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210.0 #2039 DL Qual #1115 6-1-13 9:13PM
Looks like I'm turning to my mw family for this one. Sadly today was the last day if my relationship and just wanted to turn to you guys cuz your stories are always amazing n build me up. So fellow mwers can you all share with me your fav disney moments when you had a lot of downhill falling moments then your trip turned to a great trip. I know it's a weird request for you guys n I apologize. Thank you.
Hey brotha. I know things seem hard now, but it gets better. I hate this word but I know you will understand so just know you have a "battle" here. Let me know if you need anything. PS: If that's her in the pic with you, you are better off. I'm not one to judge but she's hideous - SpiritOfAdventure   1085.5 #213 6-1-13 10:24PM Like(13)  Reply
I think she's a colorful character, - jamielynn  163.3 #2689 6-1-13 10:29PM
Aww sorry. This is one of the toughies in life. Like Dory says, "just keep swimming. Just keep swimming." *hands you a churro* - misschurro   10088.9 #12 6-1-13 9:17PM Like(3)  Reply
My life is very stressful, as a lot of other peoples lives are too. I have a very stressful job& I'm taking care of my elderly mother who was diagnosed with dimentia last summer. It's hard with my dad being gone. I go to Disney to escape my problems in life. My favorite thing to do is ride Space Mountain several times or even just once. It helps me get through the many problems. Just hang in there!! - Superspacemountainfan  94.0 #3911 6-1-13 10:09PM
“All the adversity I’ve had in my life, all my troubles and obstacles, have strengthened me… You may not realize it when it happens, but a kick in the teeth may be the best thing in the world for you.” Walt Disney..... - Disneyfreak111   797.9 #287 6-1-13 11:17PM Like(2)  Reply
My best friends husband of one year just passed away in a tragic/ enexpected accident. She also found out she was pregnant three days later. We all have hard times and things we think we can't get through, but God doesn't give us anything we can't handle. Already my good friend has tried her hardest to turn this into a learning experience. Does she miss him everyday? Of course. She has good days and bad, but she often talks of how much more she appreciates her life. How much more age wants to e a good person so she can be with her husband again. How much more she will appreciate those around her because they could be gone any second. Just keep your head up. Try to find the positives and learning experiences in the situation. - BellesLibrary   431.4 #601 6-3-13 11:47AM Like(2)  Reply
So sorry to hear. My sincere condolences and prayers for your friend ✨🙏✨ This is very good advice. - Spoonful_O_Sugar  719.5 #334 6-3-13 11:50AM
How tragic! :-( I hope that she can find the peace and strength to get through each day, it sounds like she has that positive attitude already. Prayers for her and her baby. - nerdgirl  86.0 #4077 6-3-13 1:09PM
Everything happens for a reason; we grow from every experience both bad and good. Disneyland is a place to escape reality. I went after I broke up with my bf of 2 years and was really upset (it didn't end on good terms at all) but going to the park just made everything better. Did it still hurt when I left? Yeah, but it helped me get over it a lot quicker than it would have taken me had I stayed home and moped. Seeing everyone being happy and enjoying your time just makes everything better. Keep your head up good sir, it's not the end of the world. You will grow from the relationship and you will know what to look for in the next one. - jamielynn   163.3 #2689 6-1-13 10:32PM Like(1)  Reply
The day after my ex and I separated, I took my kids to Disneyland to escape reality for a day. That night we watched the fireworks.I cried and hugged my kids tight, and I just knew everything would be just fine. It will get better!!! 😊 - nerdgirl   86.0 #4077 6-1-13 10:32PM Like(1)  Reply
That just made me tear up! - BellesLibrary  431.4 #601 6-3-13 11:40AM
I recently went through the same thing after an almost 3 year relationship. Its hard. Some days are worse than others. But if there is anything I have learned, its that it really does get better. You grow as a person and learn so much about yourself and life. Surround yourself with people who love you and you will never be alone. After the end of my relationship Disney was a place to get away and clear my head when all I could think about was the bad. I did a lot of solo trips to have a little "me" time. I rediscovered a love for the parks and just how magical it can be. Its a place to escape and forget your problems. Even for a little while. And take advantage of this app too. You will meet so many amazing people and experience and learn so much from them. Like I said, it really does get better. If you ever need someone to talk to, feel free to DM me. Sending faith, trust, and pixie dust. - OneDayAlice   497.9 #503 6-1-13 10:42PM Like(1)  Reply
