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191.0 #1994 DL Qual #783 11-10-12 7:28PM
The WINNER of this RAK!!!! Is @EDDYTHEVILLAIN !!! Please DM your info !! CONGRATS
reminds me of a scene from the godfather. :) - madsdad   1846.5 #74 11-10-12 7:43PM Like(2)  Reply
And please add me for Dave. - madsdad  1846.5 #74 11-10-12 7:53PM
whoops fav quote, why is the rum gone. - madsdad  1846.5 #74 11-10-12 7:53PM
That deserves a chuckle. - SorcererBHhaha  409.0 #486 11-10-12 7:54PM
hahaha. yes it was. madsdad have you started with the rum tonight?? - pinkmonkeys  523.0 #349 11-10-12 8:04PM
Add me please! My favorite is probably " I....killed..... Mufasa' 'murderer!'" - tallestman_cm   170.1 #2282 11-10-12 7:49PM Like(1)  Reply
I've seen the Duffy hats on eBay. But if you wanna stick to buying from park hit company D - Snow33  191.0 #1994 11-14-12 2:41PM
please add me. Bo-Peep from Toy Story: "What would you say if I get someone else to watch the sheep for me tonight?" I love it. Everyone loves being a bad monkey once in a while. That quote cracks me up because shes so innocent! hahaha - pinkmonkeys   523.0 #349 11-10-12 7:51PM Like(1)  Reply
Add me please for your generous RAK!!! My favorite quote is, "All our dreams can come true....if we have the courage to pursue them." Thank you! - SBsnowwhite   511.2 #362 11-10-12 11:04PM Like(1)  Reply
You live In SB I go to school there !!! - Snow33  191.0 #1994 11-10-12 11:11PM
I moved to SB to go to UCSB and never left! - SBsnowwhite  511.2 #362 11-10-12 11:22PM
Awesome you should come by to my school so I can do your hair sometime :) Paul Mitchell the school ! - Snow33  191.0 #1994 11-10-12 11:23PM
Sure...that sounds would be the first MWer that I met in person! - SBsnowwhite  511.2 #362 11-10-12 11:28PM
Awesome mon wed thurs between 530-730 Lupita student number 132 ... It would be my pleasure - Snow33  191.0 #1994 11-10-12 11:31PM
Please add me. My fav quote is 'Kevin's a girl!!!' Thank you :) - Eeyorelvr   109.7 #3271 11-10-12 11:26PM Like(1)  Reply
Quick question by the way, and not trying to make it more favorable if I won or anything, but my girlfriend has really wanted a Duffy ear hat and we've seen them all over the place, but it seems like near the end of October they disappeared completely over night. We have searched practically every store in both DL, DD and DCA; anyone know if they discontinued them or just ran out or put them in backstock or something? No cast members seem to have any answers. - tallestman_cm   170.1 #2282 11-10-12 11:44PM Like(1)  Reply
Well if you don't win . I am going on the 21 and I'm usually really good with finding things at the park! I will help you! - Snow33  191.0 #1994 11-11-12 12:00AM
Company D had plenty of these a couple days ago - TINO  379.2 #532 11-11-12 12:16AM
Thank you looopss that would be much apreciated, and thanks too chicken, if all else fails i'll have to see if my friend can get me in. - tallestman_cm  170.1 #2282 11-11-12 12:25AM
Please add me .... Ohana means family and family means nobody is left behind or forgotten... - DISNYLV   175.3 #2190 11-12-12 4:45PM Like(1)  Reply
Add me please(: my favorite quote is "I only hope that we don't lose sight of one thing - that it was all started by a mouse." - MelinduhCM   7.0 #12281 11-12-12 6:26PM Like(1)  Reply
Add me for briarbeauty,I know they will put this gift to good use and thank you - pikarich   3337.2 #31 11-10-12 7:46PM Like  Reply
Fav. Quote is ohana means family,family means noone gets left behind or forgotten_lilo and stitch - pikarich  3337.2 #31 11-10-12 7:56PM
Please add me for Dave 😂. My favorite Disney quote is "....squash banana..." -Rafiki - Slotherini   1053.9 #148 11-10-12 7:46PM Like  Reply
Who is this Dave? - Snow33  191.0 #1994 11-10-12 8:03PM
newbies. - splashphotoCM  885.6 #178 11-10-12 9:35PM
Yes I am a newbie. That's why I asked - Snow33  191.0 #1994 11-10-12 9:56PM
Dave is Dave. Or a Banana. - Sandcar13  1365.4 #103 11-10-12 11:24PM
Dave don't live here (Cheech Marin voice) - Mouse4life  1293.1 #108 11-10-12 11:26PM
Very nice!! I'm new here but, if I'm allowed, please add me for my little girl. "To all that come to this happy place....welcome!" - PurpleMoon   3.7 #23909 11-10-12 7:51PM Like  Reply
Please add me! My favorite quote is from Aladdin: "You're only in trouble if you get caught! I'm in trouble." - DisneyDavidEMT   1612.4 #86 11-10-12 7:56PM Like  Reply
Add me pretty please!! My favorite quote is from princess and the frog!! Its "I'm sweatin like a sinner in church" lol - PinkMinnie   176.9 #2172 11-10-12 9:23PM Like  Reply
Please add me for Dave he needs this😂 "frying pans who knew right?" - princessVanessa   384.3 #524 11-10-12 9:29PM Like  Reply
