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MagicRace 1.1 has been approved by Apple and is live in the App Store! We fixed a lot of bugs to make the game better. Pictures are now saved on your camera roll, low signal improvements, audit page fixes, no more multiple uploads, time stamps added to track game play better, and we fixed the ads so hopefully we can make money now! MagicRace is the only multi-player Disneyland game that has an Amazing Race style game, scavenger hunt, and a freestyle race all in one! Have fun with your friends and learn about the Parks while you play. Let me know your experience if you've played MagicRace - and if you haven't played, give it a try and post about it in the Lounge.
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Hopefully it comes to Android soon. - HanLostLeia   1098.3 #153 11-22-12 2:53AM Like(5)  Reply
I soooo agree! - MamaRoo  466.6 #433 11-22-12 11:32PM
Would just love to be able to use thee regular app on my Android. Still not working on our HTC phones since the last lounge update - RobinandSteve  248.6 #1305 11-27-12 11:04AM
Agreed. Anxiously waiting - Oinker34  1251.9 #124 11-27-12 3:07PM
Just updated it. Thank you. Anyone up for another MagicRace meetup? - ScooterMike   1963.0 #72 11-21-12 9:54AM Like  Reply
✋✋ I am! Won't be there till the 30th -2nd tho. - PinTraderMater  124.7 #3045 11-21-12 6:38PM
I am! :) - USCVivian  193.6 #2000 11-22-12 8:08PM
Thanks Admin! - toph   2417.0 #50 11-21-12 9:58AM Like  Reply
This is so cool! Gonna try to see how it works on my phone in the parks. - secretagentangel   1935.7 #75 11-21-12 10:00AM Like  Reply
Thanks Admin gonna upload it now - princessVanessa   384.3 #549 11-21-12 10:39AM Like  Reply
Hoping to try it soon. Thank you kind sir. - Butterlina   1539.8 #100 11-21-12 12:08PM Like  Reply
Weren't you a Trivia Challenge champion at one time? I think I would want you on my team especially for the Amazing Race style game - Admin  11-21-12 5:26PM
Thanks Admin. Saw the update. Haven't been able to try it. Fingers crossed that my game doesn't end as soon as it starts next time 😃 - LilSterner   5028.6 #20 11-21-12 12:12PM Like  Reply
I think you broke version 1.0 - Admin  11-21-12 5:25PM
That wouldn't surprise me at all. - LilSterner  5028.6 #20 11-21-12 5:58PM
Is this an "at the park only" type game? - PeachKay   311.1 #788 11-21-12 5:40PM Like  Reply
Just got it. Eager to try it. Looks fun - MelodyMouse   5935.4 #16 11-22-12 10:27PM Like  Reply
Only thing I miss from an iOS device is having the latest mousewait updates - kameleongt   180.5 #2172 11-25-12 9:10AM Like  Reply
D: it's not compatible with my phone! By the time I make it out to the park I'm sure I'll have a newer iPhone though - dsmdanny   144.9 #2720 11-28-12 3:00AM Like  Reply