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6635.7 #24 DL Qual #9 2-15-13 8:37AM
Good morning & TGIF! This day in Disney history, Feb. 15th, 1950. Disney's animated feature film "Cinderella" is released in Boston. (Original poster shown below) Did you know? The transformation scene where Cinderella's rags turn into a beautiful ball gown, it was Walt Disney's favorite piece of animation that his studio had ever done! Compared to the previous package films, the film feels like it could have been made ten years later in terms of how advanced the animation is. Much of the style of the film was created by Mary Blaire. Her artistic sensibilities shine in this film. A keen eye might spot a few hidden Mickey's in the film as well. One during "Sing Sweet Nightingale" & two on Cinderella's coach at the end of film. The importance of Cinderella to the Walt Disney Company can't be understated. It was a ginormous success, the 1st big success since "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs". In addition to the box office revenue, Disney made a ton of money off of merchandise & music sales. Critics were unanimous in their praise for the film. It seemed as if everybody who saw it fell in love w/ it. Which over all meant a great thing, Disney had money again! Ilene Woods supplies the voice for Cinderella & Eleanor Audley (the future voice of Madame Leota for the Haunted Mansion attractions) is the voice of Lady Tremaine. Mike Douglas (future talk show host) is the un-credited singing voice of Prince Charming. (It will be one of the top grossing films of 1950 & be nominated for 3 Academy Awards.) Have you seen this film? What is your favorite part?
Again, the music part of me loves this feature. My all time favorite part is what happens during the song "Sing Sweet Nightingale". The two stepsisters do their best to sing this beautiful song, but you don't realize how beautiful it is until the transition to Cinderella singing. The harmonies of this piece are so pretty, as the animated scene reflects during the song. But I also want to mention the song "A Dream is a Wish your Heart Makes", which is not only the theme of the movie, but a Disney philosophy we all cherish. Thank you SMK for this. Great job!!!! - MyPark   1298.8 #166 2-15-13 9:18AM Like(5)  Reply
Well said, MyPark. - JRDrummer_CM  875.4 #258 2-15-13 9:44AM
Thank you for adding that sir! "A dream is a wish your heart makes" is my favorite disney song! - Duchess_SMK  6635.7 #24 2-15-13 10:04AM
I agree! The music is part of the movie's beauty! - Gia  802.2 #290 2-15-13 10:34AM
Growing up, Cinderella was my favorite movie! When I was little, we didn't have VHS, DVD...our only opportunity to see the great Disney films was at the movies. My gramma took me whenever one was released (or re-released!). Grampa would drop us off at one of the San Diego movie theatres (Fox, North Park, State) and Gramma and I would get our popcorn and soda and disappear in Disney magic. Cinderella was one that just got to me...every little girl's dream! Years later, I had the chance to perform in the Rogers and Hammerstein stage version, as the Fairy Godmother. Cinderella will always hold a special spot in my heart! - Gia   802.2 #290 2-15-13 10:33AM Like(3)  Reply
I love this!😘 - SueBayou  2019.2 #100 2-15-13 8:49PM
SUCH a sweet story! Thank you Gia for sharing that with us! Magical! - Duchess_SMK  6635.7 #24 2-15-13 8:51PM
Thank you for the info! That's really cool - dcafan   9.7 #12725 2-15-13 8:43AM Like  Reply
:) thanks for reading! - Duchess_SMK  6635.7 #24 2-15-13 8:51AM
My all time favorite Disney film! :-) - PrincessDuckie   994.4 #235 2-15-13 8:48AM Like  Reply
Awe! Good choice! - Duchess_SMK  6635.7 #24 2-15-13 9:43AM
Thank you for the new to me facts! - PrincessDuckie  994.4 #235 2-15-13 10:20AM
Cinderella is my all time fave Disney movie!! 😍I absolutely loved reading all of this, thank you so very much! A lot of new info that I am so happy to know!! 😊 - MinnieMousewife   928.2 #246 2-15-13 8:49AM Like  Reply
Good morning beautiful! I'm so happy to share what I read with Disney enthusiasts here on MW. Your comments are all so sweet! Thank YOU! - Duchess_SMK  6635.7 #24 2-15-13 9:45AM
