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1216.6 #104 DL Qual #60 11-7-12 8:36PM
A little early for a throwback but I was inspired today by the vintage Mickey pics. Me holding up my cousin in front of Magic Journeys...don't remember this attraction?! Must've been about '89
Here is also a bit of Disneyland history you don't get to see very often at all and it might be hard to tell but if you look at this picture and see above to the left where the space mountain line starts today, you can see the last 4 letters as LACE, this was because that was the entrance to the quick serve burger joint called Space closed in the late 90s and you can still see the original seats that are where the overflow seating is outside for Pizza Port near the entrance to space....they also had seating upstairs which is why they have the ramp and you could sit in that middle area of the outside space queue on the second floor...when the magic eye theater was originally there it was the Tomorroland theater and was outdoor and the movie for magic journeys was outside at first before moving indoors....some of you might remember that the space mountain entrance was an escolater in front of theater that has been defunct since the late 90s early 200s - Dave   11067.0 #2 11-7-12 11:28PM Like(7)  Reply
I miss the escalator. It was more like a angled moving sidewalk though - cesium55  531.6 #326 11-7-12 11:35PM
Boy, that sure brought back memories! - Sandy  245.7 #1261 11-8-12 12:44AM
dave i hope you pull all of your pics and write this stuff down, then and now kind of thing. - toph  2416.6 #43 11-8-12 1:04AM
I should do that Toph - Dave   11067.0 #2 11-8-12 9:50AM
Thanks for the memory trip! 😊 - jjdq  338.0 #615 11-8-12 10:42AM
yea more like a moving sidewalk/convert belt...I use to love an run and jump on the exit one, you bounced... - Dave   11067.0 #2 11-8-12 10:51AM
Like the moving walkways on haunted...I remember that you knew the line was long when they stopped the walkway because the line went all the way down it. - bluefairy  643.3 #256 11-8-12 4:52PM
Very cool! Thanks for sharing :) - misseeyore   538.0 #319 11-7-12 8:40PM Like  Reply
Nice! Magic journeys played prior to Captain Eo, mid 1984 through early 1986. - Drrmddl   157.4 #2443 11-7-12 8:41PM Like  Reply
I was just talking about this attraction at WDW how it was before Captain Eo and was also in the Imagination Pavilion at Epcot Was a creepy 3D film and the main song was done by the Sherman Bros - Dave   11067.0 #2 11-7-12 8:52PM Like  Reply
Here is the best full length video I have ever seen of Magic Journeys...its the same movie that played at Epcot as well - Dave   11067.0 #2 11-7-12 9:22PM Like  Reply
Thanks, Dave! You guys really do know everything - MissMolly  1216.6 #104 11-7-12 9:38PM
True Cali....and I dont have to google anything, thats the scary part - Dave   11067.0 #2 11-7-12 9:59PM
WHOA!! What the HECK!? That seemed so 1974, trippy/ creepy (especially the clowns)and who green lighted that? - HandMeAChurroImmaFaint  3913.1 #23 11-7-12 10:02PM
1984-1986 at opened at Epcot first when the park opened in 1982 - Dave   11067.0 #2 11-7-12 10:42PM
now I have the song stuck in my head - BaseballMickey_CM   5916.3 #13 11-7-12 10:03PM Like  Reply
kinda odd but its Marty Skylars fav song...pretty sure its because of his involvement with the opening of Epcot and this movie being in the Imagination pavilion - Dave   11067.0 #2 11-7-12 10:41PM
That's exactly what he told us when explaining his favorite part of Epcot - BaseballMickey_CM  5916.3 #13 11-7-12 10:45PM
love it! thanks for sharing! - OhanaPhoto   3086.1 #31 11-8-12 10:40AM Like  Reply