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591.9 #306 DL Qual #260 1-27-13 3:07PM
✨RAK✨ It's time for another Thomas Kinkade postcard RAK!! This time I have one of each of the following: Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Peter Pan, Pinocchio, and Jungle Book. Here are the rules- 1. Use your manners when asking to be added. 2. Must have DM. (BUT if you ask REALLY, REALLY nicely and have been participating in the lounge and updating wait times, I will let those of you without enough points to DM be included.) 3. Tell me which postcard you would like. RAK will end Wednesday (1/30) at 11:59PM DLR time. Winner will be announced Thursday and will have 48 hours to contact me or another winner will be chosen. ✨✨
Oh man those are pretty! I would like to be added for sleeping beauty please. Thank you for such a neat RAK! - PrincessDaisy   307.7 #788 1-27-13 3:16PM Like  Reply
You know Angrydonald would really live the jungle book one too! Could I add him too please! - PrincessDaisy  307.7 #788 1-29-13 8:46AM
If you both want to be entered (you for Sleeping Beauty and AD for Jungle Book) could you have him comment? Or reply to your comment at least. Just so everyone gets one entry? 👍 - PiecesOf8  591.9 #306 1-29-13 10:51AM
Oh it was going to be a surprise. We live together. I don't want to be unfair. - PrincessDaisy  307.7 #788 1-29-13 12:46PM
If it's a surprise I'll allow it this one time! Haha :) - PiecesOf8  591.9 #306 1-29-13 12:47PM
 - PrincessDaisy  307.7 #788 1-29-13 12:54PM
Thank you! - PrincessDaisy  307.7 #788 1-29-13 12:55PM
You're welcome! He has a good shot to win since so few people have added for it so far! - PiecesOf8  591.9 #306 1-29-13 1:12PM
No need to add me, I just wanted to say how nice this is of you. They are beautiful. Where did you get these? - DisneyGrandma   788.2 #204 1-27-13 3:21PM Like  Reply
There is a Kinkade gallery nearby (El Cajon) that has all sorts of artwork. There's a wide variety of postcards but so far these are the only Disney ones I've come across. - PiecesOf8  591.9 #306 1-27-13 3:26PM
Thanks for the info. These would be great framed. - DisneyGrandma  788.2 #204 1-27-13 3:38PM
I did a RAK with a few of these a while ago and recently Apples2's daughter posted a photo of the Cinderella one they won in a gold frame. Looks lovely! - PiecesOf8  591.9 #306 1-27-13 3:51PM
Please add me for the Peter Pan one, thank you so much. - dnerd   294.0 #865 1-27-13 3:22PM Like  Reply
So cute. Please add me for the Peter Pan one. - Apples2   582.0 #311 1-27-13 3:29PM Like  Reply
Saw (and posted on) the post for the Cinderella postcard. Glad you guys like it and that the frame matches so well. Do to remember where you got the frame? - PiecesOf8  591.9 #306 1-27-13 3:31PM
add me please!! for the Cinderella one! thanks! such pretty postcards! :) - ericuhhhh   28.1 #5563 1-27-13 3:54PM Like  Reply
These are beautiful! I would love the Princess Aurora one or Cinderella. Thx so much! - kueenofhearts   267.6 #1092 1-27-13 3:54PM Like  Reply
Please add me for the Sleeping Beauty postcard. Thank you! 😃 - KermitFan13   647.1 #265 1-27-13 4:04PM Like  Reply
Please add me for Pinocchio. These are beautiful pieces of work. - wickedlyraven.   408.2 #489 1-27-13 4:05PM Like  Reply
Please add me for Peter Pan. My favorite! Thank you :) - lostgirl7988   697.6 #237 1-27-13 4:08PM Like  Reply
Please add me for your generous RAK! If I were to win, I would like the Pete Pan postcard. Thank you. - SBsnowwhite   511.2 #365 1-27-13 4:17PM Like  Reply
These are beautiful!! Please add me for the Jungle Book! Thank you :) - Willierose   2094.4 #59 1-27-13 4:18PM Like  Reply
So gorgeous! add me please for Cinderella! Thanks so much! - wendytink   341.1 #632 1-27-13 4:19PM Like  Reply
