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2115.6 #54 DL Qual #58 11-24-12 9:44AM
Hi folks! Good news! Indiana Jones is back on track for a December 8th opening! Want even better news??? We'll be opening a day early!! Yes, you read right! We will be opening up on Friday December 7th, barring any mechanical/technical difficulties! Come visit! I'll be there Friday, and can I just say that I don't think I've ever been this excited to work?? So stoked! See you there!
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SO FLIPPING EXCITED!!!!! - JenInWonderland   1025.8 #148 11-24-12 9:47AM Like(2)  Reply
Me too!!!! I saw it on my schedule and started jumping up and down (what little I can)!!!! - IDVandalSkipperCM  2115.6 #54 11-24-12 9:53AM
Meet up. - HanLostLeia  1096.2 #134 11-24-12 8:59PM
@HanLostLeia, I think that's a must! - IDVandalSkipperCM  2115.6 #54 11-24-12 11:39PM
This is awesome!! Although, walking through Adventureland will be near impossible now. - IMissDisney   1195.5 #113 11-24-12 9:45AM Like(1)  Reply
Looks like they will have A LOT of CMs in the Adventureland walkway to try to alleviate some congestion, but yes it will be crowded! - IDVandalSkipperCM  2115.6 #54 11-24-12 9:54AM
Yep. Probably would be easier to go through Frontierland. At any rate, it will be good to have Indy back again. - IMissDisney  1195.5 #113 11-24-12 9:55AM
Just in time for the busy holidays and then for BTMRR to go down. - IDVandalSkipperCM  2115.6 #54 11-24-12 10:00AM
Yay!!!!! - mousejedi   306.4 #772 11-24-12 9:46AM Like  Reply
This doesn't really convey my excitement.. I'll be there the 13th.. YAYAYYAYAYAYAYAY!!!!!!!!!!! - mousejedi  306.4 #772 11-24-12 10:02AM
πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰Hooray!!!πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰ - HandMeAChurroImmaFaint   4075.8 #23 11-24-12 9:46AM Like  Reply
thanks ugh i missed this ride so much i always pass by and get a little sad when i see it all blocked off. im excited as if i never been on lol - Hendizl   2500.1 #42 11-24-12 9:53AM Like  Reply
Yay! Can't wait. - IBelieveInFairies   548.2 #318 11-24-12 9:53AM Like  Reply
So bummed, we'll be out there a week earlier and be leaving on the 4th. - MikeyMouse   91.2 #3494 11-24-12 9:55AM Like  Reply
I know the feeling! We are leaving on the 6th...just a day too early. Lot else to see though! - AZDisneyfam  188.7 #2007 11-24-12 9:57AM
True story: last night I heard people say "look no line at Indiana jones!" And they all ran. I laughed but felt sad for them at the same time - KissDclown   1089.3 #135 11-24-12 9:57AM Like  Reply
Last night I had a group ask me which way to Indiana Jones and I had to tell them that it was closed. I swear they almost mobbed me! - IDVandalSkipperCM  2115.6 #54 11-24-12 9:59AM
Lol!! - Armenda  1135.5 #123 11-24-12 9:59AM
It's not the first time I've heard this in the last few months - BaseballMickey_CM  6078.3 #13 11-24-12 10:38AM
Perfect timing! I have a conference in Anaheim that weekend! - Gia   801.8 #193 11-24-12 10:38AM Like  Reply
Yes!!! This means more business in the Bazaar! - BaseballMickey_CM   6078.3 #13 11-24-12 10:39AM Like  Reply
Yay! - IDVandalSkipperCM  2115.6 #54 11-24-12 10:42AM
No more playtime with those toy guns,you know what I meanO:-) - pikarich  2847.8 #35 11-24-12 12:51PM
No more playtime with those toy guns,you know what I meanO:-) - pikarich  2847.8 #35 11-24-12 12:51PM
How about a soft opening the 3rd or 4th?? :) if no at least I can ride it when we go back in January! - brodysmommy   336.9 #627 11-24-12 10:43AM Like  Reply
I wish! But no, we'll still be testing vehicles and getting everything set for opening. - IDVandalSkipperCM  2115.6 #54 11-24-12 12:03PM
I can't wait! I've missed Indy so!!! - Disneykidds_HaveWeMet   181.9 #2094 11-24-12 10:45AM Like  Reply
Woohoo! Thanks for the awesome news! - RCmom   5167.4 #15 11-24-12 10:46AM Like  Reply
That's great news! - LaPearleNoir   1179.9 #115 11-24-12 10:47AM Like  Reply
I hope my niece has grown 2 inches so that she can ride for the 1st time - SafariSkewerJessica   1227.6 #107 11-24-12 10:49AM Like  Reply
That's great news! Do the CMs get to preview it before the public? - jlipstone   299.4 #809 11-24-12 10:53AM Like  Reply
Not usually. However I will kind of because I will be cycling vehicles and working inside the attraction before it opens to make sure all is ready to go. Unfortunately I can't ride and experience it that way πŸ˜₯ - IDVandalSkipperCM  2115.6 #54 11-24-12 12:02PM
