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5235.3 #30 DL Qual #26 1-21-13 5:47PM
🌟RAK Update! Doubled my run commitment and signed up for the 10k, instead of 5k😱. Therefore I will double the # of winners too!! I'm inspired RAK!! All the amazing pics from this weekend have inspired me to get up and RUN (or at least attempt to!!)😁To say thank you to MW for inspiring me to get up and get moving, I'd like to offer one of my custom Disney necklaces. You can choose a personalized Minnie or any other design you would like. I can make just about anything! Pictured are a few I've made. To enter, simply tell me what you'd like on the necklace. If you are entering for a personalized Minnie, please include the name you'd like on it. Rak will end Thursday! Good luck!🌟
I'm not lucky so can I just order one from you? I love them. I like the classic Minnie & Mickey one - VampJade   20.2 #8057 1-21-13 6:38PM Like(4)  Reply
Please add me for an Ariel one, and if Ariel is not an option then a Sleeping Beauty castle one would be nice :) - CMallyg92   108.7 #3648 1-21-13 6:37PM Like(1)  Reply
So cute! Please add me for MeridaFan! For her daughter! :) - BellesLibrary   431.4 #596 1-21-13 7:00PM Like(1)  Reply
Oh thank you! That is so nice of you! - MacaronMerida  4739.5 #39 1-21-13 9:33PM
May I please be added! I'd like to submit my add and request a Minnie with my moms name "Betty"! She is coming in March and I'd love to give it to her from you! - DisneyDavidEMT   2835.9 #61 1-21-13 7:09PM Like(1)  Reply
I just absolutely love the Enchanted Rose necklace ! I'm a big fan of Beauty and the Beast (and your necklaces). I dont usually add myself in your necklace RAKs because I've already won one; but i am just in LOVE with the Rose one. So if its ok can you please add me? Thank you! - DisneyDork95   206.2 #2072 1-21-13 7:18PM Like(1)  Reply
Yes, you can definitely add!😊 - RCmom  5235.3 #30 1-21-13 8:27PM
Thank you! =D - DisneyDork95  206.2 #2072 1-21-13 10:14PM
My girls will be picking #'s for winners today! - RCmom   5235.3 #30 1-24-13 6:38AM Like(1)  Reply
You ansolutely rock!!! Please add me for none other than any of the Peter Pan ones! :D thank you for this!!! - AvidDisneyThrifter220   1405.6 #154 1-21-13 5:50PM Like  Reply
Ahhh those are adorable. I would love a Minnie with a capital E for my babies name "Emilie". She would live that :-) And you are very generous for doing a RAK. Thank you - MinnieTinker   715.3 #332 1-21-13 5:53PM Like  Reply
Please add me for your generous RAK! I would love one with Daisy on it. Thank you for inspiring me to sign up for my first 5K and for this fantastic RAK! - SBsnowwhite   523.3 #464 1-21-13 5:53PM Like  Reply
😍😍😍 - LaPearleNoir   3148.3 #56 1-21-13 5:54PM Like  Reply
Did you want to add?? - RCmom  5235.3 #30 1-21-13 7:42PM
Amazing RAK! I've been wanting a Beauty and the Beast necklace from you since you RAKed them off in the park (unforunately I couldn't make it that weekend to find you). Please add me for a Beauty and the Beast inspired one. Thank you! - beautyandherbeast   27.3 #6863 1-21-13 5:56PM Like  Reply
What beautiful necklaces you make πŸ˜ƒ I'd love to be added for a personalized Minnie . For my mini (13) she is my favorite running partner and I couldn't be more proud of her . Thank you RCmom for your generosity ! Her name is Caitlin - eviljules   1760.1 #118 1-21-13 5:58PM Like  Reply
Please add me for Eviljules mini. It is a perfect gift for a mini =) - Witchie77  453.9 #561 1-21-13 6:42PM
Oh and thank you!! - Witchie77  453.9 #561 1-21-13 6:44PM
