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Pistols at ten paces should resolve it. - Experiment818   1647.2 #129 2-13-13 1:06PM Like(5)  Reply
One dark morning in the middle of the night two dead men got up to fight. Back to back they faced each other, drew their swords and shot each other. 😁 - cesium55  531.8 #467 2-13-13 1:48PM
And then they listened to ray gay music. MANGOY!!! - Experiment818  1647.2 #129 2-13-13 4:02PM
Even the dead like ray gay. - MousekaNinja  422.4 #615 2-13-13 9:43PM
Or..spam bam thank you ma'am. 😜😂 - SueBayou   2019.2 #99 2-13-13 1:11PM Like(3)  Reply
Is that a breakfast item in the parks? Competition for the slap yo mama chicken? - Villescas8  607.0 #396 2-13-13 1:15PM
It definitely gives me heartburn. - SueBayou  2019.2 #99 2-13-13 1:17PM
But it sure is yummy! - LilMissPixie84  309.5 #997 2-13-13 1:20PM
Meh. - SueBayou  2019.2 #99 2-13-13 1:31PM
It's because they both add quality in their own ways and they aren't battling it out. MW isn't a competition! 😉 - CourtyAstroBlisters   852.2 #266 2-13-13 9:17PM Like(2)  Reply
I know one of them is - HanLostLeia  1098.3 #209 2-13-13 9:18PM
Three guesses who. - LilMissPixie84  309.5 #997 2-13-13 9:27PM
Does it start with an O? ;) - GarnerPhotography  324.9 #899 2-13-13 9:55PM
I can only see on. The other has me blocked for calling her a spammer. Lol😂😂😂😂 - SueBayou  2019.2 #99 2-13-13 9:57PM
I believe it does yes... But which O? Lol - LilMissPixie84  309.5 #997 2-13-13 9:58PM
i'm competing while watching walking dead. go me! jk - OhanaPhoto  7158.1 #21 2-13-13 9:58PM
Go Ohana! Lol - LilMissPixie84  309.5 #997 2-13-13 10:02PM
MW isn't a competition, I agree, some people have camera skills and I hate for people to think they can't post because they'll be called spammers, I say you take quality content, spam away 2,000 others will enjoy while 5 won' truthfully they both shouldn't be teased for posting. - MarshaMouse  5058.3 #35 2-13-13 10:05PM
you're a sweetheart cab, and def one of the good ones :0) - OhanaPhoto  7158.1 #21 2-13-13 10:05PM
I actually blocked Marsh because of how rudely she treated one of my dear friends, and I just couldn't take MarshaWait anymore. Since I didn't want to be rude myself, I felt it was best. I won't edit what I'm saying like she did, (so people can't see how she dragged something into the lounge that didn't need to be), so this will stay here until some folks report it. Although it's almost flattering she even cares that I blocked her. MW has in fact become a competition for some of you. Some of you are desperate for the accolades you receive here. That's very sad, but fine. It's not my place to teach y'all how to share and some of you think MW is your own personal fan site. I prefer to see the lounge filled with lots of different posts, from lots of different people, other than the 5 that don't care if they bury the 2000 other people's pictures they're trying to share. Nothing wrong with that. - DisneyFanZoe  1249.3 #170 2-13-13 10:34PM
😂 Go Oregonducksfan!!!! ❤You ohanaphoto! 😄 😉 😘 - mini_MINNIE   1173.3 #190 2-13-13 1:14PM Like  Reply
is this about the balloons???😂😘 - OhanaPhoto  7158.1 #21 2-13-13 1:41PM
Balloons make my heart happy - MarshaMouse  5058.3 #35 2-13-13 10:15PM
Lol I log in again and now Oregon is first! mini-Minnie good rooting. 😉 - LilMissPixie84   309.5 #997 2-13-13 9:15PM Like  Reply
as far as competing. i don't have time for that! 😂 - OhanaPhoto   7158.1 #21 2-13-13 10:07PM Like  Reply
Ohhh I know you're not, you have amazing pictures - MarshaMouse  5058.3 #35 2-13-13 10:15PM
Ohana you do your own thing and it's always amazing and appreciated! QC all the way! - Cinderella_Schnooks  3511.8 #53 2-13-13 10:21PM
it's not you - HanLostLeia  1098.3 #209 2-13-13 10:22PM
I love both of your guys pictures! And I think it's great that you post them! I think it's great that you've both stayed the top two, it shows how much you love MW. Both your content is why I love coming on and reading your posts. - LilMissPixie84   309.5 #997 2-13-13 10:20PM Like  Reply
Thank you for saying this! We need more of this than fear of posting because of what people will say. I agree 100% with you! - MarshaMouse  5058.3 #35 2-13-13 10:22PM
I wasn't used to seeing the same two up top for so long, and changing so often. All the pics are great good or bad, no one shouldn't post a pic, because they think it's spam. Disneyland pics can't be spam! Lol - LilMissPixie84  309.5 #997 2-13-13 10:29PM
I really miss seeing Sonja, Bullseye,Dave and Coaster up there. Just sayin..😏 - SueBayou   2019.2 #99 2-13-13 10:46PM Like  Reply