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371.6 #582 DL Qual #361 10-13-12 8:47AM
Somebody was very thoughtful to me yesterday. While I was taking tons of pics of my little guy completely enjoying petting the goats, someone asked me if I wanted her to take a picture with me in it too! I wish I could tell her thank you right now, because as I was scrolling through the 1,300 pics on my camera I noticed I was behind the camera the whole time! I am grateful for this pic of a special time i was having with my little guy at DL.So, for now on every time I go to DL I will return the favor and ask a mom if they would like to be in the pic too!
Very sweet pic -that is great. one time, in front of the castle, a woman came up to us and said kinda fast, 'I'll take your pics if you take ours.' A second later I looked up at her and it turned out that we knew each other but hadn't recognized each other. We laughed so hard and hugged.( their son and my daughter went to school together in K and 1st, moved away, and now the kidlettes were in 5th grade. Her baby wasn't a baby anymore, either. So we got pics of the two 5th graders in front of the castle :) - HandMeAChurroImmaFaint   5729.5 #18 10-13-12 9:22AM Like(3)  Reply
I LOVE this story!!! That is very funny! Isn't it shocking when you run into someone you know at DL? It is almost like we expect every one at DL to be a stranger! - 7mouskedoodles  371.6 #582 10-13-12 9:32AM
thanks. It's way fun :) - HandMeAChurroImmaFaint  5729.5 #18 10-13-12 9:38AM
to think of people you know running around dl and the hundreds of mw's you pass by without ever knowing. - pikarich  4744.9 #24 10-13-12 9:40AM
so true. I always look at pics after I get home to see if there is anyone I know. - HandMeAChurroImmaFaint  5729.5 #18 10-13-12 9:44AM
Great story! - templeclan  54.8 #4440 10-13-12 9:49AM
thanks, tc - HandMeAChurroImmaFaint  5729.5 #18 10-13-12 10:28AM
Aww!! You're so beautiful! Glad you guys got such a wonderful memory pic together! - RCmom   5234.8 #19 10-13-12 8:49AM Like(1)  Reply
Thank you! We can't wait to go to our mailbox in a couple of hours! - 7mouskedoodles  371.6 #582 10-13-12 8:54AM
I always end up doing the same thing! Last trip I was in 1 picture. I think mommies end up getting so excited trying to capture the magic their kids are experiencing we forget to include ourselves in the memories! Such a thoughtful idea to pay it forward! Glad you had fun! - preggoprincess   238.3 #1446 10-13-12 8:52AM Like  Reply
I appreciated her kind gesture so much that I want to do the same for others. Maybe some MWers who read my post will do the same! Thanks! - 7mouskedoodles  371.6 #582 10-13-12 8:57AM
I love helping people out like that. - HanLostLeia   1098.3 #157 10-13-12 8:54AM Like  Reply
Ditto that! - 7mouskedoodles  371.6 #582 10-13-12 10:17AM
I agree with the more-moms-in-photos movement! And this is a beautiful one :) - MoonWillow   381.3 #562 10-13-12 8:54AM Like  Reply
Me too! It is such a surprise when someone takes time to show a little love! - 7mouskedoodles  371.6 #582 10-13-12 9:03AM
Beautiful picture! And very sweet gesture. - Cinderella_Schnooks   3235.8 #40 10-13-12 9:00AM Like  Reply
that was nice. I know how it feels being the daddy who takes most of the pics of my family I rarely get to be in pics until recently. - pikarich   4744.9 #24 10-13-12 9:12AM Like  Reply
I think it's one of those points of parenthood that we tend to forget. I like seeing pics of my parents when they were young and raising kids, I need to do the same. Next time we go to DL I am going to hand the camera off to my kids, and get some pics with my husband too! - 7mouskedoodles  371.6 #582 10-13-12 9:21AM
Beautiful. That is a perfect picture. - mightymike   272.8 #1095 10-13-12 9:25AM Like  Reply
I hope this starts a trend! - ShariRenee   6441.9 #15 10-13-12 9:36AM Like  Reply
Me too, and if MWers show kindness in this way , maybe we will run into each other! - 7mouskedoodles  371.6 #582 10-13-12 9:43AM
Thanks! - 7mouskedoodles   371.6 #582 10-13-12 9:37AM Like  Reply
What a precious picture. Thanks for sharing! - BibbidiBobbidiBoo   71.1 #4024 10-13-12 9:48AM Like  Reply
Thanks! - 7mouskedoodles  371.6 #582 10-13-12 10:28AM
What a great photo! I know it's hard to stop and think that you need to actually be in some of the photos with the kids! - PinkElephants   745.7 #243 10-13-12 10:25AM Like  Reply
Agree! - 7mouskedoodles  371.6 #582 10-13-12 10:28AM
This is a nice photo ! I know as mothers we get so used to taking pictures of our kids than forget how important it is for us to be in those pictures ! I even forget to take a pic w/ just the 4 of us ! But it's a nice way to give back to someone else in the park ! - jmza4   287.7 #31532 10-13-12 10:35AM Like  Reply
Well said! - 7mouskedoodles  371.6 #582 10-13-12 10:57AM
Thats one of the great things about Disneyland, guests and CM's are typically always willing to take pictures of you! - madsdad   1868.2 #83 10-13-12 10:45AM Like  Reply
For the most part people tend to be helpful and friendly. I love the atmosphere at DL! - 7mouskedoodles  371.6 #582 10-13-12 10:58AM
Great pic! - MightyWhitey   1081.4 #160 10-13-12 10:49AM Like  Reply