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The Deadliest Cast Member Part One is finally here & FREE for a limited time! Take a ride with Jack Duncan that you will never forget. Get inside the mind of Walt Disney over coffee in his private apartment above the Fire Station, ride Pirates of the Caribbean with Johnny Depp, and delve deep into the legend of the mysterious Lafitte. If you could PLEASE take the time to write a review on Amazon I would greatly appreciate it because it really helps the book. I started this project two years ago and I went through a ton of revisions to get the story and the characters right and I think I developed something that you will love! Thank you to Missshelly, BaseballMickey, BCC, Experiment818, & MrsStrawberryguy for your help with this novel. My goal is to make this an interactive adventure we can all go on together, so I inserted a feedback form in the book where you can submit ideas and suggestions for upcoming episodes. Go get Part One here and tell your Facebook friends:
Tagged in: Deadliest Cast Member  
I bought and read it last night. Amazon won't let me write a review though 😣I'm an avid reader so any story that I can get lost in is πŸ‘in my book (and it helps that it's based at the parks 😊) I think this story is great for the guys AND the gals. I love the attention to detail (Admin, you NAILED it. Sights, sounds, smells, etc) I love the in depth history and feeling like I could actually see those places that I probably won't ever see with my own eyes. My hubby isn't a reader and even HE is into it! Well done and we are very excited for part 2!! - melissa_ficent   318.6 #836 11-18-12 1:00PM Like(5)  Reply
Wow thank you for the compliment this is very encouraging! It took me forever to get this story the way I wanted it and I hope it's an adventure we can all take together. Thanks again I appreciate it! - Admin  11-18-12 3:50PM
Your welcome. Thank YOU for all you have done! We wouldn't have this community and family, a way to see the parks when we can't be there in person, insider info, history (I could really go on and on) without your hard work. You brought so many people together who share the same love and everyone is so kind to share their own insight. This book is just another step and I can't thank you enough!! You are doing an amazing thing and I'm just happy that I am here to enjoy it all and I can thank you myself! Looking forward to what's next! πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ - melissa_ficent  318.6 #836 11-18-12 4:10PM
I bought my copy already I couldn't wait. It's the least I could do to support something that brings such enjoyment to my family and I. Thanks Admin - Missymoo   753.4 #263 11-17-12 7:21PM Like  Reply
Thank you for doing that! Let me know how you like it. - Admin  11-17-12 7:25PM
I just bought mine too! - MXPrincess399   802.6 #236 11-17-12 7:33PM Like  Reply
Thank you! - Admin  11-17-12 7:48PM
I bought it, but for some reason it isn't downloading. It may be my phone or internet connection. lol I can't wait to read it! :) - Armenda   1173.6 #159 11-17-12 7:35PM Like  Reply
I got it to work! yay!! lol - Armenda  1173.6 #159 11-17-12 9:04PM
Awesome, thanks for buying it! - Admin  11-17-12 10:20PM
I'm happy to say I purchased it earlier. Thank you for everything you do. - ScooterMike   1963.0 #89 11-17-12 7:38PM Like  Reply
Thanks SM! - Admin  11-17-12 10:20PM
I'm so excited to read it! Downloaded it earlier today! - Gia   802.0 #237 11-17-12 7:41PM Like  Reply
Great, thanks Gia! - Admin  11-17-12 11:37PM
I bought mine too! Can't wait to read! - MeridaFan   4244.1 #36 11-17-12 7:42PM Like  Reply
Thanks meridafan! - Admin  11-18-12 7:56AM
Just bought mine too! Couldn't wait. Will let you know regards to the read. Thank you in advance admin! - hippoluver   280.3 #1089 11-17-12 7:46PM Like  Reply
Thanks! Let me know how you like it. - Admin  11-18-12 7:57AM
Ok finished it! Loved every bit of it. Well written. When's then next one? can't wait! Thank you again. - hippoluver  280.3 #1089 11-18-12 9:36PM
Just bought mine, I'm about 20% in, such a fun read! - LisaMouse7531   410.1 #560 11-17-12 8:50PM Like  Reply
