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2861.0 #58 DL Qual #45 11-8-12 11:10PM
Guys and Gals, i have a question. Does Disneyland Hotel allows early check-in(around 1:00pm)? or they stick with 3:00pm Check-in time?. It will be this coming Nov. 11, Sunday... side note: finally i am staying there for 1 night only (it is expensive for me!), thanks to Salute to the Armed Forces Promotion :)
Last time they let me check in at 1pm. Maybe because the room was already ready. - VfxGenie   1557.1 #131 11-8-12 11:11PM Like  Reply
definitely i will try :) - otilegna  2861.0 #58 11-8-12 11:36PM
We drove down real early to be at the parks when they opened. We figured we could cat nap in the van until the parks opened. We went ahead and went into the Grand, and checked in. They let us into the room and it was before 8am. So, I think as long as a room is available, they will try to accommodate. - Sugarbuzz   335.6 #816 11-8-12 11:13PM Like  Reply
dang, that is nice - otilegna  2861.0 #58 11-8-12 11:36PM
Can't hurt to try, they'll hold your bags for you if your room isn't ready yet. Enjoy it, it's so much fun! - PinkElephants   745.7 #310 11-8-12 11:14PM Like  Reply
it will be my first time at Disneyland Hotel, and I AM SOOO EXCITED TO SEE THE INTERIOR :) (i always stay on non-disney hotel coz Disney Hotels are expensive for me!) - otilegna  2861.0 #58 11-8-12 11:37PM
Yes, you can check in early. Idk if it is a guarantee but when we stayed at the Grand I was able to check in around 1. - aidensmama   340.3 #795 11-8-12 11:15PM Like  Reply
Also if your room isn't ready they will hold your luggage. I think they may even put it in the room when the room is ready. - aidensmama  340.3 #795 11-8-12 11:16PM
ohhh, i will try :) - otilegna  2861.0 #58 11-8-12 11:36PM
when i went in July, I was able to check-in around 1230ish. - MrLeeFromDisney   263.7 #1358 11-8-12 11:17PM Like  Reply
I believe they will, if the room is ready! - GreenLantern   746.6 #309 11-8-12 11:18PM Like  Reply
most hotels you can check in early as long as the room is already available. cleaning crew starts really early usually has couple rooms done by 12 so it shouldnt be a problem. the only place that does not allow early check in without a fee is vegas lol. - Hendizl   2950.5 #57 11-8-12 11:19PM Like  Reply
dang,,, i need to plan ahead for that one... - otilegna  2861.0 #58 11-8-12 11:33PM
Dont forget to take advantage of early morning hrs@ the park that morning of your check in. I went to the Grand at 5am and they upgraded my room for free and gave me my room key at that moment. - sallyg   273.7 #1256 11-8-12 11:27PM Like  Reply
hmmm, if i will check-in on Nov. 11, can i avail of the early entry for that day? or for the Following day??? - otilegna  2861.0 #58 11-8-12 11:33PM
Both days, the morning of your check-in if you get there early enough. I called prior and they said it was allowed. - sallyg  273.7 #1256 11-8-12 11:43PM
dang, im not that early person!!! hahah, maybe the following day :) - otilegna  2861.0 #58 11-8-12 11:55PM
Early entry is so worth getting up early! We stayed 2 nights at DLH and had early entery all 3 days. Remember, you have your whole life to get extra sleep - HasAnyoneSeenMyGlassSlipper  714.2 #322 11-9-12 10:33AM
thank you guys and gals for all of your answers!!! It is my first time to stay at a DisneyLAND Resort! (i do think it is EXPENSIVE for me, ranging from $250 to $350/night)... even if just One day, it is ALRIGHT for me :) Again, thank you! - otilegna   2861.0 #58 11-8-12 11:35PM Like  Reply
I'm kind of surprise at high the military rate is. Did you know that WDW has Shades of Green (military lodge) on the properties? Rates are based on rank. Hoping to use it if/when we go and can get one of our kids to go. - Sugarbuzz  335.6 #816 11-8-12 11:46PM
I agree. Just to say I've done it. All I need now is to stay at the Disneyland Hotel to say I've stayed at all of them. - sallyg  273.7 #1256 11-8-12 11:46PM
We have stayed at all 3. Our best rate was the Grand Feb14-17, 2011 for $128 night. The rate was so low, the CM double checked. - Sugarbuzz  335.6 #816 11-8-12 11:50PM
@Sugarbuzz, yeah I heard about Shades of Green... At first i want to stay there when I went to WDW because it is consider a Deluxe resort over there (same as Grand Floridian, Contemporary and Polynesian). The only downside is they don't offer Magical Express. - otilegna  2861.0 #58 11-8-12 11:50PM
@Sugarbuzz! WHAAAAT! THAT IS SO LOW FOR THE GRAND!!!! (I keep on looking for the rate on AP site before, and even the regular one, the minimum one is always $250 (i always go for the weekend rate). Also, i check it at least one month before my trip - otilegna  2861.0 #58 11-8-12 11:52PM
It looks like Shades of Green uses a private limo co to get you from the airport. From $120-250 RT. Yea, that was the best rate ever. We do our vacations around the cheapest rates - most of the time. Allows us to be gone longer. Always clear the cache on the computer when going back to look. I think it helps. We stayed at one of the RV resort things too. Let us buy lots of souvenirs, do the Fantasmic Dining, and eat very nicely. - Sugarbuzz  335.6 #816 11-9-12 12:03AM
@Sugarbuzz, thanks for the tips :) Yeah, for WDW, i decided to stay at Pop Century (which is the best on all the value resort, it was before the construction of Art of Animation). the only thing i like there was access to everything, and i did use my premier pass discount that time... (but for now, im still thinking if i will get another one) - otilegna  2861.0 #58 11-9-12 12:15AM
