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5143.8 #34 DL Qual #11 1-15-13 9:29AM
planning to watch the Little Mermaid 3D on September 14th?! u can scratch that off as Disney has dropped & cancelled the re-release of the Little Mermaid 3D in theaters due to other Disney 3D poor box office performances excluding the Lion Kings.. on the other note; Pirate of the Caribbean 5 is set release on July 10, 2015..
Good that they are holding back on making stuff 3D. Hopefully 3d has run its course and continue on it's down fall. - VfxGenie   1557.1 #139 1-15-13 10:11AM Like(10)  Reply
^^^this - vincentchase1  672.9 #359 1-15-13 10:17AM
Ihate sseeing movies in 3D!! just not the same.. - Stitch_Legacy  5143.8 #34 1-15-13 10:18AM
if you can't it good, make it 3-D :/ - OhanaPhoto  7153.8 #21 1-15-13 11:06AM
I hope you are right! - DisneyVacationLover  623.7 #384 1-15-13 1:06PM
They're really missing that there is a huge difference here... Nemo and Monsters were both quite recent movies. Both have been available in merch, easily purchased on DVD, referenced in pop culture, etc. The Little Mermaid, however, is a bit more obscure. I really feel as though there would have been a much larger turn out for it. I'm a little bummed, it would have been fun to see it in 3D. - cynDOLEwhip   1175.7 #187 1-15-13 10:35AM Like(4)  Reply
Agreed :,( - pintsize  290.1 #1117 1-15-13 10:57AM
Totes agree! - yvetteissogoofy  194.8 #2231 1-15-13 12:55PM
By the way, this is the first movie I remember going to see in theaters. I wish they'd at least rerelease it in theaters, 3D or not... - cynDOLEwhip  1175.7 #187 1-15-13 12:59PM
Awe! What sad news. :( - Duchess_SMK   6634.7 #24 1-15-13 9:32AM Like  Reply
NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Awe man! I was looking forward to Little Mermaid, too! Anyone know when they're re-releasing that movie? - IDVandalSkipperCM   2753.8 #64 1-15-13 9:42AM Like  Reply
Fall 2013 for the Diamond Edition!! - Stitch_Legacy  5143.8 #34 1-15-13 9:47AM
Sept 13th this year - RickChavez  3685.6 #52 1-15-13 9:50AM
Thanks guys! Can't wait! - IDVandalSkipperCM  2753.8 #64 1-15-13 11:23AM
This makes me sad. I wonder if they had done more advertising with Monsters Inc or Finding Nemo if they would have gotten better numbers. With Monsters Inc I didn't see that many promos on TV except for the two weeks leading up to their re-release. After they opened in box office the commercials were pretty much non existent. - KermitFan13   658.1 #366 1-15-13 9:44AM Like  Reply
Disney in general hasnt advertised much on tv and many people have cable/satellite.Disney channels has virtually no commercials and the only commercial I see on tv is for the wdw vacations.Any other commercials for movies or releases are like 10 seconds and ad prints you get on email or in the parks if any.Makes me wonder if they cut back on some ad media and if it would have helped their sales of glow with the show ears as they have tried so many ways to give them out free,buy one get one and small tv screens with some videos on it.As far as 3d movies there are more expensive and with the cost of everything ,it can be a bit to pay for a family to watch it in theaters when you can rent buy at home the regular version but 3d adds to the experience you cant get at home - pikaplaid  8325.3 #16 1-15-13 9:50AM
@pikarich, u know there are 3D TVs now right? - Stitch_Legacy  5143.8 #34 1-15-13 9:54AM
@stitch pss can I borrow $3,000 to get one. lol I forgot about that they are still expensive and the the younhave to have that an a 3d bluray right to be able to see it correctly - pikaplaid  8325.3 #16 1-15-13 10:19AM
get your own $3,000!! lol - Stitch_Legacy  5143.8 #34 1-15-13 11:03AM
Booo - TinkerSchelle   2140.9 #92 1-15-13 9:49AM Like  Reply
I'm glad I got to see Monster's Inc in 3D!!! - Armenda   1186.0 #186 1-15-13 10:00AM Like  Reply
I think a lot of people have the DVD's and an awesome big TV and have seen the movie a million times so the 3D version is not that big of a deal? Or just not worth the $$, maybe in a better economy the 3D's would of done better? - PrincessDuckie   963.5 #236 1-15-13 10:04AM Like  Reply
Oh, that's a shame. And now I feel guilty for missing both Nemo and Monsters Inc in 3D! - MacaronMerida   4743.8 #39 1-15-13 10:06AM Like  Reply
Petite will be so bummed - LaPearleNoir   3193.9 #57 1-15-13 10:07AM Like  Reply
Sorry to those that were looking forward to it, my daughter can't see 3D so it doesn't really affect us. - Linzee   2148.4 #91 1-15-13 10:20AM Like  Reply
I just hope this doesn't push back the re-release of The Little Mermaid on Blu-Ray/DVD. When I was working at the Disney Store, EVERYDAY someone would ask about the movie. Sadly, the only place you can get it is Amazon for $60. :( - Nyghtngale   572.3 #416 1-15-13 10:40AM Like  Reply
I could care less about 3d, but I'm so bummed because I really wanted to take mads to the theatres to see it. Is little mermaid out on blueray? - madsdad   1868.2 #110 1-15-13 10:41AM Like  Reply
September 13 this year.. - Stitch_Legacy  5143.8 #34 1-15-13 10:45AM
oh ok, well that will work. That movie is way special to mads so looking forward to seeing it on blueray. - madsdad  1868.2 #110 1-15-13 10:56AM
I will be racing out to the store to get that movie the second it comes out! Little Skipper will be raised watching Little Mermaid! It was my favorite as a kid. - IDVandalSkipperCM  2753.8 #64 1-15-13 10:58AM
3D movies are not friendly for people with glasses. Ever try wearing glasses over glasses? Uncomfortable. 😣 - Waites4DodgerEars_CM   1002.5 #231 1-15-13 11:38AM Like  Reply
hahaha sounds like a good time. - vincentchase1  672.9 #359 1-15-13 11:58AM
Yes. Not comfy.😔 - misschurro  10075.6 #12 1-15-13 11:59AM
Glasseception - LaTruce  2370.4 #82 1-15-13 12:03PM
I will super agree with this one! - otilegna  2910.2 #61 1-15-13 12:07PM
All I remember as a kid is them re-releasing the Disney classics in theaters. This was mostly my first experience with them and I loved it. It makes me sad that kids these days are not able to see them in theaters. I was willing to except the 3d version as the new thing, but now I am just sad for this generation. - PrincessDaisy_FU2Rcm   367.6 #724 1-15-13 12:08PM Like  Reply
That is sad! Well, i hope they still re-release it on a restored version.. - otilegna   2910.2 #61 1-15-13 12:20PM Like  Reply