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64.1 #4061 DL Qual #896 5-20-13 11:09PM
I'm going to be RAKing this Wendy Darling sketch that I'm working on. The inspiration for this sketch comes from the style of sketches that are done at Disneyana or at Off the Page! I'm will do my best to make this look just like those sketches. I usually do my RAKs at the parks, but since I haven't been able to renew my AP just yet, I'll be mailing it out to the winner. Rules are.....You must have at least DM enabled.... And tell me who is your favorite Disney villain and why, what makes he or she stand out above all the others. This will end Thu at midnight and I will announce the winner on Fri!
You're an amazing drawer! Add me for whoever replies please? If we can add for others - Picklez   29.8 #5455 5-20-13 11:35PM Like  Reply
You can also add for someone else. Just remember the rules. - DarthMickey  64.1 #4061 5-21-13 12:31AM
You are extremely talented. Please add me! My son's favorite Villian is Captain Hook (he loves Peter Pan). He stands out from the rest because he's a cod fish. Thank you for doing this great RAK! - goofymom2boys   1441.9 #97 5-21-13 6:41AM Like  Reply
Whoa...add me please. I've discovered Wendy items are very hard to find. This is lovely! Thank you! 😊 - Darlingwendi   958.6 #169 5-21-13 10:55AM Like  Reply
Whoops! sorry, I got so distracted by the sketch that I forgot my favorite villain: Maleficent 😳 Because she turns into a dragon! - Darlingwendi  958.6 #169 5-21-13 12:30PM
Please add me for favorite Villian is Queen of Hearts. Just love her sassy attitude. Thank you. Very Cool RAK! - yellowtonka   241.4 #1367 5-21-13 11:36AM Like  Reply
You are talented! Nice job! - cormierj1   12.0 #8694 5-21-13 11:38AM Like  Reply
This is great! Please add me for AvidDisneyThrifter220. She loves Peter pan and I'm sure would want this pretty badly :) my favorite villain is,of course Ursula. She is very clever and very scary. I love how she is evil under the guise of "just helping poor unfortunate souls in need". Thank you! - missariel33   1883.8 #74 5-21-13 12:24PM Like  Reply
Awwww thank you so much!!! :)) - AvidDisneyThrifter220  1398.4 #101 5-21-13 2:50PM
Wow this is amazing work, well if you could please add me for AvidDisneyThrifter220 because she loves Peter Pan. One of my favorite villains is Hades from Hercules because as evil as he is, he makes you laugh with his clever jokes. "I haven't gotten this choked up since I got a piece of moussaka stuck in my throat! Ah? Ah?" - ribidib   1177.5 #125 5-21-13 12:34PM Like  Reply
Hades seems to always get left out of the bad guy mix doesn't he? - DarthMickey  64.1 #4061 5-21-13 2:48PM
How nice of you :) thank you! - AvidDisneyThrifter220  1398.4 #101 5-21-13 2:50PM
@DarthMickey I think because he is so likable and funny, you almost don't see him as total bad guy - ribidib  1177.5 #125 5-21-13 3:56PM
Please add me for the lovely DarlingWendi :) such a joy to meet you this weekend! My favourite villain is also Hades! Weeeee! He's so funny hahaha! - AvidDisneyThrifter220   1398.4 #101 5-21-13 2:51PM Like  Reply
I already finished the drawing! I'll be posting the finished product when I announce the winner on Fri. - DarthMickey   64.1 #4061 5-21-13 3:19PM Like  Reply
Please add me for Darlingwendi. My favorite villian is Ursula. I just love her sassiness! ;) Thank you for sharing your talent! - MissAmericaSings   380.4 #538 5-21-13 3:39PM Like  Reply
Add me for Darlingwendi, please. My favorite villain is Captain Hook because he is really good looking in Once Upon a Time.😍 Thank you! - HasAnyoneSeenMyGlassSlipper   646.6 #272 5-21-13 3:47PM Like  Reply
Lol I was just thinking that while watching Once the other day. I remember thinking, I was never a big fan of Hook but now I am...... - BellesLibrary  403.2 #503 5-21-13 4:31PM
Please add me for darlingwendi,one of my favorite villains is rapunzels mom,i like her twisted sense of humor,and if she wasnt 500 yrs old i would say shes kinda sexy tooπŸ™Šthanks - bonedaddy909   1253.0 #116 5-21-13 4:17PM Like  Reply
Please add me for goofymom2boys, and thank you! Ursula is my favorite villain. Love her laugh! - MeridaFan   3506.2 #32 5-21-13 4:41PM Like  Reply
Good luck everyone! These drawings are beautiful! I have one hanging in my room 😁 - minnieMisty   275.2 #1008 5-21-13 5:05PM Like  Reply
Please add me for my dear friend DarlingWendi. My favorite villain is Ursula because she looks exactly like someone I know. Truth! - LaPearleNoir   1389.8 #103 5-21-13 5:26PM Like  Reply your friend as sassy? ;) - MissAmericaSings  380.4 #538 5-21-13 6:22PM
She really is! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ - LaPearleNoir  1389.8 #103 5-21-13 6:38PM
Please add me! My favorite villain is Captain Hook. I like him because I feel like there is a good person waiting to emerge. - BriarBeauty   117.7 #3133 5-21-13 8:10PM Like  Reply
Please add me for BriarBeauty. I like what she said about Captain Hook. My favorite villain is Cruella. Thank you! - MrsSchnooks  3009.3 #38 5-21-13 8:15PM
Really? I think Captain Hook enjoys being a bad guy. - DarthMickey  64.1 #4061 5-21-13 8:17PM
LOL - MrsSchnooks  3009.3 #38 5-21-13 8:20PM
He does enjoy, however I feel like he just needs a hug lol. - BriarBeauty  117.7 #3133 5-21-13 8:44PM
Aww thanks MrsSchnooks. - BriarBeauty  117.7 #3133 5-21-13 8:45PM