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266.7 #1030 DL Qual #411 1-2-13 1:36PM
Just recieved this email...has anyone else gotten an invite yet?

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Nope, but I'll be looking out for it soon! And I'll be in the parks during that time, yippee!! - MissMolly  1144.9 #103 1-2-13 2:15PM Like(1)  Reply
Here is the link for AP'ers to reserve this package. - MrsMears  214.6 #1625 1-2-13 3:06PM Like(1)  Reply
I took the bait! Got our reservations for the 10th. CM said phones were very busy taking reservations. I will take my chances on being worth the money, but I am excited to be going on the first night. - snowwannab  662.3 #220 1-2-13 6:10PM Like(1)  Reply
I think it's for all AP holders and you don't need an invite. Curious if the $35 is worth it. - JenInWonderland  1025.6 #127 1-2-13 2:04PM Like  Reply
Been an ap for 20 years and I don't get all the notices - Plumiegirl  6774.6 #3 1-2-13 2:21PM
It includes food (sandwiches, sides, souvenir mug of corn chips) and some sort of commemorative item. - bluefairy  642.1 #229 1-2-13 3:19PM
Nope and I just checked my email. - Lelundrial  410.6 #446 1-2-13 2:10PM Like  Reply
I didn't get one, I'd like one!! - MrsMears  214.6 #1625 1-2-13 2:17PM Like  Reply
Didn't get one. Hope I do. I'm wondering if it's like the CLP they just had for the reserved seating. By invite only. - dland-fun  74.1 #3662 1-2-13 2:19PM Like  Reply
All AP's can get this by visiting (just posted the update from Disney Parks blog) - SPandEvLover  2309.2 #41 1-2-13 2:30PM Like  Reply
Didn't get this email yet but thanks for the info. I really hope we're able to do this!! - PiecesOf8  587.7 #261 1-2-13 2:59PM Like  Reply
I haven't gotten this either, is it a standard email or is like a subscription? - Pinman  22.8 #5678 1-2-13 3:08PM Like  Reply
I never get emails from Disney -__- I don't know why. - Jenniferr  506.7 #326 1-2-13 3:20PM Like  Reply
They posted the registration link on FB. Doesn't look like too many AP's are thrilled about the price and extra money needed to attend these events. I wonder how the rest of these will go. - ScubaSteve028  835.4 #161 1-2-13 3:27PM Like  Reply
No one is forcing them to go. I don't think they are charging for regular tickets, this is a hard ticket event that includes guaranteed seating, a meal and souvenirs, so it seems to me that people are complaining because they aren't getting a freebie. 😏 - bluefairy  642.1 #229 1-2-13 4:54PM
I agree bluefairy, but I say for $35, there should be more of an option than roast beef and turkey sandwhiches. Not that I don't love sandwhiches, but that's an expensive sandwhich/sides/souvenir mug. - mini_MINNIE   852.6 #156 1-2-13 4:59PM
@bluefairy Yes you are right BUT I just think with the extreme increase (+$150 for premium!) in annual pass prices this year, we all kind of expected some special benefits that do not require additional payment to enjoy. - Jenniferr  506.7 #326 1-2-13 5:18PM
I can understand both sides. I don't mind paying the $35 to experience something I've never had a chance to see before. Then again, I don't have any kids to pay for either. 35 bucks might be a lot to people who are already saving just to pay the $650 a year for them AND their kids to enjoy the parks. Also, the AP movie events that were held only once a week at Great Moments with Lincoln were free, and they could not fill all the seats. That's why I'm kinda curious about how these paid events are going to go. I'll still plan on being there and I don't like either of those sandwiches😷. - ScubaSteve028  835.4 #161 1-2-13 6:57PM
Not all pass holders are premium, so we can't assume that everyone is paying $650 for the privilege. The price hike, which no one wants to pay, we're not crazy, is not intended to pay for special "perks," but for the added costs to operate the parks. In the time since i first got my AP, gas prices have gone up like, 300%. premium AP, only double, but that is with the addition of a whole 2nd gate! 😜 As for the movie't we all already have those movies at home? More than anything, I think that's why they weren't big sell-out events. I think that this is something we won't be able to see anywhere else and maybe people will want to guarantee a chance to experience it. - bluefairy  642.1 #229 1-3-13 3:40AM
Pass - vincentchase1  672.6 #216 1-2-13 3:30PM Like  Reply
Port :-) - uscdisneyteacher  6208.6 #7 1-2-13 5:16PM
My email showed up this afternoon. I would love to go experience this. But doubt I will be able to get down there that soon. - MeridaFan  2821.3 #30 1-2-13 5:13PM Like  Reply
Got my email today. Wish I could go.. - streetsweeper  511.8 #320 1-2-13 5:51PM Like  Reply
Got the email too. It's sounds cool but I do agree with some of you that as a pass holder this should be a lower price. - Apples2  514.7 #316 1-2-13 6:15PM Like  Reply
Nope. Haven't gotten any mail. - Winnie111286  440.8 #403 1-2-13 6:29PM Like  Reply
I just got the email a few min ago :-) - uscdisneyteacher  6208.6 #7 1-2-13 6:54PM Like  Reply
I never got this email thank you for sharing! Me and hubby will be there Feb 2-5 so we may just try this - sunshinegrl  348.4 #562 1-2-13 9:49PM Like  Reply
I got mine and will call tomorrow! LOL, I hope they are still available by then!!!! - Boundin  459.4 #372 1-2-13 11:05PM Like  Reply
Nope. I am not very special I guess. :( - aidensmama  340.1 #583 1-3-13 2:27AM Like  Reply
I saw they were doing that as Limited Time Magic! Cool! - goofygal  5753.2 #9 1-3-13 6:05AM Like  Reply