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605.0 #395 DL Qual #376 9-21-12 5:40PM
What are your thoughts about this?
This must be the guy that complains so much about change, that they don't do holiday overlays on their rides. - tuesday737   1291.5 #166 9-21-12 6:47PM Like(4)  Reply
That was hilarious. - madsdad  1868.2 #109 9-21-12 6:48PM
He's Hem in Who Moved My Cheese. - Alicewhoareyou  2813.7 #62 9-21-12 7:46PM
I want the electrical parade back - magicqueendom   246.2 #1541 9-21-12 8:01PM Like(3)  Reply
^^This is the first thing that's made sense all night! lol - NotNKansasAnymor  283.8 #1173 9-21-12 8:05PM
Agreed! - templeclan  54.8 #4952 9-21-12 9:05PM
Yes give us back our electrical parade we miss it :/ - saintpatrickla   13.1 #10406 9-21-12 8:13PM Like(2)  Reply
I pretty much agree. It would be nice to have our own original stuff here but oh well - KissDclown   1089.2 #209 9-21-12 5:44PM Like(1)  Reply
As long as they keep what I like at Disneyland, I'm happy! - MacaronMerida   4737.8 #39 9-21-12 5:58PM Like(1)  Reply
Disney is going to do what they are going to do. It would be nice to have more attractions that are only at DLR. The reality is that Cars Land and Indy are immensely popular, and Disney cannot ignore that. Most families are lucky to have the money and time to be able to vacation at WDW or DLR. Even fewer have the opportunity to visit both. - ScooterMike   1963.0 #102 9-21-12 6:13PM Like(1)  Reply
I'm sorta split on the notion of the parks copying what the Disney other parks do. It's great if want to take something that's been successful and make it successful somewhere else, but if Disneyland and WDW ending up looking exactly the same, what would be the point of visiting the other Disney parks? - NotNKansasAnymor  283.8 #1173 9-21-12 6:26PM
They will never be the same. If something works extremely well in Cali, why not use it in Florida? - ScooterMike  1963.0 #102 9-21-12 9:14PM
YES Electrical Parade needs to come back home, to MAIN STREET USA, not DCA, but MAIN STREET USA!!!! - 1963MaryPoppins   0.2 #97952 9-22-12 2:46AM Like(1)  Reply
Man that guy has a rough life. - Mouse4life   1850.9 #111 9-21-12 5:52PM Like  Reply
For the moment, these are still rumors as they have not been officially announced but from what I have seen, they are 100% true. - TheNewTrent   749.0 #313 9-21-12 6:19PM Like  Reply
^^That's kind of confusing isn't? A rumor can't be 100% true, 'cause if it was, it wouldn't be a rumor, it would be a fact. - NotNKansasAnymor  283.8 #1173 9-21-12 6:23PM
What I am saying is I'm waiting for Disney to come out and say that Cars Land and Indy are coming to DHS before making any big deal about it. - TheNewTrent  749.0 #313 9-21-12 7:00PM
Now I remember why I blocked that person. - Lelundrial   1094.8 #206 9-21-12 6:21PM Like  Reply
What is Disney doing? Can someone bring me up to date? Thanks! - 7mouskedoodles   371.6 #711 9-21-12 6:30PM Like  Reply
They give WDW everything. So this comes as no surprise to me. - vincentchase1   672.9 #356 9-21-12 6:49PM Like  Reply
They take everything from us. CM benefits included. - BCC  4783.2 #37 9-21-12 7:35PM
😳 - FanOfJack   194.8 #2226 9-21-12 7:45PM Like  Reply
He's been with the app for forever... - Sweet_Irish_Cream   4410.2 #43 9-21-12 7:57PM Like  Reply
And just like someone once reminded me before...just because someone's been on MouseWait for a long time doesn't mean that they are a quality member. - NotNKansasAnymor  283.8 #1173 9-21-12 8:04PM
I never said he was quality or not did I. Just throwing out useless MW trivia. Haha... - Sweet_Irish_Cream  4410.2 #43 9-21-12 8:06PM
Hold on tight to your draws and satchel Indy they'll take that tooπŸ˜’, good grief! @ SIC true thatπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ - toph  2418.2 #75 9-21-12 8:09PM
*those - toph  2418.2 #75 9-21-12 8:10PM
High five Toph! πŸ’’βœ‹πŸ’’ ....miss you! Hope you are well😘 - Sweet_Irish_Cream  4410.2 #43 9-21-12 8:13PM
First World Problem - Grindcore   614.8 #386 9-22-12 7:15AM Like  Reply
;) - templeclan  54.8 #4952 9-22-12 7:16AM