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307.4 #778 DL Qual #553 12-31-12 11:04AM
From last night. Thank you Churro for a fantastic meetup. I had such an amazing time. And I made it home safe this morning.
Good to hear you made it home safe ..seeya next time! - JollyRoger5   3430.1 #29 12-31-12 11:12AM Like  Reply
Thank you, it was so nice meeting you! - mousejedi  307.4 #778 12-31-12 12:55PM
Glad you made it home safe. It was nice meeting you! - PinkElephants   745.6 #217 12-31-12 11:21AM Like  Reply
Thank you, nice meeting you as well! - mousejedi  307.4 #778 12-31-12 12:56PM
It was nice meeting you. Glad you made it home safe. - aprilinjune4   483.5 #381 12-31-12 11:22AM Like  Reply
Thank you! Pleasure to have met you! (Sorry I forgot the first time lol) - mousejedi  307.4 #778 12-31-12 12:56PM
It was nice to finally meet you! Hope you have a happy and safe new year! - rbeezy   702.9 #231 12-31-12 11:23AM Like  Reply
Thank you it was nice to finally meet you too! Have a wonderful New year! - mousejedi  307.4 #778 12-31-12 12:57PM
It was a pleasure to meet you! Glad you made it home safe! - Lola027   450.3 #425 12-31-12 11:23AM Like  Reply
Thank you it was so nice to meet you as well! And I still love your Sully and Kermit hats! - mousejedi  307.4 #778 12-31-12 12:57PM
Glad you made it home safe. It was a fun time. I changed my name when I got home. - MeridasHair   346.5 #607 12-31-12 11:26AM Like  Reply
I was just going to ask when did you change your name ? Lol - PinkElephants  745.6 #217 12-31-12 11:28AM
At 2AM - MeridasHair  346.5 #607 12-31-12 11:37AM
After last night I thought it was fitting. - MeridasHair  346.5 #607 12-31-12 11:38AM
Haha! I didn't hear the conversation - PinkElephants  745.6 #217 12-31-12 11:39AM
It was a blast! Nice to have met you, and I love the new name! - mousejedi  307.4 #778 12-31-12 12:58PM
Great! You did change your name. I love it. - mini_MINNIE   1010.7 #156 12-31-12 1:45PM
Now I just need a picture of the locks in full sun. - MeridasHair  346.5 #607 12-31-12 1:51PM
Nice meeting u! Hope to see u soon - princessVanessa   384.3 #516 12-31-12 11:28AM Like  Reply
Thank you it was so nice to meet you too! I hope to be back soon as well! - mousejedi  307.4 #778 12-31-12 12:58PM
You finally met some MW'ers, lol... Come back soon! - NotSoDapperDan   323.3 #700 12-31-12 11:54AM Like  Reply
I know!! Finally! And it was fantastic! Nice to have met you and I plan on being back soon! - mousejedi  307.4 #778 12-31-12 12:59PM
It was nice meeting you! - madsdad   1800.8 #74 12-31-12 11:54AM Like  Reply
It was nice meeting you as well! And I can see why everyone loves your mini, she's adorable! - mousejedi  307.4 #778 12-31-12 1:00PM
Ok-this is a great picture (gorgeous btw) for listing who's in it! Glad you all had so much fun-it totally looked like it from the pictures-rain didnt bother your meetup AT ALL! - TinkerSchelle   1200.6 #119 12-31-12 11:58AM Like  Reply
Lol I thought about that after I posted it. Ok, left to right: ScooterMike, HollyGoLightlyPrincess, JollyRoger5, TINO, MeridasHair, and me! - mousejedi  307.4 #778 12-31-12 12:55PM
Yay! Thanks! - TinkerSchelle  1200.6 #119 12-31-12 12:59PM
Bahahahahaha! I had to go back and read this again!!! At first I read "HollyGoLightly" "PrincessJollyRoger5" 😂😂😂I was thinking, huh? - TinkerSchelle  1200.6 #119 12-31-12 1:01PM
Nice meeting you last night at Trader Sams! - ScubaSteve028   835.7 #188 12-31-12 1:07PM Like  Reply
It was nice to meet you too! Hope you were able to use all those ToT FPs.. - mousejedi  307.4 #778 12-31-12 1:16PM
Nice to meet you! So glad you got home safe!! Happy New Year! - ShariRenee   4545.6 #19 12-31-12 1:24PM Like  Reply
It was nice to meet you as well! - mousejedi  307.4 #778 12-31-12 1:30PM
Glad you made it back safely. Nice to meet you yesterday. Hope you enjoyed my ToT pic and paver stone video :) - Slotherini   1053.6 #146 12-31-12 1:38PM Like  Reply
The ToT pic.. questionable lol. But funny nonetheless. And it was fantastic meeting you and yes the video was HILARIOUS! - mousejedi  307.4 #778 12-31-12 2:16PM
Oh wonderful! It was great meeting you and hanging out and glad you made it home safe :) - HandMeAChurroImmaFaint   4463.0 #21 12-31-12 1:47PM Like  Reply
I'm so happy I got to meet the famous Churro! Thank you and have a wonderful new year! - mousejedi  307.4 #778 12-31-12 2:17PM
Pleasure meeting you yesterday. Glad to hear your home safe. - mini_MINNIE   1010.7 #156 12-31-12 1:48PM Like  Reply
It was awesome meeting you and congratulations to you! - mousejedi  307.4 #778 12-31-12 2:17PM
I'm glad you made it home safe too, but why are we all concerned with your safety? Not that it's a bad thing, we should all be concerned with each others safety, but I just wondering - philliprocks   903.5 #172 12-31-12 2:23PM Like  Reply
Lol.. because I was in the park all day and left at 1230 and drove the 6 hours home.. so sowanted to make sure I made it o..ok. - mousejedi  307.4 #778 12-31-12 6:17PM
It was nice to meet you yesterday. Glad to hear you made it home. Thanks for all those fast passes. 😝 - Waites4DodgerEars   970.1 #159 12-31-12 6:24PM Like  Reply
It was nice to meet you too! Had such a great time! And no problem at all =P - mousejedi  307.4 #778 12-31-12 7:38PM
Awesome time I had with you yesterday :) and I'm still surprised you drove home. - TINO   379.2 #527 12-31-12 6:29PM Like  Reply
It was awesome! Lol had to blast dubstep the whole way but I made it. - mousejedi  307.4 #778 12-31-12 7:39PM
Some cool people in this pic. Glad you had an amazing time. - LaTruce   2251.9 #51 12-31-12 6:32PM Like  Reply
Thank you! And yes they are some very cool people! - mousejedi  307.4 #778 12-31-12 7:40PM