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1860.8 #60 DL Qual #23 1-5-13 10:30AM
#Rak. Notsoangelstitch mimi mwr in training here and today is my Birthday.Im pikarich/stitchohnana daughter and today Im helping with a MONSTER RAK.* ok mwrs this is pikarich and her's the rules for the george sanderson rak. 100 mw points,us address,dm enable and must be a mwr minimum 3 months.add me please and whats one of the best birthday present or surprise u ever got.rak will close on jan 11th at 7am and winner will be posted on jan 14th. good luck to everyone.

Happy birthday notsoangelstitch :) No need to add me. - IDVandalSkipperCM  1942.1 #56 1-5-13 10:33AM Like  Reply
Happy birthday little one! Please add me 😊 my mini saw this and screamed georgie! Lol favorite bday gift so far is my dumbo snowglobe or my keurig - DisneyMe2Death  865.9 #155 1-5-13 10:41AM Like  Reply
No need to add me, just saying Happy Birthday! - ShariRenee  3415.3 #24 1-5-13 10:42AM Like  Reply
Happy Birthday!!! (no need to add me) - BelieveInMagic  97.6 #3349 1-5-13 10:42AM Like  Reply
I can't play, but I wanted to say happy birthday anyway. Love that George has a sock on him lol - GoofyMom77  457.5 #375 1-5-13 10:43AM Like  Reply
Please add me for GoofyMom77 cuz one of my best recent surprises/gifts-although not birthday-was my secret Santa gift....and she organized the who thing! "thanks" to her and happy birthday to the prettiest little "monster" I've ever seen! What a princess! Thanks! - TinkerSchelle  1036.2 #125 1-5-13 1:45PM
First off and most importantly, Happy Birthday to Notsoangelstitch! Enjoy your training, work hard and you will soon be an official MWer (as soon as you reach the age of13). Your parents are great MW role models so follow their lead. Please add me for this super cute RAK. We love all things Monsters Inc and George is so cute. My favorite birthday present was spending the day in the parks this past November. Thank you. - LaPearleNoir  1107.9 #112 1-5-13 10:53AM Like  Reply
aww shes a cutie!!happy birthday !!! no need to add me - Hendizl  2245.7 #44 1-5-13 11:01AM Like  Reply
Yay Happy Birthday! - JollyRoger5  3035.5 #28 1-5-13 11:01AM Like  Reply
Happy Birthday!!! Please add me. The best gift(s) I ever got were my Disney movies. Thank you! =D - DisneyDork95  206.2 #1739 1-5-13 11:01AM Like  Reply
Happy birthday princess! What a generous RAK! - Duchess_SMK  5090.2 #13 1-5-13 11:06AM Like  Reply
Happy birthday! :D Don't add me just wanted to wish her a great day. - JRDrummer_CM  875.4 #153 1-5-13 11:08AM Like  Reply
Awww. Happy birthday, princess! What a cutie! No need to add me for your great RAK. Good luck to all. - MeridaFan  2822.1 #30 1-5-13 11:09AM Like  Reply
awesome! no need to add :0) i just wanted to say happy happy!!! πŸŽ‰πŸŽˆπŸŽˆπŸŽ‰ - OhanaPhoto  2912.6 #29 1-5-13 11:19AM Like  Reply
No need to add me but wanted to say how sweet of her and you guys and happy birthday! I rarely see her up, I always catch her napping lol - MarshaMouse  3503.4 #23 1-5-13 11:19AM Like  Reply
Happy birthday cutie. Add me please. My little one would love it - Gimmer  278.9 #910 1-5-13 11:19AM Like  Reply
Add me please for 2319 RAK!!! The best present I have gotten is my AP! Thanks and Happy Bday! - iamdugsmaster  878.3 #151 1-5-13 11:52AM Like  Reply
Happy birthday! That's my boy favorite monster character! Add me please. One birthday I got a used 1987 Californian mongoose loop tail. 20 years later and I'm still riding it - Philliprocks  671.2 #220 1-5-13 12:22PM Like  Reply
