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728.9 #239 DL Qual #212 1-10-13 10:17PM
WINNER WINNER!!! CONGRATS TO DisneyGrandma for Armenda. Please DM me your shipping information. Thanks to everyone that entered. I hope some of you will be able to see the show. RAK!!! For those of you that will not be able to attend the Limited Time Annual Passholder show. This is the plastic boot mug that was given to each person. I am also including the CD they gave us at the end of the show. The rules are: need to have 25 mw rank so that I can DM you. Must be an AP holder, as these were the only people who could attend. RAK will close Sunday, Jan. 13 at 5 pm. Good Luck!
Oh my gosh! My dad would absolutely love this! He loves the Golden Horseshoe & he watches western movies all day, everyday! Lol please add me! Thank you!!! - Armenda   1153.8 #140 1-10-13 10:19PM Like(2)  Reply
please add me for armenda! - Hendizl  2652.0 #43 1-12-13 7:58AM
I agree; add me for Armenda as well; nothing like making a disney daddy happy!(: - kianatony  14.1 #8215 1-12-13 9:16AM
Please add me for Armenda! - Yesi  110.6 #3319 1-12-13 10:40AM
You guys are so sweet!! Thank you!!! - Armenda  1153.8 #140 1-12-13 12:09PM
Please add me for Armenda. Her dad sounds awesome! Who can resist a man who loves westerns! Thank you so much for your generous RAK. - DisneyGrandma   861.8 #197 1-10-13 10:32PM Like(1)  Reply
Oops...I'm not currently an AP holder, but will be in April, however Armenda is if that counts. :) - DisneyGrandma  861.8 #197 1-10-13 10:34PM
Yes, I will add for Armenda no problem. Thanks for entering. - snowwannab  728.9 #239 1-10-13 10:36PM
Aww thank you!! - Armenda  1153.8 #140 1-11-13 7:03AM
No need to add, but I just want to say how generous of you!!! - 7mouskedoodles   361.0 #593 1-11-13 7:20AM Like(1)  Reply
Wow! This is REALLY nice of you! Please add me-I can't go to the AP show next week cuz my BFF doesn't have AP!!! Thanks and thanks for the pics!👍 - TinkerSchelle   1679.0 #91 1-10-13 10:21PM Like  Reply
I had to make up for the horrible picture I posted. Thanks! - snowwannab  728.9 #239 1-10-13 10:23PM
ANY picture of something so limited is fun for us!!!😘📷 - TinkerSchelle  1679.0 #91 1-10-13 10:24PM
Please add me. Fantastic RAK!!!! - Goofygirlie   210.4 #1793 1-10-13 10:21PM Like  Reply
Please add me for Ricko19 he loves The Gold Horseshoe. - HanLostLeia   1098.3 #152 1-10-13 10:22PM Like  Reply
Add me please. Thank you so much. - aidensmama   340.1 #656 1-10-13 10:28PM Like  Reply
please add me - sctoaonk75   275.0 #1045 1-10-13 10:28PM Like  Reply
Please add me for ricko19, thank you - madsdad   1868.1 #77 1-10-13 10:33PM Like  Reply
Please add me. Thank you. - dnerd   294.0 #886 1-10-13 10:34PM Like  Reply
Add me please. I have an pass but am too far away to attend all these cool things. Thanks for the Rak. - justme2012   142.5 #2757 1-10-13 10:36PM Like  Reply
Please add me for Armenda, thanks. - RickChavez   3516.8 #37 1-10-13 10:37PM Like  Reply
Thank you!! - Armenda  1153.8 #140 1-11-13 7:04AM
Please add me for Armenda! I hope you win for your dad. - leftmyheartinwonderland   359.9 #596 1-10-13 10:48PM Like  Reply
Thank you!! - Armenda  1153.8 #140 1-11-13 7:04AM
Oh please add me! I really want to do the AP show but even if I make it within the window the Revue is at the park I won't be able to do the AP show. 😔 Would love to win this. Thanks. - PiecesOf8   597.4 #317 1-10-13 10:48PM Like  Reply
Wait when was the event ? - Hendizl   2652.0 #43 1-10-13 10:51PM Like  Reply
The show runs select days now until Feb 4. The 6:30 how is reserved for APs and cost $35. You get dinner, dessert, a CD, and the plastic boot. - LilSterner  4988.3 #20 1-10-13 10:57PM
The first show was tonight. They go for another few weeks. You can see the show in the daytime without paying for the AP dinner event. - snowwannab  728.9 #239 1-10-13 10:57PM
