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2416.6 #46 DL Qual #247 12-3-12 7:44PM
Live. Candle Light Procession down Main St USA
Ah please give us folks at home a run down of what it was like when you have a chance! - madsdad   1846.8 #75 12-3-12 7:48PM Like  Reply
i'm absolutely horrible at short, it's like christmas church service in disneyland. choirs, soloists, and live orchestra are amazing. and in between these amazing songs a celeb reads the story of Christmas. hth :) - toph  2416.6 #46 12-3-12 7:57PM
That was perfect. I think next year we are going to fly down for it. - madsdad  1846.8 #75 12-3-12 8:01PM
I think it's refreshing that DL celebrates the Christmas story and it's not a "happy holidays, let's celebrate it, but avoid directly discussing it" type of thing. 😊🌟 - Spoonful_O_Sugar  569.8 #320 12-3-12 9:04PM
Sounds amazing! - Luvvdisney  384.3 #533 12-3-12 9:43PM
at Spoonful_O_Sugar I can't say how much I appreciated Kurt Russell saying Merry Christmas to everyone instead of Happy Holidays☺😊 - toph  2416.6 #46 12-3-12 10:20PM
Beautiful Toph! πŸ‘ - Tom   8160.7 #5 12-3-12 7:48PM Like  Reply
Gorgeous pic toph! 😍 - LBChica   2111.1 #59 12-3-12 7:51PM Like  Reply
Where's the best place to sit? Strategically planning for tomorrow. - ShariRenee   5593.6 #15 12-3-12 7:53PM Like  Reply
Oh and thank you, beautiful! - ShariRenee  5593.6 #15 12-3-12 7:53PM
I've always had to just sit and wait and have always sat on the curb in front of City Hall. It will be interesting because this year I'll be in those seats. I tried asking CMs ushering how the seating will go and no one knows if it is first come first served or if it is assigned? I would imagine a seat close to the narrator but able to see the entire stage. I'm going to head out an ask guest relations. - toph  2416.6 #46 12-3-12 8:02PM
Because this is the first year of doing the AP events, no one really knows answers in advance. They're still working out bugs and all of that fun stuff. - IDVandalSkipperCM  2308.6 #52 12-3-12 8:10PM
Ok ShariRenee here's what I found out from a CM friend in Events who I ran into during the 7:30show. For the 5:30 show they will tell you to come back at 3:30. People came back at 2:30. First come first serve in seats. I would try and get center seats because I've seen the other views before. If you want to face Kurt sit more towards the Disney Gallery side. Interpreter (Sign Language) is to the right of the podium City Hall side. There are 400 less seats during the weekday and people aren't filling those up. If you are hanging out curb side when they are about to start CMs may let you grab a seat. Hope this helps. IMO there was plenty of standing room also at the 7:30 show. - toph  2416.6 #46 12-3-12 8:56PM
@toph, awesome info!!! Sound like 2:30 and center towards D. Gallery! My 18 year old daughter is pretty charming so I feel good seats coming our way. Thank you so much!!! - ShariRenee  5593.6 #15 12-3-12 9:04PM
You are welcome! Can't wait to see your photos tomorrow! - toph  2416.6 #46 12-3-12 9:35PM
Thank you! Yours were great, looks like they are hard to get! - ShariRenee  5593.6 #15 12-3-12 9:41PM
Did they put a giant tarp up to keep te rain out? - Mouse4life   1293.1 #110 12-3-12 7:53PM Like  Reply
The sky looks like a tent covering. Very cool. - DisneyVacationLover   461.0 #419 12-3-12 7:54PM Like  Reply
lol. i don't have a good camera, so i used a filter to give it a wrinkly paper effect. - toph   2416.6 #46 12-3-12 7:58PM Like  Reply
Thanks for sharing! - LaPearleNoir   1389.8 #103 12-3-12 8:08PM Like  Reply
Sounds amazing! Thx! - Luvvdisney   384.3 #533 12-3-12 9:00PM Like  Reply
Wow Toph, awesome pic! - PrincessDuckie   795.0 #205 12-3-12 9:15PM Like  Reply
Great shot - RAQQUEL   49.8 #4461 12-3-12 9:32PM Like  Reply
This is so neat. What an amazing experience I'm sure! - Queenof2princesses   259.6 #1170 12-3-12 9:34PM Like  Reply
Good information everyone- thanks! - ElSuperRaton   4469.1 #21 12-3-12 9:37PM Like  Reply
Beautiful - drktink   29.8 #5455 12-3-12 9:54PM Like  Reply
Love this! - disneyjuls   51.8 #4396 12-3-12 10:30PM Like  Reply