They should always let u ride it to make sure you can convey the joy of the ride to others. I feel sad for you. 😒 - jlipstone  299.4 #809 11-24-12 1:03PM
Well I normally would be able to, but "expectant mothers should not ride." - IDVandalSkipperCM  2115.6 #54 11-24-12 1:05PM
Congratulations! - jlipstone  299.4 #809 11-24-12 8:15PM
Yes! I'm going to be there that weekend! (: - victoria13   285.1 #896 11-24-12 10:54AM Like  Reply
Thank you for always updating us with great info and breaking news! - Admin   11-24-12 10:57AM Like  Reply
You're welcome! Glad I can help keep everyone informed! - IDVandalSkipperCM  2115.6 #54 11-24-12 11:04AM
Great News. This attraction has been missed. - RadiatorSprings4Ever   811.3 #190 11-24-12 10:58AM Like  Reply
Happy Birthday to me! Yay! Cannot wait for it to open! Thanks for the update!!! - GarnerPhotography   324.7 #676 11-24-12 12:05PM Like  Reply
Can't wait! Thank you! - ShariRenee   4200.8 #21 11-24-12 12:09PM Like  Reply
I hope it's on track. If that thing comes off the track it's gonna be a big problem. - Mouse4life   1150.2 #120 11-24-12 12:15PM Like  Reply
Yes it would! - IDVandalSkipperCM  2115.6 #54 11-24-12 12:19PM
Anyone see that old SNL sketch, with Kristen Wigg as the crazy aunt sue? Ohhhhhmygaaawwwww! I'm so friggin excited!!!! - AvidDisneyThrifter220   1303.3 #100 11-24-12 12:33PM Like  Reply
How exciting! Thanks for the news! πŸŽ‰ - MinnieMousewife   751.4 #208 11-24-12 12:35PM Like  Reply
Yay!! - loved26LovesDLand   186.9 #2027 11-24-12 1:00PM Like  Reply
Yahoooey!!!! Until next time!! Looking forward to riding it with my boys, if they are tall enough!!πŸ˜‰ - Aworldofcheer   95.4 #3453 11-24-12 1:16PM Like  Reply
This is awesome news! But why does it always have to be snakes?! - alby13   0.1 #98826 11-24-12 2:44PM Like  Reply
Yay!!!! I've missed you Indy!!! - Willierose   2012.5 #58 11-24-12 2:52PM Like  Reply
I hear the theme music when I see this. - madsdad   1800.8 #68 11-24-12 2:56PM Like  Reply
Sooo excited! - MarshaMouse   4070.9 #24 11-24-12 2:57PM Like  Reply
Wonder if there will be any changes made? - Winnie111286   1367.1 #97 11-24-12 3:25PM Like  Reply
Yey! That is great news, can't wait to ride It! - mini_MINNIE   980.8 #155 11-24-12 3:37PM Like  Reply
Can't wait! Yay! My favorite ride is back!!!!πŸ˜„ - leafs17   112.0 #3195 11-24-12 3:44PM Like  Reply
How bout a little pixie dust so it opens on tues dec 4 instead? Totally bummed ill miss Indy this year. - MissAcroBRAT   244.5 #1291 11-24-12 3:51PM Like  Reply
Was anything new added to the attraction? Or was this just a Refurbishment???? - jotero77   19.4 #6444 11-24-12 3:53PM Like  Reply
Yes they added a loop and mermaids! - Pintraderswife  463.9 #396 11-24-12 3:55PM
Looking forward to it coming back - this is my favorite ride! - dalefishtank   157.4 #2459 11-24-12 3:53PM Like  Reply
Ya for re- opening! Doh, it's a week after I leave. - Woozle   20.2 #6320 11-24-12 3:57PM Like  Reply
Arrrgh!!! We leave to go home on the 5th! Oh well, baby girl isn't tall enough yet maybe I could test it out fo you????? Wink Wink - iteachdisney   191.8 #1966 11-24-12 7:05PM Like  Reply
Darn! I only got the 8th off of work! I wanted to be there on the day it re-opened, but I guess the second day isn't so bad. :) - courtneydax   13.9 #7644 11-24-12 7:07PM Like  Reply
Good to hear it is on track! The Mrs. And I planned our trip months ago, specifically to be there the week after it was scheduled to reopen. - mousebit   4.2 #19357 11-24-12 8:05PM Like  Reply
I have a kid jumping up and down. - MeridasHair   346.5 #598 11-24-12 8:18PM Like  Reply
Can't wait for it!!! It's like years since it went refur - mncrocks   33.3 #5047 11-24-12 9:08PM Like  Reply
Awesome, wish I could get to the park sooner for this. - joyful_belle131   53.9 #4228 11-24-12 9:22PM Like  Reply
I just talked my mom into a trip just so we can ride this! I wonder if they made major changes. I don't even care, I just love this ride so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - tiggertwin   330.2 #651 11-24-12 9:25PM Like  Reply
Yay!!! Thanks for the update!! - MissMolly   1221.3 #109 11-24-12 9:25PM Like  Reply
Great news and for planned meetups! - iamdugsmaster   878.7 #170 11-25-12 12:07AM Like  Reply
Yay! Just made my day! Hopefully the day early will happen! - sunshinegrl   348.8 #592 11-25-12 12:13AM Like  Reply