 9-4-12 12:01PM
"Only wish TheLionGeek and nicoleface* could have been with me today." there, i fixed your obvious typo. :P i'm so so glad you got to go! good things happen to good people! :) - nicoleface   1749.9 #79 9-4-12 1:26PM Like(1)  Reply
That you for correcting me. Yes, I forgot something! Thank you for your kind words. I really wish everyone could have experienced it. - snowwannab  718.0 #235 9-4-12 3:10PM
*Grumble grumble grumble* - CM_LionGeek   352.9 #607 9-5-12 7:40AM Like(1)  Reply
Lol! ;) - Darlingwendi  1176.8 #130 9-5-12 8:42AM
Very cool I am glad you found him and had a great time!! - WishIWereThere   273.0 #1048 9-4-12 11:30AM Like  Reply
How lucky! Miss you and LionGeek! - Gia   802.0 #206 9-4-12 11:32AM Like  Reply
How awesome!! Glad you got to experience that. Way to go FairyGodFather! - RickChavez   3428.3 #36 9-4-12 11:33AM Like  Reply
Yay! Glad you were able to experience 1901! - MomWithAJuiceBoxBuzz   1142.1 #136 9-4-12 11:34AM Like  Reply
How wonderful!! Glad you were able to experience it!! - Willierose   2124.5 #60 9-4-12 11:35AM Like  Reply
How awesome and sad TLG didnt make it. Hope you took Pictures to show her. And also Glad you could meet FGF and prove he wasn't a Creeper or Troll. - PrinceTeaJack   923.7 #176 9-4-12 11:35AM Like  Reply
Did you see walt's shadow? I heard it's fantastic. - madsdad   1847.0 #76 9-4-12 11:35AM Like  Reply
We did, it was great. - snowwannab  718.0 #235 9-4-12 11:47AM
Congratulations! Sounds like you had a magical experience! Way to go FairyGodFather! Hope you have a great rest of the day! - HpplyEvrAftr   223.0 #1606 9-4-12 11:37AM Like  Reply
That's awesome! - moomooluvr   293.2 #886 9-4-12 11:41AM Like  Reply
Congrats, what a great experience. - MightyWhitey   1062.4 #152 9-4-12 11:43AM Like  Reply
Congratulations!!! Awesome RAK - LaPearleNoir   1451.3 #98 9-4-12 11:45AM Like  Reply
How cool!! :D - SleepyTortuga   288.4 #910 9-4-12 11:47AM Like  Reply
What a magical experience :-) - PrincessDuckie   805.0 #205 9-4-12 11:47AM Like  Reply
Thanks everyone. He is truly his username! I actually was shaking the whole time and had tears when we went in. This stuff never happens to me! - snowwannab   718.0 #235 9-4-12 11:50AM Like  Reply
That is so AWESOME! Thanks for meeting him, so we all know he's not one of them trolls! - Minnis2Society  369.9 #565 9-4-12 11:52AM
TheLionGeek is really mad at me. - snowwannab  718.0 #235 9-4-12 11:53AM
Aww.... So happy for you! - LaPearleNoir  1451.3 #98 9-4-12 11:53AM
Awwww Glad you go to experience it...Good things happen to good people! - PrinceTeaJack  923.7 #176 9-4-12 12:00PM
awesome, this is why MW and it's members rock! - Sarafina  462.0 #423 9-4-12 12:17PM
Congratulations! Glad you got to experience, I sure he enjoyed your excitement as well! - 7mouskedoodles   361.0 #585 9-4-12 11:53AM Like  Reply
awesome!!! - OhanaPhoto   3604.2 #30 9-4-12 11:53AM Like  Reply
I have no problem admitting when I'm wrong...and I fully trust this lady :) SO happy for you! - Darlingwendi   1176.8 #130 9-4-12 11:54AM Like  Reply
I am so happy some of us were wrong! What a great RAK! - Minnis2Society  369.9 #565 9-4-12 12:02PM
Thank you for the trust comment, it's appreciated! It just shows that with what he did, there are still good people in this world. - snowwannab  718.0 #235 9-4-12 3:12PM
Congrats!! Sounds like you and your son had a blast๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ‘ - ReachForTheSky   676.2 #252 9-4-12 12:27PM Like  Reply
That's amazing!!!! - MozPrincess   582.4 #316 9-4-12 1:30PM Like  Reply
Congrats! Glad you had a fun and memorable experience! - KylaShea   632.7 #285 9-5-12 8:26AM Like  Reply
Congrats! So glad you were able to experience! I saw your posted pic of your son, he seems like a good kid, glad he had a special surprise come his way too! - 7mouskedoodles   361.0 #585 9-5-12 8:42AM Like  Reply
FGF for the win! What a great new MWer. Was he John Stamos? - Mouse4life   1293.1 #113 9-5-12 8:48AM Like  Reply