Thank you witchie77 . You are so sweet ! I feel so special , this is the first time someone has added themselves for me ! It feels really amazing :) thank you - eviljules  1760.1 #118 1-21-13 6:55PM
You're very welcome! - Witchie77  453.9 #561 1-21-13 6:59PM
Please add me! I would like Pocahontas on mine. You are so generous with your RAKs. Thank you. πŸ˜€ - KermitFan13   658.1 #363 1-21-13 6:01PM Like  Reply
such a nice rak! I've been tryin to get one of these necklaces for awhile now because they are soo cute!! add me please for a Minnie with red bow with the name erica. thank you so much!! :) - ericuhhhh   29.5 #6610 1-21-13 6:01PM Like  Reply
Please add me. I would like a little mermaid one. My friends birthday is coming up and I'm sure she'll love it! Thank you! - princessb5   193.0 #2248 1-21-13 6:06PM Like  Reply
Please add me. I would love a Minnie with the name Aurora. Thank you. I think that your necklaces are wonderful. And you have a gift. - PrincessAuroraMomma   603.0 #398 1-21-13 6:25PM Like  Reply
Add me for the zero one. Please and thank you so much - NightmareKaren   364.6 #732 1-21-13 6:29PM Like  Reply
Please add me for a tinkerbell one. I love your necklaces! - DisneyVacationLover   623.7 #384 1-21-13 6:30PM Like  Reply
Please add me for one of Flynn! If that's possible. - Sharkgrrl19   302.3 #1033 1-21-13 6:32PM Like  Reply
Add Mr please for my mini, she would love the Zero print. Thanks :) - PaintingTheRosesRed   433.9 #591 1-21-13 6:41PM Like  Reply
Please add me for PaintingTheRosesRed. Thank you for being so generous RCmom! - tballzz  558.2 #425 1-21-13 10:39PM
Thanks :) - PaintingTheRosesRed  433.9 #591 1-22-13 7:15AM
You're welcome! I enjoy your posts and recall your daughter being a big NBC fan. Good luck! - tballzz  558.2 #425 1-22-13 6:55PM
I love your necklaces! They are so cute! Add me please for a pink Minnie one I think my Alivia would love it!! Thank you - MrsGrumpy2002   209.2 #2041 1-21-13 6:42PM Like  Reply
Okay. This is awesome, and my daughter has her 14th birthday coming up next month. She loves both Ariel and Cinderella, so either would be fabulous! So, please add me for your generous RaK! Thank you! - MacaronMerida   4739.5 #39 1-21-13 6:49PM Like  Reply
Please add me for meridafan's daughter. Thank you. Your necklaces are awesome! - DisLUVney  677.4 #353 1-21-13 10:24PM
Thank you! You are so sweet! - MacaronMerida  4739.5 #39 1-22-13 7:37AM
Okay. This is awesome, and my daughter has her 14th birthday coming up next month. She loves both Ariel and Cinderella, so either would be fabulous! So, please add me for your generous RaK! Thank you! - MacaronMerida   4739.5 #39 1-21-13 6:50PM Like  Reply
Add me for the zero one please - futureCMChristina   33.2 #6209 1-21-13 6:52PM Like  Reply
So gorgeous. My mini loves Minnie. Please add me for a personalized Minnie. My dd's name is Abby. Thanks. You do great work. - CheshireCam   251.1 #1478 1-21-13 6:57PM Like  Reply
Please add me for a Beauty and the Beast inspired one! They are so beautiful! I had to take an extra rest day today because of a nasty migraine, but I will hopefully be back at it tomorrow! We can do this!! Thanks again!! - mrstoad   256.1 #1430 1-21-13 6:59PM Like  Reply
No need to add us. Just wanted to let you know that the minis that received their necklaces that you made for Christmas were tickled pink! - We3LuvDisney   183.9 #2363 1-21-13 7:00PM Like  Reply
Yeah!! I'm so glad!😊 - RCmom  5235.3 #30 1-22-13 1:19PM
Please add me for the rose from beauty and the beast. If you ever decide to sel custom ones let me know. My kids would love some! - leviathan   185.6 #2341 1-21-13 7:20PM Like  Reply
