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608.4 #335 DL Qual #321 11-28-12 5:36PM
✨RAK✨I have a couple of Disney Kinkade postcards I'd like to give away! As of now, the Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella are the only two I have. YOU MAY ADD FOR YOURSELF OR SOMEONE ELSE. Please let me know which of the two you'd like! I will try to grab a few extra if I can make it back to the gallery so more of you can receive one but I make no promises! RAK WILL END ON DECEMBER 1ST AT 11:59PM DL TIME!
cinderella please. - PrideDoll   4.7 #20153 11-28-12 5:41PM Like  Reply
Please add me.. My ggirl loves Cinderella - PirateDoll   273.7 #1128 11-28-12 5:41PM Like  Reply
Please add me for the Cinderella one! Thanks! - TheGrumpies   288.6 #986 11-28-12 5:48PM Like  Reply
✨✨EXTRA INFO: I will also try to include some other little goodies (may they be stickers or something else). If I am able to get more of these two (or other Disney Kinkade postcards) I will edit the info and let people know. If i get different ones i will let people change their requests! - PiecesOf8   608.4 #335 11-28-12 5:54PM Like  Reply
What gallery did you get these from? - PrincessTiannaBeignet  335.6 #723 11-28-12 7:18PM
One in San Diego (East County area) - PiecesOf8  608.4 #335 11-28-12 7:24PM
Oh, cool. Did they have any Princess and the Frog postcards? - PrincessTiannaBeignet  335.6 #723 11-28-12 7:55PM
The only ones they had when I was there were these two, Pinocchio, and Peter Pan. I'll keep an eye out for you though! - PiecesOf8  608.4 #335 11-28-12 7:57PM
Please add me for Cinderella and thanks! - iamdugsmaster   878.7 #208 11-28-12 5:56PM Like  Reply
Please add me!!! For Cinderella please. Thank you! - liltravieza87   134.4 #2975 11-28-12 6:05PM Like  Reply
Please add me, my daughter loves these. Thank you!!!! - Apples2   625.3 #325 11-28-12 6:08PM Like  Reply
Please add me for either one.. I love Thomas Kinkade and Disney - hatgal76   449.8 #492 11-28-12 6:21PM Like  Reply
Please add me for Sleeping Beauty, thanks!!! - MousekaNinja   422.4 #527 11-28-12 6:22PM Like  Reply
Please add me for Sleeping beauty. Absolutely beautiful. Thank you for the great RAK - jamielynn   163.3 #2520 11-28-12 6:39PM Like  Reply
Please add me.... I would love the Cinderella one please... - babebahn   207.3 #1907 11-28-12 6:54PM Like  Reply
Add me please for either one. They both are so pretty and so hard to pick just one. Thanks! - RapunzalK   196.7 #2034 11-28-12 7:30PM Like  Reply
Please add me for the Sleeping Beauty one! Thanks! - GrandCircleTour   362.3 #637 11-28-12 7:47PM Like  Reply
Add me for sleeping beauty please. Thank you - philliprocks   1321.0 #132 11-28-12 9:12PM Like  Reply
Please add me for Cinderella!! Love the RAK!😊 - Aworldofcheer   161.1 #2552 11-28-12 9:29PM Like  Reply
Please add me for Cinderella! My daughter already has the Snow White and Pinocchio ones hanging in her room, this would be a perfect addition! Thanks! - ShannonAzevedo   157.1 #2608 11-28-12 9:35PM Like  Reply
Oh! Please add me for Sleeping Beauty. These are awesome. And thank you :) - erinten   539.9 #383 11-28-12 9:39PM Like  Reply
Add me for the Cinderella one please thank you - disneylove7   32.7 #5742 11-28-12 10:15PM Like  Reply
I would love the Cinderella one. I collect Cinderella things. - keahgirl8   3.7 #26510 11-28-12 10:16PM Like  Reply
Beautiful! Please add me for either one. - adventurerEnDisneylandia {AED}   1143.5 #158 11-28-12 10:18PM Like  Reply
Omgoodness please add me for the Sleeping Beauty my favorite princess 😊 thanks so much! - princessb5   190.9 #2104 11-28-12 10:24PM Like  Reply
Ahhh so pretty! 😍 Please add me for the Cinderella one! Thank You! - DisneyDork95   206.2 #1918 11-28-12 10:30PM Like  Reply
Squeal!!!! Oh please add me for Sleeping Beauty!! She's my most favorite! Thank you for doing this! 😊😊 - DisneyFanZoe   1249.3 #136 11-28-12 10:37PM Like  Reply
Ooooohhhh!! Add me please and thank you for the Sleeping Beauty one! Gorgeous!!! 😍😍😍 - melissa_ficent   318.6 #810 11-28-12 10:56PM Like  Reply
please add me for disneyfanzoe for the sleeping beauty one!!! if we are allowed to enter for others, that is. - nicoleface   1752.6 #96 11-28-12 10:59PM Like  Reply
Yes you can! Just added that to the info!! - PiecesOf8  608.4 #335 11-28-12 11:14PM
thank you! and you're wonderful for doing this RAK. he made such lovely art. - nicoleface  1752.6 #96 11-28-12 11:18PM
The postcards were such a great price I knew I had to share the beauty! If only I could afford the full size pieces! But I'm hoping to get the calendar since it has all of them! - PiecesOf8  608.4 #335 11-28-12 11:23PM
