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1390.1 #103 DL Qual #77 10-28-12 1:18PM
UPDATE! I came down with an awful cold and I didn't have the energy to determine a winner last night. I will post the winner today! It's RAK time. I purchased this Stitch Pin at the SF Disney Store during our amazing meet up earlier this month. To enter, a simple add me will do and let me know if you have ever visited our beautiful city by the bay. A winner will be picked on Tuesday at 8:00pm
I love the Bay Area. SanFrancisco is one of my very favorite places on earth. Best clam chowder and sour dough bread ever. - WishIWereThere   270.4 #1067 10-28-12 1:36PM Like  Reply
Ad me please so cuteee!! Thank you:) - disneylove7   32.6 #5246 10-28-12 1:38PM Like  Reply
Oh and I visited my 8th grade year on a honors trip and I loved it! We went by train and we went to a giants game, a museum an awesome underground pizza place and walked the Golden Gate Bridge it was awesome I always tell my boyfriend we need to go visit its been almost 5 years :( - disneylove7  32.6 #5246 10-28-12 1:41PM
Love this pin! No need to add me because I'm from SF and will be back in December... just wanted to say great RAK! - KylaShea   632.7 #284 10-28-12 1:47PM Like  Reply
You will have to come to one of our meet ups! - LaPearleNoir  1390.1 #103 10-28-12 3:51PM
Add me please! I've been there a few times, planning an Alcatraz visit next time ☺ - iwantdisney   275.1 #1012 10-28-12 1:49PM Like  Reply
The pin is pretty, however no need to add me. SF is one of our favorite cities. We always have to go to Buena Vista for drinks and Scomas for lunch and dinner. We have many many wonderful memories of your beautiful city! - DisneyGrandma   836.0 #193 10-28-12 2:00PM Like  Reply
Please add me. I have never been to San Francisco but hope to one day take a trip there. Thank you! - 2LittleMunchkins   300.2 #838 10-28-12 2:11PM Like  Reply
please add me! I've been to SF twice. once with family and once for Outside Lands with my friends. it's so amazing there I love it! - greenmermaid   13.2 #8243 10-28-12 2:24PM Like  Reply
Please add me. I love an Fran. It's beautiful. I lovethe view of the golden gate. If everything goes right ill be taking a trip there at the beginning of the year. Thanks. - dolewhip4me   231.4 #1499 10-28-12 2:29PM Like  Reply
Add me please! San Francisco is my favorite large city. Love the weather, sights, sounds and people. Thank you. - MamaRoo   466.6 #413 10-28-12 2:33PM Like  Reply
Please add me. I have visited the area, but I hate driving in that city. It's a beautiful city, I just tend to get lost. - sallyg   234.1 #1456 10-28-12 2:48PM Like  Reply
Take BART. Best advice ever! - LaPearleNoir  1390.1 #103 10-28-12 3:52PM
Please add me yes I have been to San Francisco several times I have family that live in Vallejo thanks - DSNYCheeks3   866.1 #186 10-28-12 2:52PM Like  Reply
Add me please! I've been to San fran when I was younger, my youth group when to a few 49'ner games. I want to go back though to go to the fisherman's wharf and Wlat Disney museum. - madsdad   1846.8 #75 10-28-12 3:54PM Like  Reply
Niners!! I think a MW meet up at the Disney Family Museum would be a great idea. - LaPearleNoir  1390.1 #103 10-28-12 9:20PM
Add me please! I have never been and I can't wait to visit next year! Thank you!! - erinten   493.8 #388 10-28-12 3:54PM Like  Reply
Please add me! Love stitch! And I'm up here in the bay right now visiting my family. :) - USCVivian   193.6 #1973 10-28-12 3:57PM Like  Reply
No need to add me! Just wanted to say you rock and I had so much fun with you that day and can't wait to do it again soon!! - CourtyAstroBlisters   688.9 #246 10-28-12 3:59PM Like  Reply
Hi CAB! Can't wait for your DL bachelorette party! - LaPearleNoir  1390.1 #103 10-28-12 6:17PM
Very cute pin. Please add me. I have been there once along time ago. I loved all the vibrant colors of the houses. - DisneyVacationLover   461.2 #419 10-28-12 4:03PM Like  Reply