Please add me for slotherini. Favorite Disney quote, "SHE'S GONNA EAT ME " - splashphotoCM   885.6 #178 11-10-12 9:38PM Like  Reply
Add please. Fav qoute "you lost little doggie" - MrKeyMe   4.6 #17999 11-10-12 9:58PM Like  Reply
Add me for Dave. thanks. - Sandcar13   1365.4 #103 11-10-12 11:24PM Like  Reply
Sorry here's my favorite quote from Dug. "My name is Dug. I have just met you, and I love you" - Sandcar13  1365.4 #103 11-10-12 11:38PM
Add me for Dave. My favorite is "Hey Sephora! I'm a banana!" It's Disney cuz it's from a Disney related site. Thank you. - Mouse4life   1293.1 #108 11-10-12 11:27PM Like  Reply
I'm asking for your favorite quote forgot to give you mine . If you can dream it you can do it -Walt Disney . Good luck to you all - Snow33   191.0 #1994 11-10-12 11:38PM Like  Reply
Please add me? My daughter LOVES Duffy! Favorite quote: "So come with me, where dreams are born, and time is never planned. Just think of happy things, and your heart will fly on wings, forever, in Never Never Land!" Peter Pan - akmickey   6.7 #12835 11-11-12 1:00AM Like  Reply
Please add me for akmickey :) "On my honor, or may I be chopped up and made into soup" -Bruce - disneymomma87  205.5 #1820 11-13-12 4:42PM
Please add me for Dave. "Girls talk too much." -Peter pan - AvidDisneyThrifter220   1366.8 #102 11-11-12 2:09AM Like  Reply
Please add me for my wife, disneyfan46. "I got a big head, and little arms" T-rex from "Meet the Robinsons" - SorcererBHhaha   409.0 #486 11-11-12 2:43AM Like  Reply
Add me "Its kind of fun to do the impossible" - Disneyrockstar   167.9 #2319 11-11-12 5:07AM Like  Reply
Please add me my favorite quote is "squirrel" thanks - DSNYCheeks3   866.1 #185 11-11-12 6:09AM Like  Reply
Please add me for Dave! Favorite quote, 'permanencer sentados por favor'! Thank you! - MomWithAJuiceBoxBuzz   1126.9 #133 11-11-12 6:55AM Like  Reply
Add me please :) quote "Why is a raven like a writing desk" thank you - minniel0ver™   214.6 #1705 11-11-12 7:32AM Like  Reply
Please add me fav quote is ohana means family and family means nobody gets left behind! - disneylove7   32.6 #5183 11-11-12 7:28PM Like  Reply
add me please...favorite quote " If your heart is in your dream, no request is too extreme." Jimini Cricket - mousekittyer   13.9 #7895 11-11-12 7:37PM Like  Reply
Add me please. Favorite quote is "If you can't say something nice, don't say nothing at all." Thank you - LittleStarSweeper   353.7 #594 11-12-12 2:32AM Like  Reply
Cute ears! Please add me for the person who knows who gave my fav quote..."it's called a cruel irony-like my dependency on you" - JNewie   229.8 #1507 11-12-12 6:34PM Like  Reply
-Yzma from the emperors new groove...thank you - EddyTheVillain  267.7 #1082 11-12-12 8:00PM
Add me please. Favorite quote is "I just met you and I love you"-Dug. Thank you - EddyTheVillain   267.7 #1082 11-12-12 8:06PM Like  Reply
Congrats eddy!! - Snow33  191.0 #1994 11-14-12 11:59AM
Thank you! - EddyTheVillain  267.7 #1082 11-14-12 1:43PM
This RAK ends at midnight TONIGHT ... Winner will be announced tomorrow!!! - Snow33   191.0 #1994 11-13-12 4:24PM Like  Reply
Please add me my niece would love this. My favorite quote is " To all that comes to this place welcome.......". Thanks. - dolewhip4me   231.4 #1486 11-13-12 7:08PM Like  Reply
Please add me and quote is ah yes the past can hurt - Plutoin702   12.6 #8348 11-13-12 7:33PM Like  Reply
*crosses fingers for Dave!* - AvidDisneyThrifter220   1366.8 #102 11-13-12 7:34PM Like  Reply
He'd love this - donnievegas  1132.4 #132 11-13-12 7:51PM
Hi there! Please add. My fav. Quote fromTLM "Daddy, they're not barbarians!" - PrincessAriel87   3.2 #31616 11-13-12 7:57PM Like  Reply
Add me for Dave please. My favorite Disney quote is "If You Can Dream It, You Can Do It" Thank you! - goofymom2boys   1440.9 #95 11-13-12 8:41PM Like  Reply
Is Dave a MWer that hasn't been on in awhile ? - Snow33  191.0 #1994 11-13-12 9:00PM
Please add me my favorite quote is "Disneyland will never be completed. It will continue to grow as long as there is imagination left in this world"- Walt Disney. thank you :) - KladiaDisneyNinja   266.8 #1090 11-13-12 9:04PM Like  Reply
Thank you. I am trying to dm you but I don't believe your dm is enabled. May I have your email address instead and that way I could email my information to you. My email address is Thank you so much for the rak! - EddyTheVillain   267.7 #1082 11-14-12 1:43PM Like  Reply - Snow33  191.0 #1994 11-14-12 2:22PM
I just emailed you - Snow33  191.0 #1994 11-14-12 2:40PM
Thank you. I just sent you an email with my information. - EddyTheVillain  267.7 #1082 11-14-12 3:13PM