Please add me! Thanks! - lovetheland7   177.3 #2205 1-10-13 10:53PM Like  Reply
Add me please. Thank you. - LittleStarSweeper   353.7 #614 1-11-13 12:34AM Like  Reply
Please add me thank u so much - disneylegoman   330.8 #691 1-11-13 1:12AM Like  Reply
add me please...thank you! - MinniesGamma   3.3 #31836 1-11-13 6:19AM Like  Reply
Oh my gosh, this is awesome! It'd be the perfect addition to my disney cup/glass collection. And because I just renewed my AP, I can now say "please add me!" :) Thanks very much! - KylaShea   632.7 #293 1-11-13 6:59AM Like  Reply
I am an AP pass holder, and would absolutely love this! Please add me :) Thanks so much! - AnnaJoy   181.6 #2155 1-11-13 7:14AM Like  Reply
This is fully awesome! I had to let my AP expire or I would play along:) - GoofyMom77   683.7 #262 1-11-13 8:22AM Like  Reply
Very much a Golden Horshoe fan and love the shows! Please add me! - DisneyDavidEMT   2280.4 #56 1-11-13 8:40AM Like  Reply
Please add me for your generous RaK! I love the Golden Horeshoe and was supposed to be at the show....but I ended up in the emergency room twice this week instead:( I have an AP but unfortunately I doesn't look like my work schedule will make another trip down for the show possible. Thanks! - SBsnowwhite   511.3 #383 1-11-13 9:39AM Like  Reply
Add me for Armenda please! - PrinceTeaJack   923.7 #179 1-11-13 9:51AM Like  Reply
We have missed you on here! - snowwannab  728.9 #239 1-11-13 9:56AM
Thank you TJ! You have been missed! :) - Armenda  1153.8 #140 1-11-13 10:33AM
OMG please add me and thank you!! I would see this show with my family every visit, such wonderful memories. I have an AP but live 7 hours away and am so sad that I can't make it down for this. Thank you again for this amazing RAK!! 😊 - MinnieMousewife   884.3 #185 1-11-13 10:01AM Like  Reply
add me please, very cool! Thanks so much! - wendytink   346.8 #634 1-11-13 10:31AM Like  Reply
Add me please. Thank you - EddyTheVillain   267.7 #1120 1-11-13 9:16PM Like  Reply
Add me for TinkerSchelle please. - LilSterner   4988.3 #20 1-11-13 9:23PM Like  Reply
Add me please and thank you for DisneyDavidEMT - melissa_ficent   318.6 #748 1-11-13 9:27PM Like  Reply
Please add me, this is an epic RAK! Thanks - skywalker661   231.2 #1521 1-11-13 9:27PM Like  Reply
Please add me. Thank you. - dduckfan   280.1 #987 1-11-13 11:10PM Like  Reply
Please add me! I have a premium ap. thanks. - rvaswan1103   57.3 #4297 1-12-13 5:58AM Like  Reply
Add me please! I am a premium Passholder and I live in the San Francisco bay area. Our next trip isn't until late February so I won't get the chance to see the show. Thank you! - Kfeatherer   348.0 #630 1-12-13 7:04AM Like  Reply
Please add me! Thanks for such an awesome RAK opportunity. Very sweet of you. Been an AP since September! - joybells   212.8 #1759 1-12-13 7:49AM Like  Reply
Please add me for SBsnowwhite. I am a premium passholder. Thank you so much! - MeridaFan   3549.5 #36 1-12-13 8:38AM Like  Reply
Thank you so much! - SBsnowwhite  511.3 #383 1-12-13 10:35AM
Please add me I have been a premium pass holder for 4 years now thanks - DSNYCheeks3   866.1 #195 1-12-13 10:49AM Like  Reply
Please add me for Armenda. :-P - bigpete   277.2 #1014 1-12-13 11:07AM Like  Reply
Thank you buddy!! - Armenda  1153.8 #140 1-12-13 12:10PM
I saw it yesterday at 12:30...Fun, wasn't it? - alankeno   57.8 #4285 1-12-13 12:13PM Like  Reply
One last bump before the RAK is closed. - snowwannab   728.9 #239 1-13-13 12:41PM Like  Reply
Congratulations! - MrsSchnooks   3112.3 #40 1-13-13 9:42PM Like  Reply
Yay! Her daddy will love it!!! - TinkerSchelle   1679.0 #91 1-13-13 9:46PM Like  Reply
Yayyyyyy!!! Thank you soo much! I can't wait to give it to my dad!!! I DM'd you my info. :) - Armenda   1153.8 #140 1-13-13 11:59PM Like  Reply
Congrats! - LaPearleNoir  1569.7 #97 1-14-13 6:31AM