Please add me. I've been to SF twice, both times to see my AZ Cardinals play against the 49ers. Love the grilled cheese sandwich from Boudin Bakery at Fisherman's Wharf. - KermitFan13   647.1 #271 10-28-12 4:10PM Like  Reply
Please add me. I have visited the bay and Fisherman's wharf is a great place to walk around. Thank you for this awesome rak :) - misseeyore   538.0 #343 10-28-12 4:16PM Like  Reply
Add me please. I stayed in san francisco for 5months before living to San Diego. I love all the transit there, from the Cable Cars of Powell, Hyde and California streets, to the Historic F Line Streetcar, to the BART and SF Muni Metro... Abd lastly i love the FOG! - otilegna   2006.2 #65 10-28-12 4:30PM Like  Reply
Add me please!! I'm a bay areaian- Vallejo!!! There are several amazing things about the city but my favorite memory was with hiking on telegraph hill for the parrots :). It took us all day but we finally found them! It was a good day. I lost her earlier this year but I love that memory - tchrkt   7.6 #11889 10-28-12 4:39PM Like  Reply
Where is the disney store in sf? The one where you met up? - tchrkt   7.6 #11889 10-28-12 4:41PM Like  Reply
The Disney store is on Stockton Street in downtown San Francisco. - leftmyheartinwonderland  359.9 #585 10-28-12 4:43PM
sorry for the double comment. That was where they had the SF meet-up :) - leftmyheartinwonderland  359.9 #585 10-28-12 4:44PM
Correct. That was the first stop of our adventure! - LaPearleNoir  1390.1 #103 10-28-12 6:19PM
thank you thank you!! I'd love to join the next meet up now that I know they happen in the northern part of the state!! Thanks!! - tchrkt  7.6 #11889 10-29-12 7:23PM
All are welcome! - LaPearleNoir  1390.1 #103 10-29-12 8:57PM
Add me, please, for my daughter, flukefan. I've been to SF, but she's only driven through it (Lombard St., the GG Bridge, etc.). I love this pin because of Stitch, and I love it for the sea lions for Rachel because she works at the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach. It's the best of both worlds! - susieQzee   555.7 #326 10-28-12 4:43PM Like  Reply
Please add me, I live in Vacaville- so have been to SF many times! Especially love Walt Disney Family Museum and Pier 39. Stitch is my sons favorite, I would love to win this for him! Thank you! - HpplyEvrAftr   223.0 #1599 10-28-12 4:43PM Like  Reply
Please add me trying to win this for my brother he is a huge stitch fan and yes i have been to the bay and it always fun - NoLimitsMGG   3.0 #43450 10-28-12 4:45PM Like  Reply
Please add me! I have never been to the bay area but will be traveling to Oakland and going to San Fran in November. Thank you very much. We - Brooklynsmama   24.3 #6022 10-28-12 5:17PM Like  Reply
Please add me. I live about 40 min away from SF, so I visit very often. Go A's! - keli7516   217.6 #1676 10-28-12 5:31PM Like  Reply
Giants!!! - LaPearleNoir  1390.1 #103 10-28-12 6:19PM
Add me please for MissEeyore. I have never been to SF, gasp! Thanks. - iamdugsmaster   878.7 #181 10-28-12 5:36PM Like  Reply
Please add me for this pin. Sadly I have not yet visited the Bay Area. However, I plan to make a trip with my bf. He said its wonderful up there. - Waites4DodgerEars_CM   987.7 #168 10-28-12 5:45PM Like  Reply
He is correct! - LaPearleNoir  1390.1 #103 10-28-12 6:20PM
Please add me! I have visited but a very long time ago. My family drove there for a mini road trip. I absolutely loved it! - Dezzi_Duck   28.8 #5554 10-28-12 5:49PM Like  Reply
Please add me for your generous RAK!! I love the Bay Area...I grew up there! I don't get home very often, maybe once a year, even though I only live in Santa Barbara. This pin brings back such good memories - I did a science project about the sea lions on Fisherman's Wharf in high school....they are the cutest hings to watch. Thanks! - SBsnowwhite   511.2 #371 10-28-12 5:52PM Like  Reply
