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The First Disneyland Weight Loss Program
517.2 #363 DL Qual #757 6-1-13 1:49AM
How do you deal with cravings? I'm talking about the ones that don't go away. I've been craving the same very unhealthy food for several weeks. I haven't given in yet. Any ideas?
write what you bite, diary journal. If you need a bad food, figure out a reasonable serving and fit it into your day. You will have to give up something else, more water, and take a daily multivitamin in case you are not eating right -most of us don't. You might want to ask your endocrine MD because you said you were having hormone imbalances. Taking any kind of steriods can cause hunger. Balancing hormones with oral or injections is very tough. I am a school nurse and I have a type 1 diabetic teen with insulin(hormone) and it is a roller coaster even when the carb counts are right and the units match per orders. Good question for your doctor. - Plumiegirl   8507.1 #3 6-1-13 12:56PM Like  Reply
For me, it depends on what it is. Sometimes I only think I'm craving something, but I'm really craving something else (i.e., I think I'm craving pizza, but I'm actually craving milk, which I always have with my pizza). Right now I'm half-way through my trial of no grain and I'm craving pasta. What is helping is a trick I saw on TV (I don't recall the guys name, it was a few years back), which is to imagine eating the food I'm craving but instead of it being good it is horrible because it has bits of hair and dirt and whatever other yuckky thing you can think of mixed in with it. - Duchess73   304.3 #809 6-1-13 4:30PM Like  Reply
I usually do what Plumie suggested: give into a small serving of the craving and work it into my day. I also try to exercise a bit more. Sharing a serving or ordering a child's portion helps too. If I tell myself that something is completely off limits, I obsess and end up eating too much of whatever I've used to substitute for the craving. Then I end up eating the darn thing also. 😂 - Spoonful_O_Sugar   569.8 #320 6-1-13 9:07PM Like  Reply