when i went to his gallery in solvang they had stepping stones that were a reasonable price. you're right though, wish i could afford a full size painting! - nicoleface  1752.6 #96 11-28-12 11:40PM
I'm obsessed with the Disney pieces (of course), the Wizard of Oz piece, and the A Christmas Story piece. And of course they're the ones only available on certain products and most are so pricey. I'm debating on getting one of the night lights since they're available with most of the Disney pieces. - PiecesOf8  608.4 #335 11-28-12 11:51PM
I love both, but Cinderella is my daughter's fave. Add me, please! - HarvesterProducts   261.6 #1242 11-29-12 12:11AM Like  Reply
Please add me for iamdugsmaster. I love these Kinkade works because he has hidden Disney characters ALL OVER them! - LaTruce   2352.9 #65 11-29-12 1:14AM Like  Reply
We were looking at them in the Kinkade gallery near me and it so cool to see how he hid characters from other films in each painting. Which is your favorite hidden character? - PiecesOf8  608.4 #335 11-29-12 1:20AM
I really like when Pinocchio is there... All the paintings -doesn't matter, my favorite out is Pinocchio! - LaTruce  2352.9 #65 11-30-12 1:08AM
Have you seen the new Jungle Book piece? I saw it for the first time last week and it gorgeous! Easily one of my favorites! - PiecesOf8  608.4 #335 11-30-12 1:18AM
I haven't seen it! I've seen Little Mermaid, Lion King, and one more, but I forgot what it was. - LaTruce  2352.9 #65 11-30-12 1:46AM
Wow, please add me for Cinderella! Or if you find the Peter Pan one when you go back :) Kinkade holds a special place in my heart, my grandpa loved and collected his art, and when he passed away, his collections were given to my dad and other family members. So whenever I see his art displayed, it makes me think of my grandpa :) thank you! - AvidDisneyThrifter220   1402.8 #125 11-29-12 3:26AM Like  Reply
please add me for aviddisney and thank you - pikarich  5238.5 #22 12-1-12 8:55AM
Add me please for the Cinderella one. Thank you - LittleStarSweeper   353.7 #665 11-29-12 3:49AM Like  Reply
Please add me for the Cinderella one :0) - Minnie13   185.7 #2173 11-29-12 6:31AM Like  Reply
Add me please for cinderella. Thanks! - wendytink   364.1 #631 11-29-12 6:33AM Like  Reply
Add me for Aurora please! This is a wonderful RAK! - x2ndstar2therightx   217.3 #1772 11-29-12 7:35AM Like  Reply
For some reason I can't reply to comments on any of my devices right now. But I was going to reply to ADT220 and say that if I cannot get to the Kinkade gallery pre end of RAK I will hold another RAK whenever I make it out there!! (Just so everyone knows!!!) - PiecesOf8   608.4 #335 11-29-12 7:53AM Like  Reply
👊 - PiecesOf8  608.4 #335 11-29-12 11:33AM
Add me for Cinderella please:) - PrincessAriel87   3.2 #34313 11-29-12 8:07AM Like  Reply
Add me for sleeping Beauty, please! Perfect for DD bedroom! - iwantdisney   275.1 #1111 11-29-12 8:17AM Like  Reply
Add me please for Cinderella I have the perfect friend to give it to! - mrsdisney68   6.9 #14390 11-29-12 9:32AM Like  Reply
Please add me for Cinderella. This is so cute!! Thank you. - minniel0ver™   214.6 #1808 11-29-12 9:37AM Like  Reply
bump! no need to add, but this is very nice of you to give. =) - StitchEars   330.7 #748 11-29-12 12:13PM Like  Reply
Please add me for Cinderella. Thank you. - SThooray   6.3 #15347 11-29-12 12:15PM Like  Reply
Please add me for Sleeping Beauty. Thanks - keli7516   225.1 #1667 11-29-12 3:40PM Like  Reply
It looks like I will be stopping by the Kinkade gallery tomorrow! Should I add more postcards to this when I know which I can get or should I do a separate RAK in a week or so? - PiecesOf8   608.4 #335 11-29-12 5:39PM Like  Reply
Add me please for Cinderella thank you - EddyTheVillain   267.7 #1188 11-29-12 7:14PM Like  Reply
Please add me for sleeping beauty!! - BriarRose110511   230.9 #1597 11-29-12 9:33PM Like  Reply
I would love the sleeping beauty! Add me please! - tchrkt   7.6 #13391 11-30-12 12:25AM Like  Reply
Got a couple more postcards today. I'll be giving two of each pictured above and will do another postcard RAK in the future. Don't forget to enter. Ends tomorrow! - PiecesOf8   608.4 #335 11-30-12 8:51PM Like  Reply
👊 Last day to enter - PiecesOf8  608.4 #335 12-1-12 8:39AM
These are stunning. Please add me, love them both. Would love either one. Thanks!!! - IBelieveInFairies   707.0 #273 11-30-12 9:23PM Like  Reply
One last bump. Only a few hours left. 😄 - PiecesOf8   608.4 #335 12-1-12 8:10PM Like  Reply
Please add me for cinderella please! - Oinker34   1448.8 #118 12-1-12 8:12PM Like  Reply
RAK is officially closed. I will announce the winners in the late morning/early afternoon. - PiecesOf8   608.4 #335 12-2-12 12:07AM Like  Reply