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3588.8 #22 DL Qual #10 1-23-13 7:18PM
**Possible helpful photo tip** On Monday night my husband and I went to get a photo in front of the castle before the fireworks started (maybe 30mins or so before?). The castle was already roped off, which is great because no one else gets in the photo...but the BEST part was CM Jim! He had a little portable studio light that he used to help light people up enough to take a nice photo with your phone, without having to use the flash (which can wash everything out and give you scary rodent eyes), or not using the flash and coming out too dark! I LOVED that he was doing this for people!!! It made a HUGE difference! He also did a couple different angles too. I don't know if they do this a lot or if we just got lucky, but it's worth stopping by around that time to see! It's a great time to get a photo! (The posted photo is unedited too, so you could touch it up if you'd like as well. Easier too, because of the better lighting)😊 ...AND he even told us just what settings to use on our new Canon DSLR to take night photos of us in front of the castle. He was SO very nice and helpful! It was like he was a little photography angel sent to make my night, and he totally did! πŸ˜„ (Of course we stopped into City Hall and offered or complementsπŸ†)

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This is one for framing - E-Ticket  959.4 #135 1-23-13 7:20PM Like(1)  Reply
This picture is so cute! CM's are awesome! - sstarlight  324.6 #649 1-23-13 7:24PM Like  Reply
So agree!! - MissAmericaSings  341.5 #577 1-23-13 7:38PM
Beautiful picture of a beautiful couple. - DisneyGrandma  571.8 #272 1-23-13 7:26PM Like  Reply
Ooh! Nice, what are the settings? - MissMolly  1144.9 #103 1-23-13 7:26PM Like  Reply
I wanted to ask this question, too! So thanks for asking! - IDVandalSkipperCM  1940.8 #56 1-23-13 7:30PM
Working on that post 😊 - Sweet_Irish_Cream  3588.8 #22 1-23-13 8:04PM
Thanks SIC! You would already be working on that post. You're so helpful. =D - MousekaNinja  414.7 #442 1-23-13 8:38PM
I posted a photo of what the setting look like on my camera. Since I don't know camera terms yet, and would confuse the heck out of everyone. Haha. Just click my name and you'll see it. 😊 - Sweet_Irish_Cream  3588.8 #22 1-23-13 8:50PM
How awesome of him! And what a cute pic! Definitely frame-worthy! - MeridaFan  2821.6 #30 1-23-13 7:26PM Like  Reply
Really good tip! And the picture came out perfect! Thank you! - IMissDisney  1134.5 #105 1-23-13 7:28PM Like  Reply
Dreamy!! - Mermaid C.  109.4 #3167 1-23-13 7:29PM Like  Reply
That's a great photo and thanks for the idea. Its nice to know you gave complements to the staff - disneygirl74  6.9 #11054 1-23-13 7:33PM Like  Reply
DARLING!!!! I wish I knew this earlier!!! Perfect picture!!!!😍 - TinkerSchelle  1036.2 #125 1-23-13 7:36PM Like  Reply
Making a mental note. Thank you. - HalfCaff  361.5 #526 1-23-13 7:40PM Like  Reply
Thanks for the info! Lighting is so important- it can make or break a pic. Hopefully we will run into him too!😊 - 7mouskedoodles  338.1 #590 1-23-13 7:42PM Like  Reply
Great photo SIC! Thanks for the tips, glad you had such a great CM experience! - MousekaNinja  414.7 #442 1-23-13 7:49PM Like  Reply
*****Thanks for the tip Chica!πŸ˜‰ - MadameLeota  1441.0 #78 1-23-13 7:54PM Like  Reply
there's fireworks tonight?! cute pic!! - Stitch_Legacy  4318.8 #17 1-23-13 8:00PM Like  Reply
Ummm. Reread the first line. πŸ˜‚ - Waites4DodgerEars  948.0 #137 1-23-13 8:09PM
oh.. lol - Stitch_Legacy  4318.8 #17 1-23-13 8:30PM
That really is a great photo. Thanks for the tip! - NellTinkerBell  315.0 #699 1-23-13 8:05PM Like  Reply
Oh, and I love the "scary rodent eye" comment. :) - NellTinkerBell  315.0 #699 1-23-13 8:06PM
Haha. It's true, an almost impossible for a normal person to properly edit that. πŸ­πŸŒ€ πŸ˜„ - Sweet_Irish_Cream  3588.8 #22 1-23-13 8:14PM
Ok, I'm touching it up now. Would you like some glints off the ring, teeth, eyes perhaps? - Westcoast  121.3 #2950 1-23-13 8:12PM Like  Reply
Awesome! - PrincessDaisy  238.2 #1325 1-23-13 8:13PM Like  Reply
I have a picture of him that he took on my phone. He is hilarious - Deltachiq  1172.5 #99 1-23-13 8:15PM Like  Reply
This is a really cute pic! But then again you two ALWAYS take great pics! I'm glad you had a magical encounter though. This made me smile! Thank you so much for sharing! - Duchess_SMK  5090.2 #13 1-23-13 8:18PM Like  Reply
Cute pic! - DisLUVney  512.5 #319 1-23-13 8:20PM Like  Reply
double tap - toph  2416.6 #39 1-23-13 8:21PM Like  Reply
πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ - Mimmy  1442.3 #77 1-23-13 8:30PM
? Why do I feel lost on this? πŸ˜„ - Sweet_Irish_Cream  3588.8 #22 1-23-13 8:31PM
I'm assuming she meant like Instagram. Double tap = ❀ - Mimmy  1442.3 #77 1-23-13 8:33PM
πŸ˜‚ Oh very good Mimmy - Sweet_Irish_Cream  3588.8 #22 1-23-13 8:34PM
i didπŸ˜‚ i tapped twice forgetting i wasn't on IG. - toph  2416.6 #39 1-23-13 8:37PM
Happens to me all the time! - Mimmy  1442.3 #77 1-23-13 9:53PM
What a great picture! I'd frame that one too - PixiePirateMaid  280.7 #891 1-23-13 8:37PM Like  Reply
Beautiful!!! - MrsSchnooks  2564.1 #34 1-23-13 8:59PM Like  Reply
This photo is beautiful in every way! 😊 - MinnieMousewife  714.6 #195 1-23-13 9:04PM Like  Reply
Beautiful! Thanks for the tip. - LaPearleNoir  1107.9 #112 1-23-13 9:32PM Like  Reply
Bump (or Jump), for those wanting to get Castle photos tonight! 😊 - Sweet_Irish_Cream  3588.8 #22 1-25-13 7:45PM Like  Reply
I do! I do! Oh wait... I'm at home. - LaPearleNoir  1107.9 #112 1-25-13 7:46PM