Please add me for the Beauty and the Beast Rose! My wedding will have some Disney magic and I think this will be perfect for our flower girls! Thanks! - BeOurGuest   205.2 #2085 1-21-13 7:20PM Like  Reply
How does one go about purchasing one? - ZeroLove   14.1 #9885 1-21-13 7:23PM Like  Reply
Your necklaces are so beautiful. They were actually part of what inspired my RAK late last year. Pretty please add me for Beauty and the Beast. Thanks. - Bibba   617.4 #386 1-21-13 7:24PM Like  Reply
Please add me for a minnie w/the red bow. Thanks. - sallyg   281.7 #1191 1-21-13 7:26PM Like  Reply
Add for a Dumbo necklace thanks - Disneyrockstar   201.5 #2129 1-21-13 8:39PM Like  Reply
Your necklaces are beautiful, and you are so generous! My daughter and I love to trade off wearing out necklace at the parks. Since we already won a RAK from you I must decline, but good luck to all! Also, happy training! You can do it! - 7mouskedoodles   371.6 #713 1-21-13 8:39PM Like  Reply
Thank you so much!😊 - RCmom  5235.3 #30 1-22-13 6:43AM
Suck beautiful work. Please add me for any of the Beauty and The Beast ones - Apples2   667.7 #359 1-21-13 8:41PM Like  Reply
"Such" is what I'm sure you meant! πŸ˜³πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜œ - DisneyDavidEMT  2835.9 #61 1-21-13 8:43PM
Just when I thought I had my last chuckle, here comes a big ole laugh! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ - LaPearleNoir  3148.3 #56 1-21-13 8:55PM
Please add me for avid as I am already lucky enough to have one of your amazing necklaces!! You can do this run!! It's worth all of your hard work!! It feels good when they put that metal around your neck!! - CourtyAstroBlisters   848.6 #265 1-21-13 8:48PM Like  Reply
Aww thank you dawling!!! - AvidDisneyThrifter220  1405.6 #154 1-21-13 8:53PM
Please add me. I would like an Ariel silhouette. Thank you - Pocahontas89   197.4 #2189 1-21-13 8:49PM Like  Reply
Beautiful work as always RCmom! And thank you for motivating me! Today was my first day at the gym with a trainer. Please add me as I would love to give the Dumbo one to my neighbor who just had a little boy. Thank you so much! - Cinderella_Schnooks   3490.8 #52 1-21-13 9:14PM Like  Reply
Ive also been inspired. I started training for the 10k! If there is an Ariel I would love to be added! - fairyshley   479.8 #520 1-21-13 9:15PM Like  Reply
So my first RAK entry, these are truly wonderful. I love the Mickey & Minnie. However the personalized one my daughter Jaden would love. - julietyler76   8.4 #13893 1-21-13 9:31PM Like  Reply
Please add me for the Beauty and the Beast necklace, thank you! - iamdugsmaster   878.8 #253 1-21-13 9:45PM Like  Reply
Please add me for an Ursula necklace! I LOVE all of the ones you've done. - PiecesOf8   610.8 #389 1-21-13 9:48PM Like  Reply
I changed my mind.. If I win I'd like a Lion King necklace. Thanks! - PiecesOf8  610.8 #389 1-22-13 5:29PM
These look amazing! I would request an add, but my princesses would fight over who gets it. good luck everyone! - HNL2SFO   296.3 #1069 1-21-13 9:56PM Like  Reply
Please add me for a possible chip n dale one if you can. Thanks - chipanddalefan   733.4 #326 1-21-13 10:12PM Like  Reply
Yayyyy! These are the cutest! Please add me for an early bday present to myself-ha! I'd love a chance at the red Minnie w/Schelle on it. I'm so glad you have started a group and you are gonna do your first race!!! See you at the Tink next year!!!😘thanks again! - TinkerSchelle   2140.8 #91 1-21-13 10:26PM Like  Reply