Please add me to this great RAK! I love the city by the Bay, we go to Giants games all the time. My husband and I were married at Stinson Beach, just north of the city, so SF has a very special place in my heart. And Stitch is one of my favorite characters!! Thank you!! - mom2ebug   268.3 #1092 10-28-12 6:34PM Like  Reply
World Series Champions! - LaPearleNoir  1390.1 #103 10-29-12 6:15AM
Add me please! I just love seal lions and stich to top it off this pin I amazing - Marzipan13   203.0 #1865 10-28-12 6:56PM Like  Reply
My hubby proposed to me on the golden gate. Everyone was honking and waving. 14 yrs later and two Disney loving kids later. - pageamDsnymom   55.3 #4290 10-28-12 7:20PM Like  Reply
Add me please! I've been there a few times. Nice road trip from San Diego. We spent thanksgiving up there last year with friends who live up there. Thanks - philliprocks   1051.6 #152 10-28-12 7:28PM Like  Reply
Please add me. I believe I went once as a child but don't remember much from it. - LittleStarSweeper   353.7 #602 10-28-12 7:29PM Like  Reply
Add me. Yes I've been and will be visiting again soon. It is a port stop for the Disney Cruise Line. 🚢 - hahalina   121.6 #3059 10-28-12 7:40PM Like  Reply
Add me please I would like to start pin trading and no I haven't been to the bay area - desert-princess   12.4 #8553 10-28-12 7:49PM Like  Reply
Please add me. We love visiting S.F. & hope visit the Disney museum soon - ladylympics   235.3 #1436 10-28-12 8:23PM Like  Reply
Please add me. I love to visit the Bay Area. - meowmixx619   299.6 #839 10-28-12 8:46PM Like  Reply
Please add me we have visited the past two summers and my son did his county report on San Francisco last year...I learned s lot! - montanadj   232.5 #1483 10-28-12 9:14PM Like  Reply
add me please...we were just there in August and enjoyed our visit - JollyRoger5   3592.5 #29 10-28-12 9:29PM Like  Reply
Oooh i need this one for my collection! Lol not sure if being your niece disqualifies me or not hehe. Looks like i will have to make a trip to sf to pick one up :) - StitchPrincess   84.5 #3664 10-28-12 9:33PM Like  Reply
I should have picked one up for you! - LaPearleNoir  1390.1 #103 10-29-12 6:17AM
No worries :) gives me a reason to go to the city :) - StitchPrincess  84.5 #3664 10-29-12 10:42AM
add me please! thank you :) - DISNYLV   176.4 #2200 10-28-12 9:35PM Like  Reply
Awww. That is so cute! No need to add me. Good luck to everyone! - MeridaFan   3507.2 #32 10-28-12 9:42PM Like  Reply
Add me please. Thanks!! I was just in SF this August @ a Giants game!! Now World Series Champs!! Whoo hoo! - Mickeylover67   441.1 #442 10-28-12 9:51PM Like  Reply
Whoo hoo!! - LaPearleNoir  1390.1 #103 10-29-12 6:18AM
add me please! I got to go to SF for half a day about 2 years ago :) thanks! - wendytink   341.3 #637 10-28-12 10:00PM Like  Reply
Please add me. Thank you. I've never been to San Francisco. - EddyTheVillain   267.7 #1101 10-28-12 10:01PM Like  Reply
please add me we love stitch and only my wife has been to the bay are - pikarich   3630.7 #28 10-28-12 10:24PM Like  Reply
Awesome RAK! 🎶 I left my San Franciso!🎶 Seriously, I LOVE the Bay Area and the people who live there! - DisneyDavidEMT   1977.4 #67 10-28-12 10:27PM Like  Reply
what an awesome rak... Please add me.. thank you! - flores509   201.3 #1880 10-28-12 10:29PM Like  Reply
Uhhhh... Yeah!! Add me please!!! :) I love San Francisco! - dlmickeymouseCM   2404.5 #47 10-28-12 10:29PM Like  Reply
Please add me for Pikarich24! I've only gone for work related things. - Vegan7LuvsStitch   1009.3 #163 10-28-12 10:31PM Like  Reply
thank you for adding us => - pikarich  3630.7 #28 10-29-12 10:08AM
Please add me for dlmickeymouseCM! I used to go to SF a lot when I was younger but not so often anymore. Thank you!! - Jillian   767.1 #215 10-28-12 10:35PM Like  Reply
Come back and visit soon! - Slotherini  1054.2 #151 10-28-12 10:36PM