I own it on Blue Ray and watch it with my daughter. The Bibbity Bobbety Boo part is just awesome - ScooterMike   1963.0 #103 2-15-13 8:51AM Like  Reply
The blu ray really makes the colors shine huh?! So special you watch it with her, you're a great daddy sir! - Duchess_SMK  6635.7 #24 2-15-13 9:46AM
The restoration they do on these old Disney films is just amazing. - ScooterMike  1963.0 #103 2-15-13 10:26AM
Cinderella is my favorite!😍 The animation, characters and songs remind me of my childhood. I just recently sat down with my mom to watch it again (she is not a Disney fan) which was special for me. 😁 - Miss_E_Mouse   1434.2 #152 2-15-13 8:55AM Like  Reply
That IS special! Awe! :) - Duchess_SMK  6635.7 #24 2-15-13 10:19AM
This was so fun to read, I didn't know almost everything you mentioned! I agree with Walt, favorite scene! - tdashgirl   320.4 #927 2-15-13 8:57AM Like  Reply
Oh yay! So glad you enjoyed it! :) it IS a fabulous scene! - Duchess_SMK  6635.7 #24 2-15-13 10:20AM
Love this! My favorite part is at the end when Cinderella pulls out the other glass slipper much to the dismay of her wicked stepmother! - pixiedreamer   231.5 #1752 2-15-13 8:57AM Like  Reply
The look on her face was priceless! - Duchess_SMK  6635.7 #24 2-15-13 10:20AM
I can still remember one Christmas morning opening a gift and being so disappointed that t was the VHS of Cinderella (I can't remember what I was hopin for). However, I decided to watch it later Christmas Day and was absolutely enchanted. I think I watched it over again that same night (muh to my brothers dismay as we only had one TV in the house). Such a great piece of animation and fairy tale!! - LilSterner   5828.4 #27 2-15-13 9:13AM Like  Reply
Such a sweet story! Made me giggle. One tv days, I remember those! - Duchess_SMK  6635.7 #24 2-15-13 9:38AM
This is my wife's favorite movie. My favorite part is when Gus Gus is naked and tries to fight Jac. Gus Gus is halarious throughout the whole movie. Thanks SMK -   1789.1 #117 2-15-13 9:26AM Like  Reply
Teehee he is a funny little fellow! - Duchess_SMK  6635.7 #24 2-15-13 9:06PM
What a beautiful movie poster! I've said it before--love the classics! I just shared that tidbit about Mike Douglas singing as Prince Charming with my husband. We did not know that! I'm gonna tell my parents about that, too. They should get a kick out of that. I love the 'Sweet Nightingale' song, and the 'Dream is a Wish' song, as well. Probably my favorite part is when the mice and birds all get together to make her a gown. Such a kind thing to do. Oh, and when she finally gets her prince in the end, too! Love a happy ending! Thank you, Duchess! - MacaronMerida   4756.7 #39 2-15-13 9:35AM Like  Reply
All excellent choices. Oh how I wish I had little critters to help me make clothes! I guess khols will just have to do! ::sigh:: - Duchess_SMK  6635.7 #24 2-15-13 9:08PM
I have to say I have a new appreciation for Cinderella when I see how happy and positive she was even though her situation at home was so horrible. She woke up each morning happy to start a new day and find a way to make her dream come true. - Sharkgrrl19   302.8 #1041 2-15-13 9:40AM Like  Reply
Such a positive example for us all! My alarm clock is actually those words she says in the movie, "time to start another day!" - Duchess_SMK  6635.7 #24 2-15-13 9:10PM
Oh how I love this movie. :) thanks for the cool piece of history!! - GrimGrinningAmanda   666.9 #364 2-15-13 9:46AM Like  Reply
Thank YOU! It's a special one to me as well! - Duchess_SMK  6635.7 #24 2-15-13 11:33AM
Great movie! - madsdad   1868.2 #112 2-15-13 10:40AM Like  Reply
Another great disney classic,I never understood how the glass slipper never broke when I was a kid.It is a timeless classic and one the few movies to get another two films Cinderella 2 contines the story for the stepsitters looking for their own happy ending and cinderella learning to be a queen and cinderella 3 where what if happy ever after didnt happen - pikaplaid   8394.1 #16 2-15-13 11:32AM Like  Reply
I love the scene where it seems all is lost and she pulls out the other shoe. Such a relief! Thanks Duchess!! - MousekaNinja   422.4 #621 2-15-13 8:59PM Like  Reply