What an awesome RAK! I would love a Minnie Mouse with the name Hansen. Thank you! - singinaurora   20.9 #7915 1-21-13 10:27PM Like  Reply
Please add me. Can you do an Alice one? If not I would love Tinkerbell. Thank you. - aidensmama   340.3 #808 1-21-13 10:42PM Like  Reply
I love these! Please add me for a red bowed Minnie with the name Becki. Thank you so much! - Mickeylover67   663.1 #362 1-21-13 10:42PM Like  Reply
Please add me. Kris on either of the Minnie's. thx! - kueenofhearts   284.6 #1168 1-21-13 10:49PM Like  Reply
Please add me for a Zero one! Thank you! Love these. - Deltachiq   1244.4 #171 1-21-13 10:52PM Like  Reply
Your necklaces are so pretty and you are very talented! If you could please add me for the mrs.jumbo and jumbo jr. necklace pretty please. Thank you :) - WeCallitDisneyMagic   142.3 #3020 1-21-13 10:59PM Like  Reply
So nice! They are all so adorable!! Please add me for either Minnie and Mickey, Peter Pan flying, or the castle!!:) thank you!!✨✨✨ - littlemermaid2319   7.1 #15675 1-22-13 12:23AM Like  Reply
Please add me for the Princess Tiana necklace. Thank you. - PrincessTiannaBeignet   390.6 #666 1-22-13 12:43AM Like  Reply
I never get picked for RAKs lol can I just order one from you I would like the dumbo and his mommy thank you - Minniemouse626   156.7 #2781 1-22-13 1:01AM Like  Reply
You don't need to add me...I just wanted to say how impressed I am with your skill and creativity! I really admire creative people! - msdizmaui   1102.3 #204 1-22-13 1:06AM Like  Reply
Please add me for my daughter, Lady_Ashley. She loves Beauty & the Beast. I love your necklaces! - GrandCircleTour   378.4 #694 1-22-13 1:18AM Like  Reply
Mickey & Minnie for me. If I don't win I would like to buy one! Great RAK! - Sandy   245.8 #1546 1-22-13 3:41AM Like  Reply
i want a tinkerbell one - CM_Oregon_DucksFan   2613.9 #67 1-22-13 4:00AM Like  Reply
Please add me for minnie mouse custom one. I really wanna give it to my niece for 2 years old, I was just told I'm the lucky one to become her godmom. - lina1990   124.3 #3325 1-22-13 4:18AM Like  Reply
Please add me for Zero ! - snakeinmyboot40   394.0 #663 1-22-13 6:48AM Like  Reply
Cute! If you have one with Megara from Hercules, please add me. I can never find anything with her on it - Seacow   567.7 #417 1-22-13 7:05AM Like  Reply
Add me please for a Minnie,thanks - bonedaddy909   2125.5 #93 1-22-13 8:38AM Like  Reply
Add me for peter pan and tink please :) - Poisen_Ivy   457.7 #555 1-22-13 10:07AM Like  Reply
Oh wow I love your necklaces!! Please add me for a Minnie with the name Amanda.. Thanks :) - hatgal76   452.2 #568 1-22-13 10:25AM Like  Reply
Please add me for the classic mickey and minnie - Mickey106   143.9 #2992 1-22-13 10:44AM Like  Reply
Please add me if you could do one of Flapper(fifi) and Pluto. Thank you, these are very cute. - mini_MINNIE   1173.3 #188 1-22-13 11:25AM Like  Reply
Please add me for the zero one, I love the nightmare before Christmas! πŸ˜ƒ - LaurenrachelLuvsDisney   83.1 #4137 1-22-13 12:05PM Like  Reply
Please add me!! Can u please make a Mary poppins one 😁😍 - LauriePoppins   137.3 #3112 1-22-13 12:38PM Like  Reply
Please add me for the Zero one! Thanks so much! - leftmyheartinwonderland   359.9 #748 1-22-13 1:15PM Like  Reply
Good luck on your run. I did the 1/2 marathon this weekend, it was mine and my daughter's first. So much fun, you will be happy you signed up. And dont worry if training doesnt go as planned. I would love a Cheshire cat, these are very cute. Thank you. - mamamouse22   27.8 #6807 1-22-13 2:00PM Like  Reply