Please add me. I have family in the Bay Area. We went for a short trip at the end of September. Our last visit before that was 10 years ago! I love it there and have vowed to return more frequently! Thank you! - moomooluvr   293.2 #881 10-28-12 10:38PM Like  Reply
Add me please!!! I've never visited but, it's on my bucket list. I have a few friends that live there too :D - CheshireLiv   243.9 #1337 10-28-12 10:47PM Like  Reply
Please Add...I love the bay area...thank you.. - OOGIE_BOOGIE_MOM   140.8 #2764 10-29-12 12:46AM Like  Reply
Please add me! I've driven through twice & got to visit once. Just before my senior year in high school I got to go with a friend & her family. I loved it! - toniasmith   340.9 #638 10-29-12 1:25AM Like  Reply
Pls add me!! I'm from the BAY, and SF is just a beautiful City!! - sneakergirl   175.6 #2209 10-29-12 1:32AM Like  Reply
Stitch! He's one of my favorite characters. Please add me for sneakergirl. Yes, I've visited SF.. I love that city, the food, the music festivals, everything! - Jacqueline   580.0 #313 10-29-12 2:16AM Like  Reply
Please add me, Stitch is my daughters favorite and she loved SF when we were ther 10 years ago and she still bugs me to go back. Thank you. - Apples2   583.4 #311 10-29-12 6:26AM Like  Reply
Please add me! I have been several times to SFO and we are headed there to Alcatraz on our way home after Disneyland at Christmas. Thanks! - theluckeone   188.9 #2028 10-29-12 7:15AM Like  Reply
Add me please. Been to the Exploratorium, but that's about it, congrats on your team winning the World Series. - Hop-Low   634.5 #281 10-29-12 7:47AM Like  Reply
Thank you! - LaPearleNoir  1390.1 #103 10-29-12 9:42AM
Wow! That is an AWESOME pin. Please add me. Sadly, I have never been to San Francisco, but it is one of the places I am determined to get to someday. Someday.... - jmgphx   323.1 #714 10-29-12 9:39AM Like  Reply
I went to SF for the first time this September! It's so beautiful! Please add me - NightmareKaren   357.4 #594 10-29-12 12:40PM Like  Reply
Please add me for stitchohana. I have never been up there before. - chipanddalefan   725.9 #227 10-29-12 12:50PM Like  Reply
LOVE SF all year round! Add me please - stitches44   25.5 #5869 10-29-12 1:05PM Like  Reply
I'd really love this pin. My mother and her parents where living in San Francisco when she met my father, who was stationed at Treasure Island. My father ended up owning a business in the city and I have many childhood memories, rebellious teen memories and angsty adult memories walking those fog lined streets. The last time I was anywhere near Fisherman's Wharf was about two months ago. My girlfriend has an apartment with a spacious balcony one block off the wharf and we had the most wonderful time drinking wine and taking in the sounds of the city streets. My favorite city :) - MrsMears   217.1 #1681 10-29-12 1:13PM Like  Reply
Add me please, I never get a chance to visit SF yet, that's for sure in my to do list in the future. Thanks! - RapunzalK   196.2 #1947 10-29-12 8:53PM Like  Reply
Add me please. I love SF! A very long time ago I had a ton of clients in the Bay Area. I lived at a motel in Lombard during the week and flew home on weekends. If I could I would move there! - PrincessDuckie   795.1 #205 10-29-12 9:05PM Like  Reply
I'd love the opportunity to be considered for this RAK. SF is such an amazing place. One if my favorite memories is a road trip I took with my sons that had a 3 day stop in SF with sightseeing galore and ended at the Disneyland for 2 days of fun - DumboGal70   122.8 #3035 10-29-12 9:13PM Like  Reply
theres a Disney store in SF? Where?! - PrincessDanika   8.3 #11086 10-29-12 9:40PM Like  Reply
Stockton Street, next to the Apple store. It's beautiful! - Spoonful_O_Sugar  569.8 #320 10-29-12 9:46PM
Stockton Street. - LaPearleNoir  1390.1 #103 10-29-12 9:50PM
It is beautiful. 2 stories. - LaPearleNoir  1390.1 #103 10-29-12 9:50PM