These are very beautiful, please add me for Peter Pan. Thank you! - nicealex77   630.5 #279 1-27-13 4:20PM Like  Reply
Please add me for Cinderella. Thank You so much! - DisneyDork95   206.2 #1820 1-27-13 4:22PM Like  Reply
Add me please for Cinderella, thanks! - RapunzalK   195.8 #1949 1-27-13 4:25PM Like  Reply
Add me for Pinocchio please. Thanks - philliprocks   992.2 #163 1-27-13 4:25PM Like  Reply
Please add me for Pinocchio. Thank you! - adventurerEnDisneylandia {AED}   744.5 #222 1-27-13 4:52PM Like  Reply
Please add me! For either peter pan or sleeping beauty. His portraits are absolutely breathtaking. - jamielynn   163.3 #2410 1-27-13 5:05PM Like  Reply
Oh please add me for the Peter Pan! It's my favorite Kinkade piece. When he painted it he said he wanted Tink to the the "main character" of the painting since without her they would have no way of traveling to Neverland in the first place. 😊 Thank you so much! - AshleyLynn22   791.2 #203 1-27-13 5:07PM Like  Reply
Please add me for the Cinderella one. This is such a cute rak. Thank you :) - misseeyore   538.0 #337 1-27-13 5:08PM Like  Reply
Awesome RAK! I have this calendar and love it. - PixiePirateMaid   311.8 #752 1-27-13 5:08PM Like  Reply
I really want the calendar! Asked for it for Christmas but wound up with a regular Kinkade calendar-still pretty though!! - PiecesOf8  591.9 #306 1-27-13 5:13PM
Pretty please, may I be added??! I love the Peter Pan one! Thank u! - tinkmagic   223.5 #1586 1-27-13 5:14PM Like  Reply
These are so beautiful! Please add me for the Cinderella. Thank you so much for offering this RAK! - chantelrj   243.8 #1336 1-27-13 5:21PM Like  Reply
Oh pretty please add me for Jungle Book :) awesome RAK!! - FoolishMortal138   335.8 #653 1-27-13 5:25PM Like  Reply
I was starting to think no one would want to be added for that one! haha. It's really beautiful!! - PiecesOf8  591.9 #306 1-27-13 7:43PM
Hahaha I didn't even notice that - FoolishMortal138  335.8 #653 1-30-13 10:00PM
Please add me for any of them. I would love to frame one. Thank you! - DisneyVacationLover   460.7 #417 1-27-13 5:40PM Like  Reply
No need to add me, I would have a very hard time choosing one. Beautiful RAK!! - Witchie77   319.6 #725 1-27-13 7:54PM Like  Reply
Thanks! - PiecesOf8  591.9 #306 1-27-13 8:07PM
Yay! I'm glad you're doing another RAK of these. I was one of the lucky winners before. They are lovely. Good luck all, and thanks again PO8!! :) - DisneyFanZoe   1118.2 #135 1-27-13 8:22PM Like  Reply
I'm really glad you like yours! - PiecesOf8  591.9 #306 1-27-13 8:40PM
I love it! - DisneyFanZoe  1118.2 #135 1-27-13 8:44PM
No need to add me, but these are awesome! Great RAK. - AZDisney   610.2 #293 1-27-13 8:23PM Like  Reply
I would love to be added for the Cinderella one. :) - shandra   10.8 #9196 1-27-13 8:29PM Like  Reply
Please add me for Peter Pan! Thank you so much for offering these RAKs!! - MousekaNinja   414.7 #477 1-27-13 8:31PM Like  Reply
I absolutely love these. Please add me for Peter Pan please! Thanks! - JediDug   288.5 #897 1-27-13 8:36PM Like  Reply
Please add me for Cinderella!! Pretty please!! Thank u!! 💗💗💗 - PinkMinnie   176.9 #2182 1-27-13 9:50PM Like  Reply
Ahh! My friend has all of these paintings in her house! They're fun to look at! Please add me for Perer Pan! Thank you! 💖 - dznylovr   233.6 #1465 1-28-13 12:31AM Like  Reply
I wish I had all the paintings! They're beautiful but a little out of my budget! - PiecesOf8  591.9 #306 1-28-13 6:54PM
What a wonderful RAK. Please add me for Peter Pan. Thank you! - goofymom2boys   1440.9 #97 1-28-13 12:39AM Like  Reply
Wonderful RAK! Please add me for Jungle Book! This is my boyfriends favorite movie and we admired the painting while we were at Disneyland, hoping one day we could buy it :) Thanks! - MagicalMadMadam   231.7 #1493 1-28-13 12:45AM Like  Reply
