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647.1 #271 DL Qual #184 1-16-13 12:33PM
I am officially making my first ever solo trip to Disneyland this weekend. Just booked a room at Clarion Hotel Anaheim since my boyfriend has decided not to go. Really excited to go by myself but also nervous to make the 4 1/2 hr drive from Las Vegas on my own. I will appreciate any pixie dust sent my way for a safe drive down there.
Time to get a new boyfriend. Jk jk jk. Have a safe trip! Make sure you have lots of good music to help pass the time and keep you awake! - Jillian   767.1 #214 1-16-13 12:43PM Like(1)  Reply
How sad! Why did he decided to let you go alone? Work? ....I'm sure it will go great! But be warned, you will probably miss him the entire time! - Sweet_Irish_Cream   4358.0 #22 1-16-13 12:40PM Like  Reply
He's being a big baby because he won't be able to run in the 5K due to an injury. He had been on the fence about going since Sunday and now decided not to this morning. Said he didn't want to ruin my weekend because he only wanted to go this time for the 5K race. - KermitFan13  647.1 #271 1-16-13 12:48PM
You can do it!! I once drove 5 hours across the state of Kansas was brutal! Stop if you need to and grab some caffeine and play lots of good music.✨✨✨ - Linzee   1003.8 #165 1-16-13 12:49PM Like  Reply
Have safe travels. Double check your fluid levels . You will do great! - RadiatorSprings4Ever   1012.0 #161 1-16-13 7:46PM Like  Reply
Guess my solo trip is not so solo anymore. Boyfriend has finally stopped being butt hurt over not being able to participate in 5K/Half and will now be joining me again. 😊 - KermitFan13   647.1 #271 1-17-13 9:34PM Like  Reply
Hurray for you! 😀 - princessb5  165.6 #2382 1-17-13 11:29PM