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885.6 #253 DL Qual #376 9-27-12 12:35AM
So many beautiful pix from the parks today, (Wednesday) of children with their parents, grand parents, characters celebrating their vacations and time with loved ones. To bad they were buried by several MW'rs who each posted between 8-14 posts of pictures. If this is complaining, I am guilty as the the fiery place down below. A little consideration people. Most of you are my friends and take wonderful photos, but there are other MW'rs besides yourselves. I would love to come home from a day at the parks and be able to see my couple of posts without scrolling for 90 minutes, and only seeing them in MyMW. What do you say Admin.
Agreed! Some people are fortunate enough to go every day, it seems, but unless there is breaking news, or something truly noteworthy, or they are somehow the only mw'ers in the parks, they should really use some restraint and let others get a "word" in edgewise. It's the polite thing to do. I'd say any more than 5 in one day or 10 in one week and you are a spammer. Also, if people could remember to post only DisneyLAND photos in Disneyland Talk and Real Time, a lot more of the quality posts would get a chance to be seen instead of endless photos of in-the-mail RAKs, fingernails, drawings, craft projects, etc. These types of pictures, even though they may be Disney-related, are not Disneyland-related, and should be posted in the HUB, but personal "look at this cool thing i made" pics belong in Mousetopia or Facebook. I can't remove post often enough or scroll past fast enough to avoid them and if everyone did their part, we wouldn't have to. - bluefairy   643.8 #372 9-27-12 1:29AM Like(2)  Reply
Ha! I just posted my very first "Hey, look what I made" post in the Hub. Oops! LoL - wg4ever  379.7 #696 9-27-12 1:33AM
At least it's not in a Disneyland section, but yeah, mousetopia is the way to go for those. - bluefairy  643.8 #372 9-27-12 1:36AM
As someone new to MW what is too much? I try to do a few live pics and one of what we look like so MWers can say Hi if they see us. - Cinderella_Schnooks   3511.8 #53 9-27-12 12:46AM Like(1)  Reply
Signing out, I read the backlash tomorrow. - splashphotoCM   885.6 #253 9-27-12 12:36AM Like  Reply
True I only seen one of your post today. - HanLostLeia   1098.3 #209 9-27-12 12:37AM Like  Reply
MrsSchnooks, I think bluefairy is giving good advice, I think that 5 on any day is great if most of the photos are of the resort, not here I am in front of the castle, here I and my two friends are reading a paper, here I am ... etc...I think we want to see you having a good time in one, but show the parks, please, and find the ones no one takes, like bugs land, the different food places, downtown Disney, views from somewhere cool, and if you have breaking news, please search it please so you are not the 50th person telling us all that starbucks is now being sold. Also, family friendly please, and if you notice your photo has offended a few people, be the bigger person and take it down, no apology needed, just sometimes we all do an oops moment where you said or posted something you did not see till later that it was not family friendly. If you want to put twenty photos of yourself on here, it is not going to get you "discovered", just blocked, how better to put on your mousetopia so if someone wants to know more about you, they will look it up! Oh, and no googled pics, or copyrighted material, admin ends up paying a fee for those I was told, but even if not, post original photos, even photos from the past are better than googled. - secretagentangel   15428.2 #6 9-27-12 1:48AM Like  Reply
I did not mean that to you personally either, you had just asked a question and I got on a soapbox for awhile, I now turn it over to the next person. - secretagentangel  15428.2 #6 9-27-12 1:50AM