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154.1 #2559 DL Qual #1533 12-30-12 7:47PM
Ok fellow Disney enthusiasts...I will be in Disneyland for my 26th birthday in mid May and I have a few options of where I would like to have my birthday dinner...could I have some input from those of you who have eaten at the following restaurants please? My choices are: Blue Bayou, Ariels Grotto, Wine Country Trattoria, House of Blues, and Napa Rose.
Those are all very different experiences. What sort of dinner did you have in mind...romantic, lively...etc? - Linzee   1045.8 #162 12-30-12 8:00PM Like(2)  Reply
I have only dined at Blue Bayou and Wine Country Trattoria, and I didn't care for either one. For a birthday meal I would aim for the Carthay Circle. - Lelundrial   560.3 #331 12-31-12 7:59AM Like(1)  Reply
Plaza Inn - connielu   686.5 #250 12-30-12 7:47PM Like  Reply
What's That Like? - LennaH  154.1 #2559 12-30-12 7:51PM
Fried chicken - PrincessDaisy  307.7 #802 12-30-12 7:56PM
Just don't take yo moma - philliprocks  1112.8 #146 12-30-12 8:47PM
You just might slap her 😂 - MonLuvsDisney  192.0 #2001 12-30-12 11:46PM
Blue Bayou is the only one out of all those that I have been to. Love the food and ambiance there. - KermitFan13   653.6 #276 12-30-12 7:50PM Like  Reply
House of blues is over priced and our food always takes forever, so order a sandwhich if you have to eat there. - PrincessDaisy   307.7 #802 12-30-12 7:58PM Like  Reply
Very true and it even took us a while to get a sandwich! It was good though. - MrsSchnooks  3112.1 #40 12-30-12 8:11PM
Yes good but I don't think worth it. :((( - PrincessDaisy  307.7 #802 12-30-12 9:57PM
I've heard Napa Rose is good! My fiancé and I are going to try it while we are in Disneyland next week :) - lovetrustpixidust   5.8 #14928 12-30-12 8:17PM Like  Reply
Let Me Know How It Is Please! :-) - LennaH  154.1 #2559 12-31-12 9:49AM
Napa Rose or I know it's not on your list but LOVE Carthay Circle - drmwshhrt   21.8 #6439 12-30-12 8:43PM Like  Reply
Go to Blue Bayou for lunch but do dinner at either Carthay Circle or Steakhouse 55 in the D Hotel. Not cheap but INSANELY great food! - OwlAndTigger   30.2 #5519 12-30-12 8:44PM Like  Reply
Lol Sorry PrincessKristin It Capitalizes Automatically And I Don't Know How To Fix It :-/ Everyon's Input Is Very Helpful, Thank You! - LennaH  154.1 #2559 12-30-12 9:23PM
I have eaten at all of those, and yeah, the dining experiences, prices, food types are all sooo different! Napa Rose is the best but just expect to pay A LOT! It is the kind of place where you take a sip from your water and someone immediately comes to top it off. The food is perfectly prepared and presented with huge attention to detail in the food as well as service. I'd say Blue Bayou is the next best for atmosphere, but the menu doesn't appeal to me as much as Cafe Orleans since I just love Monte Cristos! - brigeet   403.0 #512 12-30-12 11:28PM Like  Reply
Wine Country Trattoria!!! Went there for my 30th. Food was amazing!! - Luv-Mickey   27.0 #5792 12-30-12 11:52PM Like  Reply
If you can get into Club 33, that is my favorite! - coll   31.4 #5414 12-31-12 12:19AM Like  Reply
All the above...minus house of Blues (not a fan of their food). But in park I would pick Blue Bayou. Out of park Napa Rose (even though I have yet to go. Everyone here raves about it) - KissDclown   1089.1 #151 12-31-12 12:36AM Like  Reply
Based on your choices, i go for 1. blue bayou because of the ambiance. The food is alright and fancy! (just dont order monte cristo sandwich because its cheaper at Cafe orleans, blue bayou's neighbor) 2. Wine country trattoria coz of the WoC package(like what you said). Its more italian food here. - otilegna   2159.2 #63 12-31-12 3:04AM Like  Reply
I feel I must nominate the new Carthay Circle restaurant. I went there the day after it opened, and was overwhelmed with how good the food was (I found out the chefs came over from Napa Rose, and had been practicing the menu for months), and the general atmosphere. It's a great place to have a special dinner. I particularly like the outside balcony, where you can look down on Buena Vista Street. This should be perfect for May, unless it's super foggy. I feel it's as good as Napa Rose, but the portions are more hearty, and a bit larger. The price is pretty high, right up there with Blue Bayou. But my wife is wanting to go back for her birthday. - DizKahuna   227.2 #1564 12-31-12 5:34AM Like  Reply
Blue Bayou #1. Napa Rose #2. Both very special places - polo33   64.4 #4100 12-31-12 5:39AM Like  Reply
Ok If You Had To Choose Between Napa Rose And Wine Country Trattoria Which Would You Choose? Based On Quality And Quantity Of Food. - LennaH   154.1 #2559 12-31-12 8:01AM Like  Reply
Napa Rose - kskating  611.6 #299 12-31-12 8:03AM
No comparison: Napa Rose - ShariRenee  6202.2 #14 12-31-12 8:20AM
Napa Rose - Linzee  1045.8 #162 12-31-12 9:52AM