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13215.1 #2 DL Qual #3 1-29-13 12:37PM
Does anybody know if they sell the Mickey Mouse chocolate covered ice cream bars they sell in the parks at White Water or anywhere at the Disneyland Hotel? I need to get a box of them and don't want walk all the way through the parks with it and have them possibly defrost on the way to the car..
They sell them at Tangarao Terrace - ShariRenee   6394.4 #15 1-29-13 12:46PM Like(4)  Reply
AWESOME...Thats perfect, I can park at the hotel and get a box and then leave and put them in an ice chest - Dave   13215.1 #2 1-29-13 12:50PM
You're welcome. I would call ahead to make sure they have a full box, so they can send for them if not! - ShariRenee  6394.4 #15 1-29-13 12:53PM
if they don't, I know that they can call and get me one. Usually they have tons in the freezers. - Dave   13215.1 #2 1-29-13 12:57PM
Ask Buttercup...he knows all. - MissMolly   1319.4 #119 1-29-13 12:40PM Like(1)  Reply
yes there's an ice cream truck outside of the grand, you can also buy lucas and raven's revenge. - chris.   2511.0 #48 1-29-13 12:41PM Like  Reply
Do they have pop rocks? - CM_Shadowgamer  2468.8 #49 1-29-13 12:51PM
I want some chili fritos and a Fun dip. - vincentchase1  672.9 #280 1-29-13 12:53PM
yes, they also have big league chew. - chris.  2511.0 #48 1-29-13 12:55PM
can I add a TMNT Popsicle and a Ring Pop? - vincentchase1  672.9 #280 1-29-13 1:06PM
I'd like to buy a laser pointer and water balloons, please. - ScubaSteve028  835.7 #208 1-29-13 1:09PM
Just don't eat the poprocks and drink a coke at the same time, you'll explode!🙇💨 - TinkerSchelle  1783.3 #85 1-29-13 9:27PM
I know they have MM Rice Krispie treats on a stick at White Water... And those ice creams in the park are so frozen solid, I'd bet they wouldn't melt getting to the car. - Darlingwendi   1209.5 #134 1-29-13 12:42PM Like  Reply
Boy, ain't that the truth! - MeridaFan  3585.2 #37 1-29-13 1:26PM
yea I will need a ice box to carry them in - Dave   13215.1 #2 1-29-13 9:03PM
Dave if really worried about melting: bring small ice chest to Tangarao and use ice packs (not wet ice) or better yet dry ice and then you will have no problem. - ShariRenee  6394.4 #15 1-29-13 9:19PM
thats what i was going to do - Dave   13215.1 #2 1-29-13 9:51PM