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587.7 #261 DL Qual #214 1-4-13 10:20AM
In park RAK. I have two iPhone 4S cases that include screen protectors and I also have a Minnie Mouse wish bracelet for someone's mini! Wearing jeans and a purple Ursula shirt. Come find me!! **one per person

Heading to the jungle cruise!! - PiecesOf8  587.7 #261 1-4-13 10:20AM Like  Reply
Wow great RAK. In California but I may head over just to find you. - TangledsDad  228.7 #1450 1-4-13 10:26AM Like  Reply
Nice RAK! Good luck! - JenInWonderland  1025.6 #127 1-4-13 10:27AM Like  Reply
I love that Disneyland Iphone case!!! But..I have an Android & I'm not in the park! lol Hope someone finds you!!! - Armenda  1116.3 #107 1-4-13 10:28AM Like  Reply
Those are awesome!! - Linzee  771.6 #182 1-4-13 10:46AM Like  Reply
Awesome RAK! Good luck to those searching for you :) - rbeezy  699.0 #198 1-4-13 10:50AM Like  Reply
Wish I could be there those really nice.. Be there tomorrow. Hope someone finds you. - GoofyCarla  62.0 #3898 1-4-13 10:51AM Like  Reply
Pirates time!! - PiecesOf8  587.7 #261 1-4-13 11:00AM Like  Reply
Ru near Thunder RR??? I'm looking for u! - Pwing  24.5 #5513 1-4-13 11:17AM Like  Reply
About to get off of Pirates. Then to HM!! 👻🎃🎄 - PiecesOf8  587.7 #261 1-4-13 11:39AM Like  Reply
Headed to ride Big Thunder. I can bring 2 people on if anyone's interested. Meet me by the exit. :) - PiecesOf8  587.7 #261 1-4-13 12:09PM Like  Reply
About to get on the ride in about 5 minutes. - PiecesOf8  587.7 #261 1-4-13 12:15PM
Bump for those in the parks..these are awesome! - Prettynpink1023  276.4 #926 1-4-13 12:17PM Like  Reply
Headed to the Matterhorn. - PiecesOf8  587.7 #261 1-4-13 12:28PM Like  Reply
Trying to find you! Lol - HollyGolightlyPrincess  392.1 #472 1-4-13 12:48PM
I think I saw you when my mom and sister got in line! I'm by edelweiss snacks across from the people who do the character name paintings!! - PiecesOf8  587.7 #261 1-4-13 12:52PM
Awesome RAK. Good luck to all in the parks. - buzzlightear  55.9 #4032 1-4-13 12:44PM Like  Reply
Sitting on a bench near Edelweiss Snacks. - PiecesOf8  587.7 #261 1-4-13 12:45PM Like  Reply
Oh bummer just left go go into California - 4ladiesandalittleman  44.0 #4386 1-4-13 12:48PM Like  Reply
Ooohh top right is cute! But I don't have a 4S, and I'm not at DL. :( Good luck! I hope someone finds you! - Jillian  766.7 #183 1-4-13 1:01PM Like  Reply
Bracelet has been claimed! Yay. Riding BTMR again. - PiecesOf8  587.7 #261 1-4-13 1:05PM Like  Reply
Thank you so much!! My niece loved finding you! - HollyGolightlyPrincess  392.1 #472 1-4-13 1:26PM
These are such awesome RAKs! So very kind of you. Wish I was in the parks to play along! - SneakyStella  318.3 #679 1-4-13 1:13PM Like  Reply
Over at the Big Thunder Ranch Jamboree area enjoying some music!! - PiecesOf8  587.7 #261 1-4-13 1:32PM Like  Reply
About to go on Nemo. - PiecesOf8  587.7 #261 1-4-13 1:59PM Like  Reply
Oh man wish I was there! I love the Disneyland one and totally need a new case. Hope someone finds you! - Princesspunsalan  8.2 #9771 1-4-13 2:14PM Like  Reply
Wow that's really cool! Lucky mw'ers that find you!! - brodysmommy  308.0 #728 1-4-13 2:17PM Like  Reply
awesome! good luck to everyone in the park! - OhanaPhoto  2912.6 #29 1-4-13 2:25PM Like  Reply
Great RAKs!!! - ima-pirateswife  600.7 #256 1-4-13 2:27PM Like  Reply
Headed to Cafe Orleans. - PiecesOf8  587.7 #261 1-4-13 2:36PM Like  Reply
I've been looking for you lol I can't find you 😆 - BELLEisima  322.8 #658 1-4-13 3:03PM
I've been trying to update for a bit now. Couldn't get a table at Cafe Orleans so everyone in my group is getting hot dogs at Award weiners in DCA. - PiecesOf8  587.7 #261 1-4-13 3:35PM Like  Reply
We've been been at the cafe looking for u , lol. On our way back to Cali to find u. - 4ladiesandalittleman  44.0 #4386 1-4-13 3:40PM Like  Reply
So awesome!!! Exciting!!!! - TinkerSchelle  1036.2 #125 1-4-13 3:42PM Like  Reply
R u at the hot dog place? Can't find u - 4ladiesandalittleman  44.0 #4386 1-4-13 3:52PM Like  Reply
Great RAK! - dumbbunny  602.0 #255 1-4-13 4:14PM Like  Reply
Haven't been able to get the lounge to open all this time since my last update. Getting our jackets from the lockers then headed to ToT, then RSR for our 8pm return time. - PiecesOf8  587.7 #261 1-4-13 6:55PM Like  Reply
Awesome RAK! I hope someone finds you. Have a wonderful evening. - LaPearleNoir  1107.9 #112 1-4-13 6:59PM Like  Reply
So far I've only had good enough service to get on MW in the esplanade. Definitely not good when trying to do a RAK. If they're not claimed today I will do another RAK for them. - PiecesOf8  587.7 #261 1-4-13 7:09PM Like  Reply
I will be on the look out - Cherry91  434.3 #410 1-4-13 7:14PM
Oh my gosh! I'm ready to turn the sirens on in this ambulance and race there for the POTC one! Only my FAV ride..and my iPhone case just broke. Good luck and I hope someone finds you!! - DisneyDavidEMT  1233.3 #93 1-4-13 7:12PM Like  Reply
About to re-enter and head to BTMR for my last ride till it reopens. :( - PiecesOf8  587.7 #261 1-4-13 8:41PM Like  Reply
My friend stole the phone case pictured on the right but still have the Pirates case. We're headed home now so I will post the RAK tomorrow and will mail to the winner. :) - PiecesOf8  587.7 #261 1-4-13 10:47PM Like  Reply