Glad you like it lisa! - Admin  11-18-12 7:57AM
I just bought my copy. I couldn't wait. I can't wait to start reading it. - Krismiss   304.9 #914 11-17-12 9:06PM Like  Reply
Thank you! - Admin  11-19-12 9:49AM
Got it, so excited to start it!! Thanks Admin! - MousekaNinja   422.4 #543 11-17-12 11:12PM Like  Reply
Great, let me know how you like it - Admin  11-19-12 4:27PM
Just bought mine too! - HasAnyoneSeenMyGlassSlipper   690.8 #298 11-17-12 11:14PM Like  Reply
Thank you for buying it! - Admin  11-19-12 4:27PM
I bought mine as soon as i heard it was available . Happy to pay for it :) I'm starting it tonight - Tinkerbellmom4   440.2 #513 11-17-12 11:15PM Like  Reply
It was an honor to be apart of this. Can't wait for others to enjoy it! - BaseballMickey   7892.3 #11 11-17-12 11:35PM Like  Reply
You should be so proud! Congratulations! I'm going to buy myself a copy right now! - Missshelly   698.3 #291 11-17-12 11:38PM Like  Reply
Thank you for all your help with DCM! You showed me how to "show" more which made the story a lot better. And it was comforting to have you look at the story in advance since you're a Disney fiction expert. Thanks for all your help and thanks for taking the time to help edit, I appreciate it! - Admin  11-18-12 8:01AM
I just bought a copy. :) - Vegan7LuvsStitch   1026.3 #189 11-17-12 11:41PM Like  Reply
Thank you! - Admin  11-20-12 11:15PM
I'm starting Chapter 9. Love it so far! - melissa_ficent   318.6 #836 11-18-12 1:18AM Like  Reply
This just made me stay up way too late tonight! Can't wait until part two! - minigirl1156   789.9 #245 11-18-12 1:59AM Like  Reply
Me too!! - melissa_ficent  318.6 #836 11-18-12 3:05AM
Started reading it last night! It's great so far! Nice job Admin. πŸ‘ - Mimmy   1442.3 #123 11-18-12 7:04AM Like  Reply
I started it last night. I'm already loving the historical references! - Gia   802.0 #237 11-18-12 8:43AM Like  Reply
Tried, but it's not loading for me. Says I ordered it, but not showing up in kindle. }:( - Evilstitch   338.5 #736 11-18-12 10:16AM Like  Reply
Started reading it yesterday.. Im loving it! - loved26LovesDLand   189.7 #2166 11-18-12 10:19AM Like  Reply
On chapter 4! Really cool! - Cinderella_Schnooks   3388.1 #45 11-18-12 10:23AM Like  Reply
I just got it!! Thank you!! Yay can't wait to start reading it :) - minniel0verβ„’   214.6 #1858 11-18-12 10:57AM Like  Reply
All I see is the wish list button. I have the kindle reader app. I don't know why I'm not seeing the buy or download button. - Tom   12307.0 #5 11-18-12 12:08PM Like  Reply
Hey Tom, Apple actually doesn't allow purchases from the app - but if you just go to the amazon site on a computer or in safari, it will send the book to your app. - Admin  11-20-12 11:16PM
I bought a copy yesterday and finished it early this morning! LOVED it! An easy read (but also informative and SO enjoyable!!) I really hope part two is in the works, I can't wait to find out what's next! Thank you ;)) - AmouseMom   284.7 #1060 11-18-12 12:30PM Like  Reply
Just downloaded my copy. What a touching introduction! I can't wait to read the rest! - IDVandalSkipperCM   2579.9 #58 11-18-12 12:34PM Like  Reply
Got my copy last, stayed up til 2:30 before I fell asleep. Read more this morning but had to put my iPad away for church, lol. Finished this afternoon and can't wait for the next part!!! Way to go, Admin, sooooo fun to read!! πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„ - BluDreamer   5.8 #16971 11-18-12 5:12PM Like  Reply
Thank you! Thank you for your nice review too! - Admin  11-19-12 11:09AM
Got mine and am half way through it!! I love it!! I can't put it down!!........ Ok back to Duncan - dug_one   2409.8 #66 11-18-12 9:20PM Like  Reply
Got mine ! Only on ch 1 ! But I will make sure to read at least a lil tonight ! But so far it really good ! I love the intro about your love for DL as it has lived through all of us !! Thank you ! - jmza4   324.3 #31532 11-18-12 9:39PM Like  Reply
downloaded mine! Thanks - pinkmonkeys   543.4 #397 11-18-12 9:50PM Like  Reply
Just downloaded. Will be reading tonight. - MonLuvsDisney   192.1 #2135 11-21-12 6:13PM Like  Reply