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3511.8 #53 DL Qual #31 10-7-12 1:07PM
RAK! 6 Cars Land buttons, 75 Cars stickers, and 1 very sentimental TowMater Pez dispenser! (Thanks to MWers, not only do I have one for hubby but now one to RAK!) Please tell me an experience that made you giggle at the parks. That and a simple add me. RAK will close10/11 at noon. Good luck everyone!
When my twins were about two we took the to surfs up with Mickey they learned to dance from stitch shaking his bottom we went into the parks and one of them met Minnie. He was so excited he started to show her his new dance moves. But being a two year old he wasn't to stable so grabbed onto a near by pole and proceeded to shake his bottom at her while holding onto the pole. Minnie didn't know what to do Andrew handler was trying so hard not to crack up he had to turn away. Please add me. - Roobug   4.1 #26083 10-8-12 12:24PM Like(1)  Reply
Tweedle dee and tweedle dum took my friends hat and had her running after them in fantasyland...please add me - pinoch81   20.9 #7947 10-7-12 1:28PM Like  Reply
Add me please! My child's face on Splash Mountain. The picture made us more than giggle, it was more laughing so hard that we needed to catch our breath or wet your pants. - smileslikeChesh   27.4 #6885 10-7-12 1:32PM Like  Reply
Add me please. Watching my kids dance with the parade many years ago. - Dizkid   506.0 #493 10-7-12 1:41PM Like  Reply
Add me please. My oldest was 6 his first time on big thunder. As we made the first curve he yelled "hey there is no one driving this train. " he sounded so surprised it made the whole train laugh. - Eraf61   264.8 #1361 10-7-12 2:05PM Like  Reply
Please add me. While we were at the Halloween party on Friday night my son said to me, "Mommy, I'm famous everyone knows my name is "Jake" he was dressed up as Jake from the never land pirates. Mind you he is only 3 1/2 made me laugh! - DSNYCheeks3   868.1 #261 10-7-12 2:38PM Like  Reply
LOL I'm LOVING all these stories!!! - Cinderella_Schnooks   3511.8 #53 10-7-12 6:08PM Like  Reply
Add me please we were at space mountain and my brother and his friend were pretending to kiss and my other brother was doing a wierd face and we all laughed that was the funniest trip that we had at Disneyland. Thanks for the great RAK. - Princess_Inez   42.4 #5556 10-7-12 6:21PM Like  Reply
Please Add Me, my family and I were walking down Main Street and my sister stepped into the trolley track and kind of stumbled. It was so sudden and random and the way she stumbled just did it for me. I had to stand off to the side to catch my breath from laughing so hard before we started walking again. - DisneyDork95   206.2 #2081 10-7-12 6:42PM Like  Reply
Add me please. I laughed the hardest when my son took off after Goofy when he was in toontown and gpa had to take off after my son. This was when my son was 4 years old. - PrincessSassy   278.5 #1227 10-8-12 10:33AM Like  Reply
The funniest thing was my one year old daughter, me, my mom, and a friend were walking through cars land when my daughter decides she is going to lay down with her blanket and cup in the middle of cars land. Everyone who walked by was laughing. Add me please and thank you - imnoprincess_CM   251.3 #1482 10-8-12 10:37AM Like  Reply
Add me please. A few years ago I took my boyfriend to Disneyland for his first time. Towards the end of the night we got separated. He called me and said he was lost. I asked him "where are you" and he tells me "I'm in the Disney store". I asked him which Disney store! Every store in disneyland is a Disney - LittleStarSweeper   361.5 #750 10-8-12 4:36PM Like  Reply
add me please. the storm troopers always have me laughing so hard. haha - greenmermaid   13.2 #10396 10-8-12 4:56PM Like  Reply
My dad pretending tO crash on AUTOPIA IT WAS HIlarious add me please - Disneyrockstar   201.6 #2134 10-9-12 5:08AM Like  Reply
Mickey Mouse walking with my daughters from toontown city hall into his house. Please add me. - DisneyVacationLover   623.7 #384 10-9-12 6:04AM Like  Reply
No need to add me. Just wanted to say how much I am enjoying all the great stories. My hubs and I always enjoy the reaction of the minis when they finally see one of their favorite characters. It's especially great now that we are expecting our first grandbaby!! - fvbmermaid   237.8 #1657 10-9-12 6:11AM Like  Reply
Ohhh add me please I collect pez! Thanks! I giggle everytime I'm on finding nemo and dory says ahhhh who's touching me r u my conscious lol - mickeyat78   2336.9 #83 10-9-12 6:29AM Like  Reply
add me please. i always have a laugh when i watched the aladdin show. the genie is hilarious. - EddyTheVillain   267.7 #1336 10-10-12 1:45AM Like  Reply
Add me please. We can't stop from laughing in the Aladdin show, love the humor of Genie! My kids' favourite line is "your eyebrows look like Lady Gaga! " Thanks! - RapunzalK   196.7 #2205 10-10-12 5:23AM Like  Reply
Add me please. We were on the Mickey's WOD with a mother and her son and every time the cage swung she let out a yelp like a tiny dog. I couldn't hold it in and laughed every time she yelp! - NikkiMickey   1686.3 #123 10-10-12 6:31AM Like  Reply
cute rak! - OhanaPhoto   7158.8 #22 10-10-12 9:26AM Like  Reply
Please add me! Going on WOD with my hubby for the first time and watching him flip out made me giggle! Ha! - DisneyLuvinMama   380.8 #692 10-10-12 9:54AM Like  Reply
Add me brothers face on his first time on Space Mountain 😆 - AmberChick03   150.9 #2885 10-10-12 11:30AM Like  Reply
Please add me, thank you! Sitting relaxing at Dancing with Disney with my 12 year old daughter. Captain Hook stole my daughter's hat and made her do the limbo. She's very shy, so this definitely made me giggle 😅 - ElectricMayhemMom   1768.1 #117 10-10-12 3:08PM Like  Reply
Add me please! My daughter's face the first time she went saw Minnie . I giggled with giddy pleasure that she was so excited - templeclan   54.8 #4963 10-10-12 3:17PM Like  Reply
My picture I still have of my son on Space Mountain for the first time when he was three. Everytime I look at it I remember him getting off the ride looking very serious then SCREAMING "I LOVE THAT RIDE!" He scared the CM at the controls. Add me, please. - iwantdisney   275.1 #1264 10-10-12 9:01PM Like  Reply
Bump! RAK extended until we get home from the parks today! - Cinderella_Schnooks   3511.8 #53 10-11-12 8:28AM Like  Reply