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340.1 #657 DL Qual #903 12-12-12 6:00PM
I know this is not Disney related but Please pray for those at Cal State Fullerton on lockdown. It is a very scary situation right now. I was in the campus building across the street and we were told to hurry and leave after an hour on lockdown. If you want more info it is all over the news and I don't have all the details. Thank you.
Yeah, it's not all that fun. I'm stuck in my art class. But the one good thing to come out of this: the president of Nickelodeon was a guest speaker for the class across the hall and now he's stuck here with us... Muahahahaha! - CM_LionGeek   352.9 #617 12-12-12 6:22PM Like(3)  Reply
I thought of you first when I heard the news. Glad there is a bright side to the look down for you. - Gia  802.0 #209 12-12-12 6:40PM
You are the sweetest thing! I have been trying to comment on your posts Gia all day and they wouldn't go for some reason. I know she will be happy to hear from her MW mom! Hoping she can leave to eat soon? - snowwannab  728.9 #240 12-12-12 6:42PM
I hear they're trying to evacuate the buildings, not sure. - CM_LionGeek  352.9 #617 12-12-12 7:49PM
Oh my gosh, how scary. Definitely in my thoughts right now! Thank goodness you're alright and were able to leave. - Spoonful_O_Sugar   593.6 #320 12-12-12 6:16PM Like(1)  Reply
Thank you, we have quite a few MW'ers that go to Fullerton. My daughter is there now on lockdown. She lives on campus and is very scared. Tough to be a parent. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers. We are getting updates from time to time, but no word on how long it will last. - snowwannab   728.9 #240 12-12-12 6:21PM Like  Reply
She'll be fine. Sounds like it may go on for awhile, but the campus is doing a good job keeping everyone safe. - Gia  802.0 #209 12-12-12 6:41PM
Yes they are, it's a mom's nightmare though! Thanks for the reassurance, I need it! - snowwannab  728.9 #240 12-12-12 6:43PM
It is a nightmare. And I thought of you guys when I heard the news. Hang in there, mom, it's what we moms do best! - Gia  802.0 #209 12-12-12 6:48PM
Your thoughts are appreciated more than you know! Nice to have others thinking about her. Thank you so much. - snowwannab  728.9 #240 12-12-12 6:55PM
I'm hoping your daughter is safe! - EpicDio  455.5 #445 12-12-12 7:02PM
Thank you! - snowwannab  728.9 #240 12-12-12 7:09PM
Yes definitely, my sister, brother in law and baby nephew are in the apartments right next to the school and said that there are tons of helicopters chasing 3 or 4 jewelry store robbers around the campus! Praying everyone in and around CSFU stays safe!😰🙏 - AvidDisneyThrifter220   1398.4 #109 12-12-12 6:23PM Like  Reply
Scary stuff! Hope they catch the suspects and no one gets hurt. - Mimmy   1442.3 #105 12-12-12 6:33PM Like  Reply
Me too! I'm pretty nervous for my kid LionGeek. - snowwannab  728.9 #240 12-12-12 6:36PM
That was a crazy car chase I was scared for the little kids getting out of school...hearing about this guy being armed and dangerous is so scary I'm praying that he gives himself up soon! - princessVanessa   384.3 #547 12-12-12 6:43PM Like  Reply
It's scary since I was there today for class - BaseballMickey_CM   7052.5 #9 12-12-12 6:52PM Like  Reply
Scary! Praying for you all to stay safe! 💗 - TinkerSchelle   1683.2 #91 12-12-12 6:59PM Like  Reply
I literally left campus minutes before I received the announcements. Hoping that everyone remains safe and calm. - EpicDio   455.5 #445 12-12-12 7:00PM Like  Reply
Oh man that's so scary I really hope everyone is ok!! - CourtyAstroBlisters   729.1 #239 12-12-12 7:00PM Like  Reply
I have a friend still on campus in Langsdorf Hall. She seems in good spirits but is scared. When I left police were everywhere and it looks like even more now. It is very scary but they are very organized. - aidensmama   340.1 #657 12-12-12 7:04PM Like  Reply
Hope it all works out. How scary! - DisneyVacationLover   461.9 #437 12-12-12 7:06PM Like  Reply
Hope everyone is okay! Regards from us here at the UA! - AshleyLynn22   791.2 #212 12-12-12 7:51PM Like  Reply
Need an update please...been thinking about you all all evening! Is it over? Everyone safe? - Darlingwendi   1193.2 #132 12-12-12 9:50PM Like  Reply
The ABC newsfeed on my FB recently said the campus is still locked down, but my daughter's friend said he was allowed to leave. - susieQzee  555.7 #342 12-12-12 9:52PM
Yes, update please - MrsSchnooks  3112.3 #40 12-12-12 9:53PM
I'm a student there and at 9:30pm, they emailed us saying that the police are still searching the whole campus. Heard on the radio that it might take all night. Some students have left campus on their own power because they were hungry - BaseballMickey_CM  7052.5 #9 12-12-12 10:01PM
Just heard from snowwannab and LionGeek is still in lock down in her class. Tired and hungry but ok...keep praying! - Darlingwendi  1193.2 #132 12-12-12 10:03PM
It is still going on. Emily is still on lockdown in a classroom with no food or water, but otherwise everyone is doing fine so far. I just got a text from her and they have no idea when they will be able to leave. They are still pretty scared and getting tired and hungry. Thank you everyone for your concern, it's been a rough evening with little information. Not sure what I would do without the MW family! - snowwannab  728.9 #240 12-12-12 10:06PM
The CSUF website says they're still locked down. - lostgirl7988  697.8 #253 12-12-12 10:08PM
I hope everything is fine now and nobody has been hurt. - MeridaFan   3550.9 #36 12-12-12 9:53PM Like  Reply
thanks for the update. i have a lot of friends who go to CSUF. hope all is okay. - nicoleface   1752.4 #83 12-12-12 10:16PM Like  Reply
Update: They are allowing people to leave at their own risk in groups. Buildings are also still being evacuated such as the library. - aidensmama   340.1 #657 12-12-12 10:23PM Like  Reply
This is so scary.. I really hope everyone is okay.. I was still a student there this time last year.. My heart really goes out to everyone affected by this and wish you all a safe return home.. Hopefully as soon as possible. - SarahLovesDisney   82.6 #3759 12-12-12 11:01PM Like  Reply
Sorry to bump this but I just received this text from the school: "CSUF Important Message. All buildings now clear. Occupants may leave. Please take care leaving the campus." - aidensmama   340.1 #657 12-12-12 11:55PM Like  Reply
Wow!! They have been on lockdown this whole time? I feel really out of it bc I was at DL all day and have no clue it was happening. I hope everyone is ok!!! - caramiapoohAKAface  3837.1 #31 12-13-12 12:08AM
The campus went into lockdown at 4pm and was officially cleared at about 12am. My class was lucky enough to be evacuated at 5 but most were not so lucky. But praise God no one on in the area of campus was hurt. - aidensmama  340.1 #657 12-13-12 12:18AM