Thank you all so much. I knew that I could come to you guys. I can't express enough gratitude for you all and for your words and invites. You all have no idea how much I appreciate it. I don't even know what to say you guys. Just thank you. And like I said please forgive me for posting something like this in here I just had a feeling this was the place I needed to go right now. - mpgonzales1991   210.0 #2039 6-2-13 2:22AM Like(1)  Reply
Hopefully you have a better day today. - starwarsmamma  561.4 #429 6-2-13 11:50AM
This is what our MW family is about. Hang in there! - Cinderella_Schnooks  3511.8 #53 6-3-13 10:43AM
This is a true testament to how awesome this MW family is. - lotusflow3r  172.3 #2542 6-3-13 11:58AM
One of the hardest, most devastating days of my life was improved significantly by a visit to DL with my husband's grandma (her first visit in decades!). We took her on Toy Story, rode Mark Twain, ate fried chicken, watched WoC, and bought her her first corn dog. It was so special and really took our minds off of the tragedy we had just experienced. Remember that life goes on, and we must seize the day because we are all so lucky just to be alive! Adventure is out there--go find it! :) - Spoonful_O_Sugar   719.5 #334 6-3-13 11:57AM Like(1)  Reply
Again everybody thanks for the stories and encouragement. I am definitely going to plan a meet up soon so I can create more friendships and great memories with people who share the same love for Disney as I do. Thank you all again! - mpgonzales1991   210.0 #2039 6-4-13 8:34PM Like(1)  Reply
Sending you some (((hugs))). Sounds like you could use them! Things will get better. It's always hardest when we are going through it and can't see that. But, it will get better. I hope that happens soon for you! - MacaronMerida   4745.9 #39 6-1-13 10:18PM Like  Reply
Tryin not to bring the atmosphere down... But back in December my ma passed away. Disneyland was one if her favorite places to go and we had just got her a pass to see the holiday season. Something she wanted to see all her life. She got to experience a small portion of the holidays with Haunted mansion holiday. Since then, I have got to share many experiences and memories with my Dad and Aunt. When times get tough, Disneyland to me is a great place to escape the reality and help you heal at times of need. Hang in there and everything will eventually be alright. It just takes time. Sorry for the long post. 😂 - Waites4DodgerEars_CM   1002.5 #233 6-1-13 10:25PM Like  Reply
I understand! My mom passed too and every time I go to the parks I think of how much she would love certain things. The popcorn and Latin especially. They're lookin down on us for sure. 😊 - missariel33  2115.6 #95 6-3-13 10:44AM
Latin? Lol I meant soarin...idk what is going on with my autocorrect - missariel33  2115.6 #95 6-3-13 10:44AM
Aww, sorry to hear. Plan a meet up and start making new memories. - pinkmonkeys   557.4 #436 6-1-13 10:54PM Like  Reply
Good idea right there! ^ - FrankenWeenieVelinee  5229.9 #33 6-1-13 11:11PM
I agree! Great idea! - missariel33  2115.6 #95 6-3-13 10:45AM
Come hang out with me and the fam. we love meeting people. I am sorry about the split though I believe people come into and leave our lives for reasons either to teach us or for us to teach them. The lesson may not be clear for a long time but that's my experience. The sensimental sad-happy story I could tell is too long to type up on my phone right now but if we ever meet up I would be glad to spill it lol. Where are you stationed? Assuming you are still active duty. - starwarsmamma   561.4 #429 6-1-13 11:10PM Like  Reply
Sorry to hear that you are going through this. Disneyland really can help you through some tough times. The way I see it, we all have our seasons of testing, but we always come out ok. Saying a prayer for ya!🙏 - FrankenWeenieVelinee   5229.9 #33 6-1-13 11:10PM Like  Reply
Hang in there! Hopefully you can get to the parks soon for some cheering up. In the mean time we are all definitely here for ya. Take care! It will get better!! - missariel33   2115.6 #95 6-3-13 10:42AM Like  Reply
Hope you feel better soon! And keep that gorgeous smile of yours :) - minnieismyhomegirl   175.1 #2484 6-3-13 10:44AM Like  Reply
I'm sorry you're going through this. It's never easy. Like you, Disneyland is my go to place to smile and forget my world. I'm in a similar situation as you, and went yesterday to try to do the same thing and escape. Not sure if you're into country music, but Gary Allen's "Every Storm" has provided a little comfort. I think you need to go see one of the princesses, Prince!! - lotusflow3r   172.3 #2542 6-3-13 11:07AM Like  Reply
I hope you feel better soon. Disneyland is the happiest place on earth, so try to spend a magical time there. Also, it helps to see pictures of Disneyland. You are going to be fine - DisneyA   8.1 #14424 6-3-13 11:26AM Like  Reply
Sorry for this storm on your horizon. Get to DL/DCA and do some meet ups if you can. I wish you fair winds and following seas! - BombFrogFormerCM   1191.8 #182 6-3-13 11:44AM Like  Reply