Oh yay!!!! Did they post the 10k course yet? I sure hope they do it for the Tink next year too!!! - TinkerSchelle   2140.8 #91 1-22-13 3:15PM Like  Reply
Idk...but I'm suddenly terrified! I'm gonna be countin on you pros for support and guidance. I know how to train my body. I was a competitive swimmer for 18 years. I just don't know how to run!!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‰πŸ˜πŸ˜˜ - RCmom  5235.3 #30 1-22-13 4:38PM
Sooooooo much easier than comp swimming!!! Just put one foot in front of the other🎢🎢🎢!!! So excited for you! Go get yourself cozy running shoes (running stores are GREAT for this! Mine even returns them if they don't work well for free!). Go on run Disney for Jeff Galloway's running tips-he's Disney's expert. I'll DM you a blog with good schedule to walk-or-run a half... It can build you to a 10k as well! Soooooo proud of you!!!!😘 - TinkerSchelle  2140.8 #91 1-23-13 10:10PM
Fantastic! You are so talented! Please add me for Willierose. I think a dumbo would be great! Thank for the wonderful RAK - hippoluver   280.3 #1201 1-22-13 5:04PM Like  Reply
rCMom you can do it. Just believe! - hippoluver  280.3 #1201 1-22-13 5:05PM
Super cute!!!!!! I would love a Dumbo necklace please :3 - BabyMine   290.7 #1108 1-22-13 5:22PM Like  Reply
Add me for an enchanted rose from Beauty and the Beast please. I love your work! Good luck running. - littlemsfrecklesCM   250.1 #1489 1-22-13 5:28PM Like  Reply
Good for you! Good luck with your training! - DisneyVacationLover   623.7 #384 1-22-13 5:31PM Like  Reply
I also signed up for the 10k and it will be my first race ever! Please add me for one with Goofy. These are beautiful necklaces. Thank you! - goofymom2boys   1546.2 #140 1-22-13 8:17PM Like  Reply
Please add me! I would like the beauty and the beast one😊 - brguest85   253.1 #1460 1-22-13 8:44PM Like  Reply
Please add me! So cute...I love Zero! - PascalsPal   203.5 #2113 1-22-13 8:59PM Like  Reply
Please add me! I would love an Alice :) - OneDayAlice   497.6 #495 1-22-13 9:03PM Like  Reply
Don't add me since I've already been a lucky winner of a RAK from you! Just wanted to say that you are so sweet to give more away! Good luck everyone, her necklaces are truly so beautiful!! 😊 - MinnieMousewife   928.2 #242 1-22-13 9:15PM Like  Reply
You are so sweet!!😘😘 - RCmom  5235.3 #30 1-23-13 8:25AM
Zero!!! - PrinceTeaJack   956.6 #237 1-23-13 9:18AM Like  Reply
Ends tomorrow!! - RCmom   5235.3 #30 1-23-13 12:13PM Like  Reply
Please add me for a Stitch if possible, thank you! - Love4Stitch   170.6 #2565 1-23-13 1:57PM Like  Reply
Good luck everyone! Love your necklaces! :) - MissAmericaSings   528.0 #459 1-23-13 2:03PM Like  Reply
Thank you!😊 - RCmom  5235.3 #30 1-23-13 2:10PM
Please add me for an Aurora! You are so crafty RCmom, thank you! - MousekaNinja   422.4 #612 1-23-13 8:17PM Like  Reply
As I was scrolling through, LilNinja was sitting on my lap watching and said "The pretty lady makes the pretty necklaces." I thought it was super cute and wanted to share that sweet sentiment with you. =) - MousekaNinja  422.4 #612 1-23-13 9:44PM
Please add me for the red bow Minnie! Lori is the name. Thank you! - mrscttlemstr   317.2 #937 1-23-13 9:16PM Like  Reply
Oh, please add me for a beauty and beast one! Love it! Thanks RCMOM! - Prettynpink1023   285.0 #1163 1-23-13 9:25PM Like  Reply
If it's not too late, please add me for my daughter. She would love the Minnie. Thank you. - MonLuvsDisney   192.1 #2258 1-24-13 8:01AM Like  Reply