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5220.6 #15 DL Qual #12 1-8-13 5:58PM
#News The Wreck it Ralph meet and Greet has closed. Yesterday was the last day for character meet and greets at the starcade location.
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so glad we went sunday! thanks for the info! - OhanaPhoto   3357.7 #30 1-8-13 6:31PM Like(1)  Reply
I'm glad I went on Sunday too. I almost got out of line. Now, I'm happy I didn't. Love that movie. - PrincessTiannaBeignet  274.8 #1005 1-8-13 10:32PM
we almost did too, he went on his break while we were in line. so glad we waited :0) - OhanaPhoto  3357.7 #30 1-8-13 11:03PM
Again... Having trouble with my search feature in the parks. If this has been posted, I will delete this. - RCmom   5220.6 #15 1-8-13 5:59PM Like  Reply
:( - Mermaidmommy   32.9 #5176 1-8-13 6:00PM Like  Reply
Ditto! - MrsTinkPan  9.7 #9818 1-9-13 12:26AM
No way! That was too quick - MarshaMouse   4074.5 #24 1-8-13 6:02PM Like  Reply
I know! The line was super long on Sunday so we told Carly wed come back. Now it's all boarded up and confirmed that Ralph and Vanelope have left the park and returned to their games. - RCmom  5220.6 #15 1-8-13 6:08PM
NO!!! I was looking forward to getting a picture with them next week. Gosh darnit. - KermitFan13   646.8 #260 1-8-13 6:14PM Like  Reply
How sad. 😢 They didn't remove the games did they? - Waites4DodgerEars   973.1 #164 1-8-13 6:26PM Like  Reply
Ohhh no! We didnt get our pictures with them either :( - pinkmonkeys   523.0 #350 1-8-13 6:29PM Like  Reply
That's such a bummer! I wanted to get a picture with Vanellope but she was never there when I tried!! 😞 - PiecesOf8   591.9 #298 1-8-13 6:30PM Like  Reply
NOOOOO! We wanted to meet them on Thursday! - PrincessDuckie   755.6 #215 1-8-13 6:33PM Like  Reply
Wow that was fast. - DisneyMe2Death   875.0 #183 1-8-13 6:42PM Like  Reply
Oh nooooo we were going tomorrow! - Fantasmicfan1   524.0 #348 1-8-13 7:29PM Like  Reply
so weird that there was no warning. at least that i know of. sad. :( - nicoleface   1749.9 #77 1-8-13 7:33PM Like  Reply
Wow, that was fast! Kindof surprised...thanks for the update though! - MinnieMousewife   805.4 #197 1-8-13 7:49PM Like  Reply
Whahaaahahaha! I never met them!!!! That is kind of a bummer :( - otilegna   1856.0 #73 1-8-13 7:52PM Like  Reply
Aaah man...bummer! :( - MissAmericaSings   360.5 #574 1-8-13 7:54PM Like  Reply
NOOOOOOOO!!!!! I'm visiting this Saturday with my boyfriend and his family. Sad day. He's been raving about the movie since months before it came out. - AWholeNewWorld   321.0 #715 1-8-13 7:55PM Like  Reply
NOOOOOOOO!!!!! I'm visiting this Saturday with my boyfriend and his family. Sad day. He's been raving about the movie since months before it came out. - AWholeNewWorld   321.0 #715 1-8-13 7:55PM Like  Reply
I am sorry to hear this. We always thought we would make it over to meet him. - RadiatorSprings4Ever   944.5 #167 1-8-13 7:56PM Like  Reply
So sad.. Anyone know if the arcade area is staying? - justcallmeKP   255.4 #1194 1-8-13 8:01PM Like  Reply
We were told by the CMs there that it would be converted to another meet and greet area, but no indications as to what for. Princess Leia???😜 - RCmom  5220.6 #15 1-8-13 8:16PM
Meet and Greet for Oz? - otilegna  1856.0 #73 1-8-13 8:45PM
Well that's a bummer. I was sure they would have kept it until the DvD/Bluray release day. - SneakyStella   321.9 #711 1-8-13 8:42PM Like  Reply
NOOOOOOOOO!!! - TheNewTrent   748.0 #217 1-8-13 8:45PM Like  Reply
Oh darn, guess I won't get to take my photo with the biggest character ever! shucks LOL - Lola027   450.3 #430 1-8-13 8:54PM Like  Reply
Oh no!!! I only met Vanellope... Bummer! - SleepyTortuga   288.4 #894 1-8-13 9:09PM Like  Reply
Noooo!! I didn't to meet or greet them!! Im sad now! - sleepyhead_CM   596.2 #296 1-8-13 10:57PM Like  Reply
That didn't last very long. Maybe they are relocating them to another location?? - Armenda   1135.8 #131 1-8-13 11:00PM Like  Reply
I hope they are relocating them like you said ... My sons 7 . That's his fav movie right now . He would love to meet them - eviljules  1027.8 #153 1-8-13 11:02PM
We were told they may appear at DCA sometime, but not definite. Sounded like even the CMs weren't totally sure. They just knew that the current location was closed. - RCmom  5220.6 #15 1-8-13 11:03PM
I could possibly see them in DCA. Where? I have no idea.... lol I know whatever they decide it will be great! - Armenda  1135.8 #131 1-8-13 11:05PM
What a shame! Thankfully I saw them on Sunday but I will definitely miss them! I loved their setup and them! :( - fortheloveofdisney   25.5 #5780 1-8-13 11:23PM Like  Reply
My daughter is gonna be so sad when I tell her. We didn't get to take pictures with them :-( Thanks for the info! - MrsTinkPan   9.7 #9818 1-9-13 12:33AM Like  Reply
That's a bummer! Those costumes were amazing! - HarvesterProducts   252.0 #1227 1-9-13 12:59AM Like  Reply