Please add me! So cute. My favorite bday present was my nook color. I love it. Happy Birthday princess! - DisneyVacationLover  341.3 #580 1-5-13 12:26PM Like  Reply
Happy Birthday notsoangelstitch!! Hope you have a great day!! Add me please :) my best bday gift was my 'Mom' Tiffany necklace that I wear every day. Thanks so much!! :) - brodysmommy  308.0 #728 1-5-13 12:31PM Like  Reply
Happy Birthday! And no need to add me :) - Ain1derland  330.2 #623 1-5-13 12:31PM Like  Reply
Sooo cute!!! Happy Birthday princess!! Please add me!! The best surprise I got is when my parents told me they were going to pay off my car. I was struggling financially at the time and almost lost my car. They offered to pay the remaining balance. It was such a wonderful surprise and a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. Thank you!!! Good Luck everyone! - Armenda  1116.3 #107 1-5-13 12:34PM Like  Reply
I had a similar thing happen, I cried like a baby. - Linzee  771.7 #182 1-5-13 12:56PM
Happy birthday to herπŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰(please don't add me) - Linzee  771.7 #182 1-5-13 12:55PM Like  Reply
Happy Birthday! Omg my lil one would love this its his fave movie but i'm short on points. Good luck everone! - dumbbunny  602.0 #255 1-5-13 2:06PM Like  Reply
HBD!! Great MW parents and please add me for whomever has little ones that responds to this post. So jealous today btw my friend!! - DisneyDavidEMT  1233.3 #93 1-5-13 2:35PM Like  Reply
I'm responding! Thanks David - LaPearleNoir  1107.9 #112 1-5-13 2:54PM
So of course, please add me now for LaPearleNoir! (Which is a very cool MW name btw) - DisneyDavidEMT  1233.3 #93 1-5-13 3:03PM
Thank you! I was dubbed by ChurroVonCinnamon. - LaPearleNoir  1107.9 #112 1-5-13 3:22PM
So was I! πŸ˜ƒ - DisneyDavidEMT  1233.3 #93 1-5-13 3:24PM
She's the best! - LaPearleNoir  1107.9 #112 1-5-13 3:47PM
Happy birthday little one. Add me please. The best birthday present I've received was a surprise birthday party. Thank you! - LittleStarSweeper  351.6 #553 1-6-13 1:17AM Like  Reply
So cute!! Happy Birthday Little MWer!! Please add me, my best birthday surprise was my first road trip! So cool! Thanks so much! - wendytink  330.7 #620 1-6-13 9:18PM Like  Reply
πŸŽ‰You are a darling birthday girl! Hope you enjoy your special birthday! So sweet of you to give such a nice RAK, someone is going to be very lucky. 🎈🎈🎈 - piratelife4me  650.7 #224 1-6-13 9:35PM Like  Reply
Happy Birthday!!!! Please add me for Iamdugsmaster. She loves 2319. Thank you :) - misseeyore  537.9 #295 1-9-13 6:25PM Like  Reply
Happy Birthday!!! And please add me! Best present I've gotten would have to be for my birthday a long time ago when my parents blind-folded me and we drove to the Grand Californian Hotel and stayed for the night and went to the parks on the next day. Thank you! - BrerRabbit  305.0 #749 1-9-13 6:45PM Like  Reply
Happy Birthday mini mwer in training! One of the best things I ever got for my birthday was a premium annual pass from my wife. Please add me for # 13 thank you. - GrumpyPirateDad  1576.0 #69 1-9-13 6:57PM Like  Reply
happy Birthday sweet girl!! *gives her a lil kiss on the cheek* - HandMeAChurroImmaFaint  3143.3 #26 1-9-13 7:02PM Like  Reply
*0* = => smiley face - pikarich  1860.8 #60 1-9-13 7:14PM
Add me please. Best birthday surprise was a trip to the parks thank to my wife. Thank you - EddyTheVillain  267.7 #1022 1-9-13 11:18PM Like  Reply