I've seen the full size and its gorgeous!! - PiecesOf8  591.9 #306 1-28-13 9:20AM
Love these ! Please add me for the jungle book. Thank you! - NightmareKaren   357.4 #591 1-28-13 1:00AM Like  Reply
Please add me for Pinocchio! Thank you! - LaTruce   2259.5 #54 1-28-13 1:36AM Like  Reply
Add me for Cinderella. Thank you. - HalfCaff   425.5 #458 1-28-13 9:28AM Like  Reply
These are so pretty! Would you kindly add me for the Peter Pan postcard?! Please and thanks ☺ - MoreQueenThanEvil   235.6 #1426 1-28-13 1:05PM Like  Reply
Please add me for Jungle book thanks! - Disneyrockstar   168.1 #2324 1-28-13 7:05PM Like  Reply
I would love to be added for the Pinocchio card! - msdizmaui   634.5 #274 1-28-13 8:16PM Like  Reply
I don't have enough points but I wanted to nominate AvidDisneyThrifter220 because I know she loves Peter Pan with all her heart and I believe that she deserves to be nominated for that lovely postcard. And if I could be added for the Sleeping Beauty one since it is my favorite of all time that would be wonderful but if not please consider my nomination! (: Thank you! - MinnieMarieCassi   8.8 #10505 1-28-13 10:31PM Like  Reply
Aww thanks Cassie! But secret, she's already mailed me the Peter Pan one and it's on my wall ;) so please add me for my lovely girl MMC for sleeping beauty!!! - AvidDisneyThrifter220  1380.7 #103 1-29-13 1:18AM
I will definitely add you for the Sleeping Beauty postcard, MMC! That was nice of you to add for her. 👍 😄 - PiecesOf8  591.9 #306 1-29-13 7:31AM
Please add me for the jungle book one. Thank you for this awesome RAK-I love Kincaide's work! - missyandpaul   269.1 #1074 1-29-13 1:16AM Like  Reply
Please add me for the 14th person to comment after me for the top right postcard. Thanks!!! (This is a great Rak, btw) - Slotherini   1054.0 #150 1-29-13 7:46AM Like  Reply
Hahahahaha! - MeridaFan  3485.0 #29 1-29-13 11:47AM
😂 - PiecesOf8  591.9 #306 1-29-13 6:25PM
These are amazing! Please add me for the Peter Pan postcard (alliteration for the win) :) Thanks so much! - AnnaJoy   181.6 #2125 1-29-13 12:53PM Like  Reply
This would totally help kick off my new Disneylad room, too! Totally just thought of that. Plus I'm a Peter Pan freak haha 😍 - AnnaJoy  181.6 #2125 1-29-13 12:56PM
I want a DL room! One day!! - PiecesOf8  591.9 #306 1-30-13 3:06PM
please add me for peter pan :)Thank you so much - excmdlgurl   280.7 #955 1-29-13 6:46PM Like  Reply
👊 Ends tonight! - PiecesOf8   591.9 #306 1-30-13 8:10AM Like  Reply
Add me please. For Pinocchio - tish   264.7 #1120 1-30-13 8:14AM Like  Reply
Please add me for Jungle Book. It's my favorite! Thank you!!! - hatgal76   428.2 #454 1-30-13 8:27AM Like  Reply
would love the Pinocchio one (: be nice if you add :) - Pinocchio91   11.1 #9052 1-30-13 3:50PM Like  Reply
I'm going to extend the RAK till tomorrow. I'll still pick the winners tomorrow as planned. So anyone who still wants to enter has extra time. I'll probably end it around 9am. - PiecesOf8   591.9 #306 1-30-13 9:28PM Like  Reply
Please add me for Pinocchio. My dad has this painting and I would like to write a note to my mom on it and either leave it at her memorial site or keep it for memories myself. Maybe that sounds weird or morbid but it's a painting that she loved. Thank you. - aidensmama   340.1 #637 1-30-13 9:35PM Like  Reply
Please add me for aidensmama. What a beautiful sentiment. Thank you. - MrsSchnooks  2981.7 #38 1-30-13 10:47PM
Please add me for the Sleeping Beauty postcard. - BabyMine   286.1 #913 1-31-13 12:46AM Like  Reply
Last bump. An hour and a half left. Get your entries in now. Winners will be posted this afternoon!! - PiecesOf8   591.9 #306 1-31-13 7:32AM Like  Reply
RAK is closed. 😄 - PiecesOf8   591.9 #306 1-31-13 9:09AM Like  Reply