if you dont mind staying across the st i can get you a room for 69 at the quality inn and suits across disneyland entrance through my work remember i work at a hotel! - Hendizl   2950.5 #57 11-9-12 12:01AM Like  Reply
I DID not know that you are working on a hotel.... i guess, i will ask you whenever i need one next time... THANK YOU AGAIN :) (i already booked DLand hotel for this day though) - otilegna  2861.0 #58 11-9-12 12:12AM
lol ok - Hendizl  2950.5 #57 11-9-12 12:14AM
but again, thank you :) - otilegna  2861.0 #58 11-9-12 12:38AM
You can always check in early. I've checked in early a many times, 5am being the earliest. If they don't have a room for you they will issue you your room keys which will get you into the parks for magic mornings and then text you your room number when it's ready. Bell services will hold your luggage until you need it. Have fun:) - supertracy   471.9 #518 11-9-12 4:51AM Like  Reply
Yep, this! We haven't ever actually been able to go into our room before normal check in, but if you get there really early and check in at the front desk, everything can be taken care of and you can just enjoy the parks until the afternoon. It's so nice because its usually pretty quiet in the morning at the hotel and you can enjoy magic morning--kind of a bonus! - Spoonful_O_Sugar  707.0 #323 11-9-12 4:59AM
It all depends if they are sold out. I've been upgraded when those rooms were vacant and available and the one i booked would need to be cleaned. Dlr is so awesome:) - supertracy  471.9 #518 11-9-12 7:40AM
Oohhhh thank you... :) - otilegna  2861.0 #58 11-9-12 10:21AM
The last three years I've stayed at paradise pier I was able to check in when I arrived around noon. I'd imagine DH would be the same. Enjoy! - MissAcroBRAT   253.8 #1444 11-9-12 5:43AM Like  Reply
They will give you a room as soon as one is available. As someone else said, just check-in as soon as uou arrive. Leave your bags with them, and then they can text you when your room is ready. If you are there just a couple hours early, they will probably already have a room ready for you. Have fun! Oh, and yay to the great promotion that is allowing you to stay there! Thank you for your service to this great country! - MeridaFan   4263.6 #43 11-9-12 6:37AM Like  Reply
Thank you and you're welcome - otilegna  2861.0 #58 11-9-12 10:23AM
The Salute to the Armed Forces is great! And the only reason we are able to go this weekend! - luvmygreenarmyman   660.8 #352 11-9-12 8:40AM Like  Reply
I still remember the 2009 promo where they give us FREE 3-day park hopper ticket! And guest are $99 for the same ticket... That was the last year they give a free one - otilegna  2861.0 #58 11-9-12 10:24AM
I remember that too! That was amazing! - luvmygreenarmyman  660.8 #352 11-9-12 10:46AM
Even if the room isn't readyi'm sure you can just leave your bags at the hotel and hit the parks. I couldn't imagine being at disneyland and having to sit in a hotel for two hours waiting for my room, I'd go nuts with anticipation. - madsdad   1868.2 #109 11-9-12 8:46AM Like  Reply
I assure you they will do their best. As said above. I have never had a problem getting a room early or checking in bags. BTW you will love it there! - ShariRenee   14394.5 #6 11-9-12 8:50AM Like  Reply
I will love it. I saw the pictures on their site, i love every detail! - otilegna  2861.0 #58 11-9-12 7:58PM
We checked in at 7am on our last trip. I figured they would just hold our bags, but they had a room availible for us. Im sure they will do what they can. - HasAnyoneSeenMyGlassSlipper   714.2 #322 11-9-12 10:29AM Like  Reply
Hmmm that is nice. - otilegna   2861.0 #58 11-9-12 7:58PM Like  Reply
Guys and gals. Im here at Disneyland Hotel now, i am able to check-in. unfortunately, our room is not ready :( this is gonna be a surprise to me :) - otilegna   2861.0 #58 11-11-12 12:13PM Like  Reply
You'll love it! We got to stay for the first time a few months ago, the rooms are spectacular. =) - LBChica  2550.8 #69 11-11-12 12:25PM
I cant wait to see the headboard! I love it :) - otilegna  2861.0 #58 11-11-12 12:27PM
If your room is ready they usually do. When it's a busy holiday or convention busy most times not. I always request early check at all hotels I make reservations at. - splashphotoCM   885.6 #245 11-11-12 12:30PM Like  Reply
I guess because of veterans day weekend, it is busy :) - otilegna  2861.0 #58 11-11-12 12:32PM
Our room is not yet ready :( oh well, i wish i will received my txt message later - otilegna   2861.0 #58 11-11-12 2:18PM Like  Reply
Bump again... Today is the last day to enter - otilegna   2861.0 #58 11-13-12 9:51AM Like  Reply
Are you offering for people to enter your room??😉 - RCmom  5235.3 #29 11-13-12 10:19AM
Ohhh my i bump the wrong post hahahahha - otilegna  2861.0 #58 11-13-12 10:48AM
We have gotten to the hotel very early and you can still check in. Your room most likely will not be ready but you can leave your bags with the bellhops and pick them up or have them delivered to your room later. - MrsFletch   404.6 #628 11-13-12 10:07AM Like  Reply
Yes ma'am. Thank you for the tip. Im now back to reality :( but yeah, i was able to check in and left my bags at te bellhop service - otilegna  2861.0 #58 11-13-12 10:50AM
I do know that you can't check in after your stay is over. - Mouse4life  1850.9 #110 11-13-12 11:16AM