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5107.2 #17 DL Qual #6 1-17-13 1:07PM
live!! the skating rink has been removed!! until next winter?!
I wonder if it will come back. Didn't seem all that popular when we were there. - kskating   610.6 #295 1-17-13 1:09PM Like  Reply
Only once did I see a large number of skaters in there. Usually it was empty, or with one or two skaters. - ScooterMike  1962.2 #69 1-17-13 1:14PM
And it looked rather small - HandMeAChurroImmaFaint  5012.0 #18 1-17-13 1:16PM
Yes, I was surprised at how small it was. - LaPearleNoir  1389.8 #103 1-17-13 1:30PM
Like, a few times around and you'd get dizzy. That is, IF you could get enough speed. - HandMeAChurroImmaFaint  5012.0 #18 1-17-13 1:34PM
Yeah because I can really skate 😂😂😂 - LaPearleNoir  1389.8 #103 1-17-13 7:00PM
No more skating parties. Woo! - cesium55   531.6 #347 1-17-13 1:28PM Like  Reply
Someone is going to be lonely at her own skating party.... - madsdad  1846.8 #75 1-17-13 1:48PM
I had one but it was only with family and I couldnt invite friends. Then my mom fell and hurt her wrist. No more parties. 😥 - cesium55  531.6 #347 1-17-13 3:05PM
\m/ - donnievegas  1132.6 #136 1-17-13 3:27PM
Karen invited me to one but Donnie couldnt go so I said No. - madsdad  1846.8 #75 1-17-13 3:47PM
Good times in that rink. Hopefully next year they get rid of the helmet and wrist guard requirements (at least for 18+). I know there's some liability issues but that's the only way they're going to get more business next time around. - ScubaSteve028   835.7 #192 1-17-13 1:42PM Like  Reply
good times indeed!! - Stitch_Legacy  5107.2 #17 1-17-13 2:27PM
I felt extremely cool in the helmet and wrist guards. Next year I'm hoping for knee pads as well. - Jillian  767.1 #214 1-17-13 3:34PM
I went last time we were down there. Had tons of fun. It was small but they always kept the ice fresh and with no crowds it was big enough. Hated the helmets though. Bleh! - DisneyBride°O°   433.4 #450 1-17-13 1:48PM Like  Reply
Where was this located? - lisaw   139.0 #2794 1-17-13 2:36PM Like  Reply
Right outside of Earl of Sandwich and ESPN zone - BaseballMickey_CM  6779.3 #9 1-17-13 2:38PM
Haha I didn't know it was there I have a picture of us right by there and didn't even see it - lisaw  139.0 #2794 1-17-13 2:45PM
Maybe it wasn't up yet? was it there at thanksgiving? - lisaw  139.0 #2794 1-17-13 2:47PM
Maybe it wasn't up yet? was it there at thanksgiving? - lisaw  139.0 #2794 1-17-13 2:47PM
I can't stay on ice skates for a full hour without some breaks, so I didn't feel like it was worth the money. Plus that rink was tiny! - JustCantWait   1120.9 #137 1-17-13 2:37PM Like  Reply
It's like the temporary ice skating rink they out up in Union Square in San Francisco. There is hardly anyone skating. - leftmyheartinwonderland   359.9 #585 1-17-13 3:47PM Like  Reply
When we were there the first week of January ... It seemed always to have plenty of skaters. My daughter really enjoyed it , they had retro music playing like Michael Jackson . I hope they do it again ...they had the tiniest zambonie I had ever seen !! Lol - eviljules   1191.1 #124 1-17-13 5:01PM Like  Reply
I took a picture of it because it was a john deere zambonie, never knew they made them! - secretagentangel  1358.1 #107 1-17-13 5:32PM
Lol ! You were smart to get a pic ! Cutest little thing .. I wanted to drive it ! Lol ! I didn't realize John Deere made it - eviljules  1191.1 #124 1-17-13 6:51PM